Transport Points

Transport Points is designed to locate transport facilities (bus stops, express coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district listed it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains) and the frequency of each of the transport services available.
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 Northumberland County council. 
 Listed below are the major places in the Northumberland County area that have access to transport services.
Click on any of them to find a listing of all bus stops/coach stops/rail stations in that area.
A Google Earth file of all the transport access locations in Northumberland County is available here.
More transport information about Northumberland County is available here
 Abbey Mills  Abbeylands  Acklington Prison  Acklington Station 
 Acklington Village  Acomb (Northumberland)  Adderstone  Akeld 
 Albemarle Barracks  Allen Banks  Allendale Town  Allenheads 
 Allerdean  Allerwash  Alnmouth Station  Alnmouth Village 
 Alnwick  Alwinton  Amble by the Sea  Ancroft 
 Angerton (Northumberland)  Anick  Apperley Dene  Ashington (Northumberland) 
 Ashington College  Ashington Farm  Ashington Park  Aydon 
 Aydon Castle  Bamburgh  Bardon Mill  Barelees 
 Barmoor (Lowick)  Barrasford  Barrasford Park (Northumberland)  Barresdale 
 Baybridge (Northumberland)  Bays Leap  Beacon Hill (Cramlington)  Beadnell 
 Beal (Northumberland)  Bearl  Beauclerc  Beaumont Park (Hexham) 
 Bebside  Bedburn  Bedlington  Bedlington Station 
 Belford (Northumberland)  Bellingham (Northumberland)  Bellister  Belsay 
 Belvedere (Kielder Water)  Benridge  Berrington (Northumberland)  Berwick Hill 
 Berwick upon Tweed  Bewick Grange  Biddlestone  Billsmoor Park 
 Bilton (Northumberland)  Bingfield  Birches Nook  Birkenside (Northumberland) 
 Birtley (N Tyne)  Black Heddon  Blake Town  Blanchland 
 Blyth (Northumberland)  Bockenfield  Bolam (Northumberland)  Bolam West Houses 
 Bolton (Northumberland)  Bomarsund  Bothal  Boulmer 
 Bowsden  Brainshaugh  Branch End  Brandon White House 
 Branton (Northumberland)  Branxton  Briardene  Bridge End at Hexham 
 Brinkburn (Northumberland)  Brocolitia  Brokenheugh  Broome Park (Northumberland) 
 Broomhaugh  Broomhill (Northumberland)  Broomley  Brotherwick 
 Brownieside  Brunton (Alnwick)  Brunton (Hexham)  Buckton (Northumberland) 
 Budle  Byrness  Bywell  Caistron 
 Cambo (Northumberland)  Cambois  Camptown  Capheaton 
 Carham  Carrshield  Carvoran  Castlefields (Prudhoe) 
 Catcleugh  Catton (Northumberland)  Causey Hill  Causey Park Bridge 
 Chapel Lands  Charlton (Northumberland)  Chathill (Northumberland)  Chatton 
 Chesters Roman Fort  Chesterwood  Cheswick  Chillingham 
 Chollerford  Chollerton  Choppington  Christon Bank 
 Clarewood  Clennel  Clifton (Northumberland)  Coalcleugh 
 Coanwood  Cockle Park  Colpitts  Colwell (Northumberland) 
 Coquetdale Trading Est  Corbridge  Cornhill on Tweed  Corstopitum 
 Coupland (Northumberland)  Cowpen  Cragside  Cramlington 
 Cramlington Industrial Est  Craster  Cresswell (Druridge Bay)  Crookham (Northumberland) 
 Cupola Bridge  Dalton (Hexham)  Dalton (Ponteland)  Darras Hall 
 Deadwater Farm  Denwick  Dilston  Dipton (Northumberland) 
 Dirt Pot  Doddington (Northumberland)  Donaldsons Lodge  Drawback 
 Druridge Bay  Duddo  Dunstan  Dunstan Steads 
 Dyke Neuk  Eachwick  Eals  Earsdon (Northumberland) 
 East Cottingwood  East Cramlington  East Hartford  East Heddon 
 East Lilburn  East Newbiggin  East Ord  East Sleekburn 
 East Wallhouse  East Woodburn  Eastfield (Cramlington)  Edington (Northumberland) 
 Edlingham  Eglingham  Elephant  Elford (Northumberland) 
 Ellingham (Northumberland)  Ellington (Northumberland)  Elrington  Elsdon 
 Eltringham  Embleton (Northumberland)  Embleton Terrace  Emerick 
 Errington  Eshott  Espley Hall  Etal 
 Ewesley  Fair Moor  Fairley  Falstone 
 Featherstone (Northumberland)  Featherstone Rowfoot  Felkington  Felton (Northumberland) 
 Fenwick (Berwick)  Fenwick (Ponteland)  Flodden  Flotterton 
 Ford (Northumberland)  Fourstones  Foxton Hall  Glanton 
 Glendale School  Glororum  Gloster Park  Grange Park (Bedlington) 
 Great Bavington  Great Swinburne  Great Whittington  Greenhaugh 
 Greensfield  Greystead  Guide Post  Gunnerton 
 Guyzance  Hackwood  Hadrians Wall  Hadston 
 Haggerston (Northumberland)  Hallington (Northumberland)  Halton (Northumberland)  Halton Lea Gate 
 Halton Shields  Haltwhistle  Hampeth  Harbottle 
 Harehope  Harle  Harlow Hill  Harnham (Northumberland) 
 Hartburn (Northumberland)  Hartford Bridge (Northumberland)  Hartside (Northumberland)  Harwood (Northumberland) 
 Haugh Head (Northumberland)  Hauxley  Hawkhill  Haydon Bridge 
 Hazelrigg  Healey (Northumberland)  Heatherslaw  Hebron (Northumberland) 
 Heddon on the Wall  Hedley on the Hill  Heighley Gate  Hemscott Hill 
 Henshaw  Hepple  Hepscott  Hepscott Park 
 Heugh  Hexham  High Angerton  High Buston 
 High Callerton  High Fair  High Market  High Mickley 
 High Newton by the Sea  High Pit  High Trewhitt  High Yarridge 
 Highcliffe (Berwick upon Tweed)  Highfields Estate (Berwick)  Hindley (Northumberland)  Hipsburn 
 Hirst (Ashington)  Hiveacres  HMPS Northumberland  Holburn (Northumberland) 
 Holy Island (Northumberland)  Holystone in Coquetdale  Holywell Village  Horncliffe (Northumberland) 
 Horsley (Northumberland)  Horton (Northumberland)  Houghton (Northumberland)  Housesteads 
 Howden Dene  Howick (Northumberland)  Howtel  Humbleton (Northumberland) 
 Humshaugh  Hunstanworth  Ingoe  Ingram 
 Isabella  Jubilee Industrial Estate  Kellah  Kielder 
 Kilham (Northumberland)  Kiln Pit Hill  Kimmerston  Kirkharle 
 Kirkheaton (Northumberland)  Kirkhill (Morpeth)  Kirknewton (Cheviot Hills)  Kirkwhelpington 
 Kitty Brewster (Blyth)  Klondyke  Knarsdale  Knowesgate 
 Kyloe  Ladykirk  Lamberton  Lambley (Northumberland) 
 Lancaster Park  Langley (Northumberland)  Larriston  Leaplish Waterside Park 
 Leazes (Hexham)  Lemmington  Lesbury  Lilburn 
 Lilburn Glebe  Links Estate  Linnels  Linton (Northumberland) 
 Little Bavington  Little Whittington  Littlehoughton (Northumberland)  Littlemill (Northumberland) 
 Loanend  Loansdean  Longframlington  Longhirst 
 Longhirst Colliery  Longhorsley  Longhoughton  Longwitton 
 Lordenshaw  Low Buston  Low Heighley  Low Prudhoe 
 Lowgate  Lowick (Northumberland)  Lucker  Lyham 
 Lynemouth  Marshall Meadows  Matfen  Medburn 
 Meldon (Northumberland)  Melkridge  Mickley Square  Middleton (Belford) 
 Middleton (Morpeth)  Midgeholme  Milbourne (Northumberland)  Milfield 
 Minsteracres  Mitford  Molesden  Monkridge 
 Morpeth  Morwick  Mossburnford  Mosswood 
 Nedderton  Nelson Village  Nesbit (Wooler)  Netherton (Northumberland) 
 Netherton Park Assmt Centre  Netherwitton  New Delaval  New Hartley 
 New Ridley  Newbiggin (Hexham)  Newbiggin by the Sea  Newbrough 
 Newfields  Newham (Chathill)  Newsham (Blyth)  Newsham Farm 
 Newton (Northumberland)  Newton Hall (Northumberland)  Newton on the Moor  Ninebanks 
 Norham  North Blyth  North Charlton  North Farm 
 North Seaton  North Seaton Colliery  North Sunderland  North Togston 
 Northburn  Northgate Hospital  Northumberland Business Park  Nunnykirk 
 Nunwick (Northumberland)  Oaklands (Northumberland)  Oakwood (Northumberland)  Ogle 
 Old Bewick  Old Felton  Old Ridley  Old Town (Otterburn) 
 Once Brewed  Ordhill  Ordley  Otterburn (Northumberland) 
 Outchester  Ovingham  Ovington (Northumberland)  Painshawfield 
 Park End (Northumberland)  Park Village (Northumberland)  Parkside (Cramlington)  Pauperhaugh 
 Pegswood  Pigdon  Plenmeller  Plessey Checks 
 Ponteland  Portgate (Northumberland)  Powburn  Preston (Northumberland) 
 Prestwick (Northumberland)  Priestlands  Prior Park  Prudhoe 
 Prudhoe Hospital  Radcliffe (Northumberland)  Ramparts Business Park  Ramshope 
 Ratchwood  Raylees  Red House Farm (Bedlington)  Red Lion 
 Red Row  Redburn (Northumberland)  Redesmouth  Rennington 
 Riding Mill  Ridsdale  Roberts Lodge  Rochester (Northumberland) 
 Rock (Northumberland)  Roddam  Roseden  Rothbury 
 Rothill  Rothley (Northumberland)  Rudchester  Ryal 
 Rye Hill (Northumberland)  Saltwick  Sandhoe  Scales Cross 
 Scotland Gate  Scots Gap  Scremerston  Seahouses 
 Seaton Delaval  Seaton Sluice  Seaton Village (Northumberland)  Seghill 
 Settlingstones  Shadfen  Shankhouse  Sharperton 
 Sheepwash (Ashington)  Shellacres  Shilbottle  Shilbottle Grange 
 Shilvington  Shoresdean  Shoreston  Shortridge 
 Shotton (Morpeth)  Simonburn  Sinderhope  Slaggyford 
 Slaley  Smeafield  Snitter  South Beach (Blyth) 
 South Broomhill  South Charlton  South Newsham  Southfield (Cramlington) 
 Sparty Lea  Spital (Newbiggin)  Spittal (Berwick upon Tweed)  St James Estate (Alnwick) 
 St Marys (Northumberland)  Stakeford  Stamford (Northumberland)  Stamfordham 
 Stannersburn  Stannington (Northumberland)  Stannington Station  Stanton (Northumberland) 
 Staward  Steel  Stelling  Stobhill Grange 
 Stobhill Manor  Stobhillgate  Stobswood  Stocksfield 
 Stonehaugh  Strothers  Styford  Sunilaws 
 Swarland  Swindon (Northumberland)  Swinhoe  Tarset 
 The Lee (Northumberland)  Thockrington  Thorneyburn  Thornton (Northumberland) 
 Throphill  Thropton  Thrunton  Tindale 
 Togston  Tower Knowe  Tranwell  Tritlington 
 Troughend  Tughall  Tweedside Trading Est  Tynegreen 
 Ulgham  Unthank (Berwick)  Vindolanda  Wall (Northumberland) 
 Wall Houses  Wallington (Northumberland)  Wallridge  Walltown 
 Walwick  Wansbeck Business Park  Wansbeck Estate  Wansbeck Hospital 
 Warden (Northumberland)  Waren Mill  Warenford  Wark (N Tyne) 
 Wark on Tweed  Warkworth (Northumberland)  Warton (Northumberland)  Weetwood (Wooler) 
 Weldon Bridge  Wellhaugh  Welton (Northumberland)  West Boat 
 West Chevington  West End (Haltwhistle)  West Fallodon  West Fleetham 
 West Horton  West Sleekburn  West Thirston  West Woodburn 
 West Wylam  Westbourne Estate  Westend Town (Northumberland)  Westnewton (Northumberland) 
 Whalton  Wharmley  Whitchester (Haltwhistle)  Whitfield (Northumberland) 
 Whittingham (Northumberland)  Whittonstall  Widdrington Station  Widdrington Village 
 Willowburn Trading Est  Windyhaugh  Wingates (Northumberland)  Woodhorn 
 Wooler  Wooperton  Wylam  Yarrow (Kielder Water) 
 Stops with National Express services in the Northumberland County area: (Click here to book National Express coach services)
  Ashington, Bus Station   Blyth, Bus station 
 Rail Stations in the Northumberland County area: (Click here to book rail services)
  Acklington Village, Station   Alnmouth Village, Station 
  Bardon Mill, Bardon Mill Rail Station   Berwick upon Tweed, Berwick upon Tweed Station 
  Chathill, Rail Station   Corbridge, Corbridge Station 
  Cramlington, Rail Station   Haltwhistle, Rail Station 
  Haydon Bridge, Rail Station   Hexham, Hexham Station 
  Morpeth, Rail Station   Pegswood, Rail Station 
  Prudhoe, Prudhoe Rail Station   Riding Mill, Rail Station 
  Stocksfield, Rail Station   Widdrington Station, Rail Station 
  Wylam, Wylam Station 
 Hospitals in the Northumberland County area:
  Alnwick, Infirmary   Ashington, Wansbeck Hospital 
  Blyth, Community Hospital   Cramlington, Klondyke Emergency Care Hospital 
  Haltwhistle, Westgate   Hexham, General Hospital 
  Morpeth, Loansdean Morpeth Cottage Hospital   Morpeth, Northgate Hospital 
  Prudhoe, Prudhoe Hospital   Rothbury, Coquetdale Cottage Hospital 
 Supermarkets with transport links in the Northumberland County area:
  Acomb, Morrison Terrace   Alnwick, Greensfield Sainsburys 
  Alnwick, St James Estate Co op   Ashington, ASDA 
  Ashington, High Market Coneygarth Moor   Bedlington, Bedlington Station Co op 
  Bedlington, Red Lion Morrisons   Berwick upon Tweed, Newfields Morrisons 
  Berwick upon Tweed, Tweedside Trading Est Ord Road   Berwick upon Tweed, Tweedside Trading Est Tesco entrance 
  Blyth, Bebside Asda   Blyth, Bebside Interchange 
  Blyth, Cowpen Aldi   Blyth, Southend Avenue 
  Cramlington, Manor Walks car park   Cramlington, Sainsburys service entrance 
  Hexham, Aldi   Morpeth, Rail Station 
  Morpeth, Railway station   Morpeth, Stobhillgate Coopies Lane 
  Pegswood, Front Street   Ponteland, Main Street 
  Prudhoe, Oakfield Terrace   Prudhoe, Post Office 
 Schools, colleges and universities with transport links in the Northumberland County area:
  Allendale Town, Middle School   Alnmouth Village, Hipsburn School 
  Alnwick, Greensfield Duchess High School   Alnwick, St James Estate Blakelaw Road 
  Alnwick, St Oswalds School   Alnwick, The Duchess High School 
  Amble by the Sea, Acklington Road   Amble by the Sea, Albert Street 
  Amble by the Sea, Gloster Park Estate entrance   Ashington, Ashington College College 
  Ashington, Ashington College Fifth Avenue   Ashington, Ashington College Hesleyside 
  Ashington, Ashington College Newbiggin Road   Ashington, Ashington College Seventh Avenue 
  Ashington, Ashington Park Ashington High School   Ashington, Darnley Road 
  Ashington, High Market Bothal Middle School   Ashington, Hirst Coulson Park School 
  Ashington, Hirst High School   Ashington, Hirst St Benedicts Middle School 
  Bedlington, Bedlington Station Stead Lane School   Bedlington, Ridge Terrace 
  Bedlington, St Benet Biscop School   Belford, Middle School 
  Bellingham, Middle School   Berwick upon Tweed, Middle School 
  Blyth, Albion Retail Park   Blyth, Cowpen Blyth Community College 
  Blyth, Kitty Brewster Bebside Middle School   Blyth, Malvins Close School 
  Blyth, Newsham Wharton Street   Cambo, First School 
  Cambois, First School   Cheviot Hills, Wooler First School 
  Coanwood, School   Corbridge, Middle School 
  Corbridge, St Helens Lane   Cramlington, East West Link Road 
  Cramlington, High Pit Clifton Road   Cramlington, Shankhouse Burnside First School 
  Cramlington, Southfield Cateran Way   Eglingham, First School 
  Ford, Bank Top   Greenhaugh, First School 
  Guide Post, Cleaswell Hill School   Guide Post, Middle School 
  Haltwhistle, South Tynedale Middle School   Harbottle, First School 
  Haydon Bridge, High School   Hazelrigg, The Old School 
  Hexham, Green Bank   Hexham, Leazes Allendale Road 
  Hexham, Leazes Queen Elizabeth High School Hydro   Hexham, Leazes Whetstone Bridge Road 
  Hexham, Middle School   Holywell Village, Seaton Crescent 
  Kielder Water, Kielder Butteryhaugh   Lilburn, Old School House 
  Lowgate, Plain Trees Farm   Milfield, Wheatriggs Estate 
  Morpeth, Chantry School   Morpeth, Lancaster Park All Saints School 
  Morpeth, Stobhillgate Green Lane   Morpeth, Stobhillgate Tenth Avenue 
  Newbiggin by the Sea, Gibson Street   Newbrough, First School 
  Old Bewick, School House   Otterburn, First School 
  Ovingham   Ovingham, Middle School 
  Pegswood, First School   Ponteland, Coates Middle School 
  Ponteland, Community High School   Ponteland, Darras Hall Broadway 
  Ponteland, High School   Prudhoe, Drawback Park Lane 
  Prudhoe, Drawback Prudhoe High School   Prudhoe, Low Prudhoe Prudhoe Castle First School 
  Prudhoe, West Wylam Broomhouse Road   Red Row, First School 
  Rothbury, Thomlinsons Middle School   Sandhoe, Beaufront First School 
  Seahouses, Schools   Seaton Delaval, Astley High School 
  Seaton Delaval, Double Row   Shilbottle, Shilbottle Grange School 
  Slaley, First School   Slaley, Townhead 
  Stamfordham, Bridge End   Stannington, First School 
  Stocksfield, Broomley First School   Stonehaugh, Old School House 
  Swarland, First School   Tritlington, School 
  Warenford, Village   West Sleekburn, Middle School 
  West Woodburn, Post Office   Whitfield, First School 
  Wooler, Glendale School School entrance   Wooler, Glendale School Wooler Caravan Park 

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