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Transport Points helps to find transport facilities (bus stops, coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains), the frequency of each of the services, Google maps of the area and the local postcode. Various searches can be performed, including closeness to postcodes or how often the services run.
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 Shetland Islands county. 
 Listed below are all the places in the Shetland Islands area that have access to transport services.
 Click on any of them to find a listing of all bus stops/coach stops/rail stations in that area.
 A Google Earth file of all the transport access locations in Shetland Islands is available here.
 More transport information about Shetland Islands is available here
 Aith  Aithsetter  Aswick  Aywick 
 Baltasound  Basta  Belmont (Unst)  Benston 
 Bigton  Billister  Bixter  Blydoit 
 Boddam (Shetland)  Brae  Bressay  Brettabister 
 Bridge End (Shetland)  Bridge of Fitch  Bridge of Walls  Brindister 
 Brough (Shetland)  Burra  Burravoe  Busta 
 Camb  Channerwick  Clibberswick  Clousta 
 Collafirth  Colvister  Cott (Shetland)  Cullivoe 
 Culswick  Cunningsburgh  Dale of Walls  Dunrossness 
 Dury  Easter Quarff  Easterhoull  Effirth 
 Enisfirth  Eshaness  Eswick  Exnaboe 
 Fair Isle  Fetlar  Fiblister  Firth (Shetland) 
 Fladdabister  Foula  Garderhouse  Girlsta 
 Gossabrough  Graven  Greenbank (Yell)  Gremista 
 Grunasound  Gruting  Grutness  Grutness Pier 
 Gulberwick  Gunnister  Gutcher  Haggrister 
 Hamar  Hamnavoe (Burra)  Hamnavoe (Yell)  Haroldswick 
 Heglibister  Hellister  Hestingott  Hillswick 
 Hillwell  Hogaland  Houlland  Housay 
 Housetter  Houss  Ireland (Shetland)  Islesburgh 
 Laxfirth  Laxfirth (North Nesting)  Laxo  Laxo Ferry Terminal 
 Lerwick  Levenwick  Lingness  Lunnister 
 Mail  Mangaster  Maywick  Mid Walls 
 Mid Yell  Mossbank (Shetland)  Muckle Roe  Nesbister 
 North Collafirth  North Roe  Norwick  Ollaberry 
 Olnesfirth  Orbister  Otterswick  Out Skerries 
 Papa Stour  Papil  Quendale  Queyfirth 
 Reawick  Rerwick  Ringasta  Rousay 
 Sand (Shetland)  Sandness  Sandsound  Sandwick (Shetland Mainland) 
 Saxa Vord  Scalloway  Scatness  Scousburgh 
 Sellafirth  Semblister  Setter  Skelberry 
 Skeld  Skellister  Sound (Lerwick)  South Nesting 
 South Scousburgh  South Whiteness  Stucca  Sullom 
 Sullom Voe  Sullom Voe Terminal  Sumburgh  Sumburgh Airport 
 Swinister  Symbister  Tingwall (Shetland)  Toab (Shetland) 
 Toft (Shetland)  Toogs  Tresta  Trondavoe 
 Trondra  Troswick  Twatt (Shetland)  Ulsta 
 Unst  Urafirth  Uyeasound  Valsgarth 
 Veensgarth  Vidlin  Vidlin Junction  Vidlin Pier 
 Voe  Voxter  Wadbister  Walls 
 Weisdale  West Burrafirth  West Sandwick  West Yell 
 Westerskeld  Westing  Whalsay  Whiteness 
 Hospitals in the Shetland Islands area:
  Lerwick, Gilbert Bain Hospital 
 Transport connected Supermarkets in the Shetland Islands area:
  Lerwick, Funeral Director   Lerwick, Tesco 
  Lerwick, Tesco Car Park   Lerwick, Garthspool 
 Transport connected Schools, colleges and universities in the Shetland Islands area:
  Yell, Greenbank Primary School   Dunrossness, Primary School 
  Mossbank, Primary School   Urafirth, Primary School 
  Whiteness, Primary School   Fetlar, Primary School 
  Sandness, Primary School   Skeld, Primary School 
  Lerwick, Sound Primary School   Brae, High School 
  Lerwick, Gremista   Scalloway 
  Sandwick   Unst, Baltasound 
  Heglibister, The Old Schoolhouse 

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