Transport Points

Transport Points is designed to locate transport facilities (bus stops, express coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district listed it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains) and the frequency of each of the transport services available.
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 Cumbria County council. 
 Listed below are the major places in the Cumbria County area that have access to transport services.
Click on any of them to find a listing of all bus stops/coach stops/rail stations in that area.
A Google Earth file of all the transport access locations in Cumbria County is available here.
More transport information about Cumbria County is available here
 Abbeytown  Ackenthwaite  Aglionby  Aiketgate 
 Aikton  Ainstable  Aldingham  Aldoth 
 Allenwood  Allithwaite  Allonby  Alston (Cumbria) 
 Alston Moor  Ambleside  Angerton (Cumbria)  Anthorn 
 Appleby (Cumbria)  Appleby in Westmorland  Applethwaite  Arkleby 
 Arlecdon  Armathwaite  Arnside  Arrad Foot 
 Asby  Ashness  Askam in Furness  Askham (Cumbria) 
 Aspatria  Ayside  Backbarrow  Baggrow 
 Baldwinholme  Bampton (Cumbria)  Bampton Grange  Banks (Cumbria) 
 Barber Green  Barbon  Barclose  Bardsea 
 Baronwood  Barrow in Furness  Barrow Island  Barton (Cumbria) 
 Bassenthwaite  Baycliff  Beaumont (Cumbria)  Beckfoot (Carlisle) 
 Beckfoot (Eskdale)  Beetham (Cumbria)  Belah  Belle Vue (Carlisle) 
 Berrier  Bewaldeth  Bewcastle  Biggar (Cumbria) 
 Bigrigg  Birdoswald  Birkby (Cumbria)  Blackbeck 
 Blackford (Cumbria)  Blackwell (Cumbria)  Blagill  Blawith 
 Bleatarn  Blencarn  Blencogo  Blencow 
 Blenkinsopp  Blennerhasset  Blindcrake  Blitterlees 
 Bolton (Cumbria)  Bolton Low Houses  Boltongate  Boot (Cumbria) 
 Bootle (Cumbria)  Bootle Station  Borrowdale  Botcherby 
 Bothel  Boustead Hill  Bouth  Bowland Bridge 
 Bowness  Bowness on Solway  Bowness on Windermere  Bowscale 
 Bowscar  Bowston  Brackenber  Brackenlands 
 Brackenthwaite (Cumbria)  Braithwaite (Cumbria)  Brampton (Appleby)  Brampton (Cumbria) 
 Brandelhow  Bransty  Branthwaite  Brantwood 
 Braystones  Bridekirk  Bridgefoot (Cumbria)  Brigham (Cockermouth) 
 Brigsteer  Brisco  Broadwath  Bromfield (Cumbria) 
 Broomhills  Brough (Cumbria)  Brough Sowerby  Brougham 
 Broughton (Cumbria)  Broughton Beck  Broughton Cross  Broughton East 
 Broughton in Furness  Broughton Mills  Broughton Moor  Broughton West 
 Brunstock  Burgh by Sands  Burn Banks  Burneside 
 Burnrigg  Burrells  Burthwaite  Burton in Kendal 
 Buttermere (Cumbria)  Butterwick (Cumbria)  Cairnbridge  Caldbeck 
 Calder  Caldewgate  Calthwaite  Calvo 
 Camerton (Cumbria)  Canal Foot  Cardew  Cardurnock 
 Cargo  Cark  Carlisle  Carr Bank (Cumbria) 
 Cartmel  Cartmel Fell  Carwinley  Casterton 
 Castle Carrock  Castletown (Penrith)  Catterlen  Causewayhead (Cumbria) 
 Cautley  Cawfields  Celleron  Chapel Stile 
 Church Brampton  Church Brough  Clappersgate  Clawthorpe 
 Cleator  Cleator Moor  Cliburn  Clickham 
 Clifton (Cumbria)  Cockermouth  Cocklakes  Cockley Beck 
 Colby (Cumbria)  Common End  Coniston (Cumbria)  Corby Hill 
 Corkickle  Cotehill  Coulderton  Coupland (Cumbria) 
 Cowan Bridge  Cowgill  Cowran  Crackenthorpe 
 Croglin  Crook (Cumbria)  Crookdake  Crooklands 
 Crosby (Cumbria)  Crosby Garrett  Crosby on Eden  Crosby Ravensworth 
 Crossgates (Cumbria)  Crosslands (Cumbria)  Crosthwaite  Culgaith 
 Cummersdale  Cumrew  Cumwhinton  Cumwhitton 
 Currock  Dacre (Cumbria)  Dalegarth  Dalemain 
 Dalston (Cumbria)  Dalston Road (Carlisle)  Dalton in Furness  Dean (Cumbria) 
 Deanscales  Dearham  Dent  Denton Holme 
 Distington  Dockray  Dovenby  Drigg 
 Drumburgh  Drumleaning  Drybeck  Dubwath 
 Duddon Bridge  Dufton  Dungeon Ghyll  Dunnerdale 
 Durdar  Durranhill  Eaglesfield (Cumbria)  Eamont Bridge 
 East Curthwaite  Easton (Cumbria)  Edenhall  Egremont (Cumbria) 
 Elfhowe  Ellenborough  Ellonby  Elterwater 
 Embleton (Cumbria)  Endmoor  Ennerdale  Eskdale 
 Eskdale Green  Esthwaite  Ewanrigg  Fairhill (Penrith) 
 Far Sawrey  Farlam  Faugh  Fawcett Forest 
 Fell Foot  Fenton (Cumbria)  Fingland  Finsthwaite 
 Firbank  Fletchertown  Flimby  Flookburgh 
 Force Forge  Foxfield  Frizington  Gamblesby 
 Gamelsby  Garlands  Garnett Bridge  Garrigill 
 Garth Row  Gatebeck  Gatesgarth  Gatesgill 
 Gawthrop  Gawthwaite  Ghyll Head  Gilcrux 
 Gillgarran  Gilsland  Glasson (Port Carlisle)  Glassonby 
 Gleaston  Glenridding  Goadsbarrow  Gosforth (Cumbria) 
 Grange (Cumbria)  Grange over Sands  Grasmere  Grayrigg 
 Great Asby  Great Clifton  Great Corby  Great Musgrave 
 Great Ormside  Great Orton  Great Salkeld  Great Strickland 
 Great Urswick  Greenbank (Cumbria)  Greengill  Greenhead (Hadrians Wall) 
 Greenholme  Greenodd  Greenside (Crooklands)  Greenside (Newbiggin) 
 Greymoorhill  Greysouthen  Greystoke  Greystoke Gill 
 Grinsdale  Grizebeck  Grizedale  Hackthorpe 
 Hale (Cumbria)  Halfpenny  Hallbankgate  Hallthwaites 
 Haltcliff Bridge  Harker  Harraby  Harras Moor 
 Harrington (Workington)  Hartley (Cumbria)  Hartsop  Hassness 
 Haverigg  Haverthwaite  Hawcoat  Hawes End 
 Hawkshead  Haws Bank  Hawthwaite  Hayton (Aspatria) 
 Hayton (Brampton)  Heads Nook  Heathwaite (Cumbria)  Helm 
 Helsington  Helton  Hensingham  Heron Hill 
 Hesket  Hesket Newmarket  Hethersgill  Heversham 
 High Bankhill  High Crosby  High Harrington  High Hesket 
 High Scales  High Seaton  High Tarn Green  High Wray 
 Highbridge (Cumbria)  Hilton (Cumbria)  Hincaster  Hindpool 
 Hoff  Holborn Hill  Holker (Barrow in Furness)  Holme (Cumbria) 
 Holme St Cuthbert  Holmrook  Hornsby  Houghton (Carlisle) 
 How Hill  How Mill  Howbeck  Howgate (Cumbria) 
 Howtown  Hunsonby  Hutton in the Forest  Hycemoor 
 Inglewood  Ings (Cumbria)  Ireby (Cumbria)  Ireleth 
 Irthington  Irton (Cumbria)  Isle of Walney  Ivegill 
 Johnby  Kaber  Keekle  Keld (Cumbria) 
 Kelleth  Kells  Kendal  Kendal Parks 
 Kentrigg  Kents Bank  Keswick (Cumbria)  Killington (Cumbria) 
 Kingmoor  Kings Meaburn  Kingside Hill  Kingstown 
 Kirkandrews on Eden  Kirkbampton  Kirkbride  Kirkby in Furness 
 Kirkby Ireleth  Kirkby Lonsdale  Kirkby Stephen  Kirkby Thore 
 Kirkcambeck  Kirkhaugh  Kirkhouse  Kirkland (Cleator Moor) 
 Kirkland (Langwathby)  Kirklinton  Kirkoswald (Cumbria)  Kirksanton 
 Knock (Cumbria)  Knotts  Knowefield  Laithes 
 Lakeside (Cumbria)  Lamonby  Lamplugh  Lanercost 
 Langrigg  Langwathby  Lanthwaite  Laversdale 
 Lazonby  Leadgate (Cumbria)  Leasgill  Leece 
 Levens  Lindal in Furness  Lindale  Lingyclose Head 
 Linstock  Little Arrow  Little Bampton  Little Broughton 
 Little Clifton  Little Musgrave  Little Orton (Cumbria)  Little Salkeld 
 Little Strickland  Little Urswick  Littlebeck (Cumbria)  Long Marton 
 Longbyre  Longcroft (Cumbria)  Longdale  Longsowerby 
 Longthwaite  Longtown (Cumbria)  Lorton  Low Braithwaite 
 Low Cotehill  Low Crosby  Low Dyke  Low Hesket 
 Low Mill  Low Row (Brampton)  Low Wray  Lowca 
 Loweswater  Lowick (Cumbria)  Lowther  Lupton 
 Mallerstang  Manesty  Martindale  Marton (Cumbria) 
 Maryport  Masongill  Matterdale  Matterdale End 
 Maulds Meaburn  Mawbray  Mealsgate  Melkinthorpe 
 Mellguards  Melmerby (Cumbria)  Micklethwaite (Cumbria)  Middleton (Nr Barbon) 
 Middletown (Cumbria)  Milburn  Mill Side  Millhouse (Cumbria) 
 Millom  Millthrop  Milnthorpe (Cumbria)  Milton (Cumbria) 
 Mintsfeet  Mirehouse  Moat  Mockerkin 
 Monkhill (Cumbria)  Moor Row (Cumbria)  Moorhouse (Cumbria)  Moorville 
 Moresby  Moresby Parks  Morland  Morton (Calthwaite) 
 Morton (Carlisle)  Mosedale  Moss Bay  Moss Side (Cumbria) 
 Mossband  Motherby  Muncaster (Cumbria)  Mungrisdale 
 Murrah  Murton (Cumbria)  Nateby (Cumbria)  Natland 
 Naworth Parks  Nealhouse  Nenthall  Nenthead 
 Nepgill  Netherhall  Netherton (Maryport)  Nethertown (Cumbria) 
 New Hutton  Newbarns  Newbiggin (Eden)  Newbiggin (Penrith) 
 Newbiggin (S Lakeland)  Newbiggin on Lune  Newby (Penrith)  Newby Bridge 
 Newby East  Newby West  Newlands (Cumbria)  Newton Arlosh 
 Newton in Cartmel  Newton Reigny  Newtown (Carlisle)  Nicholforest 
 North Dykes  North Side (Workington)  North Stainmore  Old Hutton 
 Old Tebay  Old Town (Cumbria)  Ormsgill  Orton (Sedbergh) 
 Oughterby  Oughterside  Oulton (Cumbria)  Ousby 
 Outhgill  Oxenholme  Oxenpark  Papcastle 
 Pardshaw  Parkbroom  Parsonby  Parton (Whitehaven) 
 Patterdale  Pelutho  Pennington (Cumbria)  Pennybridge 
 Penrith  Penruddock  Petteril Bank  Pica 
 Piel Island  Piperstile  Plantation Bridge  Plumbland 
 Plumpton (Cumbria)  Ponsonby  Pooley Bridge  Port Carlisle 
 Portinscale  Prospect (Cumbria)  Raffles  Raisbeck 
 Rampside  Raughton  Raughtonhead  Ravenglass 
 Ravenstonedale  Ravenstown  Reagill  Red Dial 
 Redhills (Cumbria)  Redmain  Renwick  Reston (Cumbria) 
 Rickerby  Risehow  Roa Island  Roachburn 
 Roadhead  Rockcliffe (Newtown of Rockcliffe)  Roger Ground  Roose 
 Roosecote  Roosegate  Rosgill  Rosley 
 Rosthwaite  Rottington  Row Brow  Rowrah 
 Ruckcroft  Rusland  Rydal  Salkeld Dykes 
 Salterbeck  Salthouse (Cumbria)  Sandford (Cumbria)  Sandside (Kendal) 
 Sandwick (Cumbria)  Sandwith  Sandysike  Santon (Cumbria) 
 Satterthwaite  Scaleby  Scales  Scalesceugh Hall 
 Sceughdykes  Scilly Bank  Scotby  Seascale 
 Seathwaite  Seatle  Seatoller  Seaton (Cumbria) 
 Seaville  Sebergham  Sedbergh  Sedgwick 
 Sellafield  Shaddongate  Shap  Sharrow Bay 
 Siddick  Silecroft  Silloth  Skelton (Cumbria) 
 Skelwith  Skelwith Bridge  Skiddaw  Skinburness 
 Skirwith  Sleagill  Smithfield (Carlisle)  Sockbridge 
 Solway Estate  Soulby (Kirby Stephen)  Soulby (Penrith)  Soutergate 
 South Stainmore  Southernby  Southwaite (Carlisle)  Southwaite (Cockermouth) 
 Sowerby Row  Spark Bridge  Sparket Mill  St Aidens 
 St Bees  St Cuthbert Without  Staffield  Stainburn (Workington) 
 Stainton (Eden)  Stair (Cumbria)  Stanah (Cumbria)  Stanwix 
 Station Hill  Staveley (Cumbria)  Stockdalewath  Stone House (Cumbria) 
 Stone Raise  Stonethwaite  Storrs (Cumbria)  Storth 
 Stripes  Summerlands (Cumbria)  Sunny Bank (Cumbria)  Swarthmoor 
 Swinside  Swinsty  Talkin  Tallentire 
 Tarns  Tarraby  Tebay  Temon 
 Temple Sowerby  Thackthwaite  The Green (Cumbria)  The Hill 
 The Howe  Thiefside  Thirlmere  Thomas Close 
 Thornby (Cumbria)  Thornhill (Cumbria)  Thornthwaite (Cumbria)  Three Bridges (Cumbria) 
 Threlkeld  Thrimby  Thursby  Thurstonfield 
 Thwaite Flat  Thwaite Head  Tirril  Todhills (Cumbria) 
 Torpenhow  Torver  Tottlebank  Town Head (S Lakeland) 
 Tracentree  Troutbeck  Troutbeck Bridge  Uldale 
 Ullock  Ullswater  Ulpha  Ulverston 
 Underbarrow  Unthank (Dalston)  Unthank (Gamblesby)  Unthank End 
 Upper Denton  Upperby  Urswick  Waberthwaite 
 Walton (Cumbria)  Warcop  Warwick (Cumbria)  Warwick Bridge 
 Warwick Road (Carlisle)  Watendlath  Water Yeat  Waterfoot (Cumbria) 
 Waterhead (Ambleside)  Waterhead (Coniston)  Watermillock  Waverbridge 
 Waverton (Cumbria)  Welton (Cumbria)  West Curthwaite  Westfield (Workington) 
 Westlinton (Cumbria)  Westnewton (Cumbria)  Wetheral  Wetheriggs 
 Whale  Wheyrigg  Whinnow  Whitbeck 
 Whiteclosegate  Whitehaven  Whitrigg (Kirkbride)  Wiggonby 
 Wigton  Wigton (Cumbria)  Willow Holme  Windermere 
 Winderwath  Winscales  Winskill  Winster (Cumbria) 
 Winton (Cumbria)  Witherslack  Woodend (Cumbria)  Woodhouse (Copeland) 
 Woodhouse (S Lakeland)  Woodhouses (Cumbria)  Workington  Wreaks End 
 Wreay  Wythop Mill  Yanwath  Yarlside 
 Stops with National Express services in the Cumbria County area: (Click here to book National Express coach services)
  Carlisle, Bus Station    Penrith, Penrith Rail Station 
  Tebay, Tebay Services M6 
 Rail Stations in the Cumbria County area: (Click here to book rail services)
  Armathwaite, Rail Station   Arnside, Rail Station 
  Askam in Furness, Rail Station   Aspatria, Station 
  Barrow in Furness, Rail station   Barrow in Furness, Roose Rail station 
  Bootle Station, Rail station   Brampton, junction Rail Station 
  Braystones, Rail station   Burneside, Rail station 
  Cark, Cark & Cartmel Rail Station   Carlisle, Rail Station 
  Cowgill, Rail Station   Dalston, Rail Station entrance 
  Dalton in Furness, Rail Station   Drigg, Rail station 
  Flimby, Rail Station   Foxfield, Rail Station 
  Grange over Sands, Kents Bank Rail station   Grange over Sands, Rail station 
  Kendal, Oxenholme Oxenholme Rail Station   Kendal, Rail Station 
  Kirkby in Furness, Rail station   Kirkby Stephen, Rail Station 
  Langwathby, Rail Station   Lazonby, Rail station 
  Maryport, Rail Station Main Entrance   Millom, Rail Station 
  Nethertown, Rail Station   Parton, Rail Station 
  Penrith, Penrith Rail Station   Ravenglass, Main Line Station 
  Seascale, Rail station   Sellafield, Rail Station 
  Silecroft, Rail Station   St Bees, St Bees Rail station 
  Staveley, Crook Road Staveley station   Ulverston, Springfield Road/rail station 
  Wetheral, Rail station   Whitehaven, Bransty Rail Station 
  Whitehaven, Corkickle Corkickle Rail Station   Wigton, Rail Station 
  Windermere, Rail station   Workington, Harrington Harrington Rail Station 
  Workington, Rail Station 
 Hospitals in the Cumbria County area:
  Barrow in Furness, Abbey Park Hospital   Barrow in Furness, Barrow Hospital 
  Barrow in Furness, Furness Hospital   Barrow in Furness, Hospital 
  Brampton, Cottage Hospital   Carlisle, Garlands Carleton Clinic 
  Carlisle, Garlands Parkland Village   Carlisle, Newtown Infirmary 
  Carlisle, Newtown Pedestrian Arms Pub   Cockermouth, Cottage Hospital 
  Kendal, Westmorland General Hospital   Maryport, Cottage Hospital 
  Maryport, Medical Centre   Whitehaven, Hensingham West Cumberland Hospital 
  Wigton, Wigton Hospital 
 Supermarkets with transport links in the Cumbria County area:
  Aldingham   Aldingham, Church 
  Aldingham, Ladycroft Cottage   Aldingham, Moat Farm 
  Aldingham, Old Telephone Exchange   Appleby, Magistrates Court 
  Bardsea, Oxleys Factory   Barrow in Furness, Asda 
  Barrow in Furness, Asda on Walney Road   Barrow in Furness, Coronation Gardens (Courts) 
  Barrow in Furness, Isle of Walney Amphitrite Street Co op   Barrow in Furness, Isle of Walney Community Centre 
  Barrow in Furness, Morrisons   Barrow in Furness, Tesco 
  Carlisle, Belah Aldi car park   Carlisle, Botcherby Botcherby Dairy 
  Carlisle, Botcherby Main Tescos   Carlisle, Botcherby Tescos car park 
  Carlisle, Kingstown Ind Est Asda   Carlisle, Kingstown Morrisons 
  Carlisle, Morton Easdale Bank   Carlisle, Petteril Bank Aldi 
  Carlisle, Shaddongate   Carlisle, Shaddongate The Globe Pub 
  Carlisle, Stanwix Morrisons Scotland Road   Carlisle, Victoria Viaduct 
  Cleator Moor, Coop   Cockermouth, Aldi 
  Cockermouth, Sainsburys Store   Ennerdale, Croasdale Farm 
  Gleaston, road end   Grasmere, centre 
  Kendal, Asda   Kendal, Morrisons 
  Keswick, Thrushwood   Kirkby Stephen, Co op 
  Maryport, Curzon Street   Millom, Tesco 
  Millom, Wasdale Road   Newbiggin, Colt Park 
  Penrith, Castletown Castle Hill Road car park   Penrith, Morrisons 
  Penrith, Rickerbys   Seascale, Wasdale Park 
  Shap, Main Street Co op   Warwick Bridge, The George 
  Warwick Bridge, The George Pub   Wetheral, The Green 
  Whitehaven, Call Centre   Whitehaven, Harras Moor Morrisons 
  Whitehaven, Mirehouse Seathwaite Avenue   Whitehaven, Morrisons 
  Whitehaven, Tesco   Wigton, Burnfoot Bridge 
  Wigton, Lidl   Workington, Morrisons 
  Workington, Mossbay Road at playing fields   Workington, New Bridge Road/Tesco 
  Workington, North Side Washington Street/Bridge Street   Workington, Tesco 
 Schools, colleges and universities with transport links in the Cumbria County area:
  Ackenthwaite, Ackenthwaite   Ackenthwaite, main B6385 junction 
  Ackenthwaite, Sungarth   Alston, Primary School 
  Appleby, Grammar School   Appleby, Primary School 
  Arlecdon, School   Armathwaite, School 
  Bardsea, Peel House   Bardsea, The Braddylls Arms 
  Barrow in Furness, Alfred Barrow School   Barrow in Furness, Cemetry Thorncliffe Road 
  Barrow in Furness, Furness College   Barrow in Furness, Greengate Junior School 
  Barrow in Furness, Hawcoat Skelwith Drive Junction   Barrow in Furness, Hawcoat Thorncliffe School 
  Barrow in Furness, Ironworks Road   Barrow in Furness, Isle of Walney School playing fields 
  Barrow in Furness, Isle of Walney South Walney Infants School   Barrow in Furness, Isle of Walney Vickerstown School on Promenade 
  Barrow in Furness, Park View Community College   Barrow in Furness, Ramsden Street/School Street 
  Barrow in Furness, Roose School   Barrow in Furness, Sixth Form College 
  Barrow in Furness, St Bernards RC School   Barrow in Furness, St Johns Church 
  Barrow in Furness, St. Georges School   Barrow in Furness, The Alfred Barrow School 
  Barrow in Furness, The Queens Head Hotel   Barrow in Furness, Yarlside Yarlside Primary School 
  Beetham, Primary School   Bootle, Primary School 
  Bothel, Gale Rigg   Bothel, Ghyllside 
  Bothel, Old Smithy   Bothel, School Lane 
  Bothel, The Old School House   Bothel, The Swallows 
  Brampton, William Howard School   Brigham, School Brow 
  Broughton Cross, Stoneybeck junction   Broughton, Primary School 
  Burneside, St Oswalds School   Cargo, bus shelter 
  Cargo, Rockcliffe School   Carlisle, Belle Vue Green Lane School 
  Carlisle, Carlisle College   Carlisle, Harraby Community Centre 
  Carlisle, Harraby Keenan Park Pennine Way   Carlisle, Morton Yewdale School 
  Carlisle, Scotby Scotby School   Carlisle, Trinity Lower School 
  Carlisle, Trinity Upper School   Cartmel Fell, C of E School 
  Cartmel, Priory C of E School   Chapel Stile, Langdale C of E Primary School 
  Cockermouth, Cockermouth School   Cockermouth, Fairfield Junior School 
  Cockermouth, Gallowbarrow   Coniston, John Ruskin School 
  Coniston, Primary School   Cowgill, School House road end 
  Cummersdale, The Square   Dalston, Caldew School 
  Dalston, St Michaels School   Dalton in Furness, Dowdale School 
  Dalton in Furness, Our Ladys Primary School   Dalton in Furness, St Marys Primary School 
  Dent, Village   Distington, Lakes College West Cumbria 
  Egremont, Orgill Junior School   Ennerdale, Shepherds Arms 
  Eskdale, Outward Bound School   Far Sawrey 
  Far Sawrey, Far Sawrey Firbank Old School   Flimby, School 
  Frizington, Library   Grayrigg, Primary School 
  Grayrigg, School   Great Salkeld, School and Church 
  Great Urswick, Low Furness School   Greenholme, Old School 
  Haltcliff Bridge, Haltcliff House   Heversham, Dallam Junior School 
  Heversham, Dallam School   High Hesket, High Hesket School 
  High Hesket, School   Holme St Cuthbert, Holme St Cuthberts School 
  Irthington, School   Irthington, School House 
  Kendal, Ghyllside Primary School   Kendal, Kendal College 
  Kendal, Lound Road Garage   Kendal, Natland St Marks Primary School 
  Kendal, Queen Katherine School   Kendal, Vicarage Drive 
  Kendal, Windermere Road at Underley Road   Keswick, Keswick School 
  Kings Meaburn, Old School   Kirkbride, Beach Lea 
  Kirkby in Furness, Burlington School   Kirkby Lonsdale, Queen Elizabeth School 
  Kirkby Stephen, Grammar School   Kirkby Stephen, Primary School 
  Knotts, Gowbarrow Cottages   Longtown, Lochinvar School 
  Longtown, Mary Street   Maryport, Christian Street school 
  Maryport, Grasslot   Maryport, Netherhall School 
  Middleton, School House Road end   Millom, Black Combe School 
  Millom, Park View School   Millom, Secondary School 
  Millom, St James School   Milnthorpe, Dallam School 
  Moresby Parks, Eden Drive   Moresby Parks, School Brow 
  Netherhall, Netherhall School   Newbiggin, Old School House 
  Newton Reigny, Newton Rigg College   Oulton, School House 
  Parton, St Bridgets School   Penrith, Queen Elizabeth Grammar School 
  Penrith, Ullswater Community College   Penrith, Wetheriggs Junior School 
  Penrith, Wetheriggs Lane   Penruddock, The Herdwick Inn 
  Piperstile, Piperstile Old School House   Ravenstonedale, Endowed School 
  Rockcliffe, Rockcliffe School   Seascale, Primary School 
  Sedbergh, Loftus Hill   Sedbergh, Settlebeck School 
  Skelton, Skelton School   Smithfield, Skitby Road 
  St Bees, Abbey Park   St Bees, Station Road 
  Stone Raise, School car park   Tebay, C of E School Orton 
  Town Head, Nursery School   Troutbeck Bridge, Lakes School 
  Ulverston, Croftlands School   Ulverston, Dale Street Infant School 
  Ulverston, Victoria High School   Urswick, Low Furness C Of E Primary School 
  Warwick Bridge, Warwick Bridge School   Whiteclosegate, Art College 
  Whitehaven, Bransty Haig Avenue   Whitehaven, Hensingham Coach Road 
  Whitehaven, Hensingham Whitehaven school   Whitehaven, Kells Kells County Infant School 
  Whitehaven, Monkwray School   Whitehaven, St Benedicts RC High School 
  Whitehaven, Whitehaven School   Wigton, Nelson Tomlinson School 
  Wigton, South End   Wigton, South End Loveday House 
  Windermere, School Knott shops   Winderwath, School House 
  Workington, Newlands School   Workington, North Side Northside Primary School 
  Workington, St Josephs School   Workington, Stainburn Stainburn School 
  Workington, Victoria Junior School   Yanwath, Askham Road End 

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