Transport Points

Transport Points is designed to locate transport facilities (bus stops, express coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district listed it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains) and the frequency of each of the transport services available.
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 Shropshire County council. 
 Listed below are the major places in the Shropshire County area that have access to transport services.
Click on any of them to find a listing of all bus stops/coach stops/rail stations in that area.
A Google Earth file of all the transport access locations in Shropshire County is available here.
More transport information about Shropshire County is available here
 Abbey Foregate (Shrewsbury)  Abcott  Ackleton  Acton (Shrops) 
 Acton Burnell  Acton Reynald  Acton Scott  Adderley 
 Adeney  Agden  Alberbury  Albrighton (Shrewsbury) 
 Alcaston  Alderton (Shrops)  Aldon  Alkington 
 All Stretton  Almington  Alveley  Anchor (Shrops) 
 Angel Bank  Annscroft  Arscott  Ash Magna 
 Asterley  Asterton  Astley (Shrops)  Astley Abbots 
 Aston (Shrops)  Aston Munslow  Aston on Clun  Aston Rodgers 
 Aston Square  Atcham  Babbinswood  Badger 
 Bagginswood  Bagley (Shrops)  Balaams Heath  Ball (Shrops) 
 Balmer Heath  Barbrook (Shrops)  Barkers Square  Barrow (Shrops) 
 Baschurch  Battlefield (Shrewsbury)  Bayston Hill  Beambridge (Shrops) 
 Beckbury  Bedlam (Shrops)  Bedstone  Belle Vue (Shrewsbury) 
 Belmore  Belvidere (Shrewsbury)  Benthall  Bentlawnt 
 Berrington (Shrops)  Berwick (Shrewsbury)  Berwick Wharf  Besford (Shrops) 
 Betton (Market Drayton)  Betton Abbots  Betton Strange  Bicton (Ludlow) 
 Bicton (Shrewsbury)  Bicton Heath (Shrewsbury)  Billingsley  Bings Heath 
 Binweston  Birtley (Shrops)  Bishops Castle  Bishops Moat 
 Bitterley  Black Marsh  Bletchley (Shrops)  Bluebell 
 Blymhill Marsh  Boiling Well  Bomere Heath  Boraston 
 Bouldon  Bourton (Shrops)  Bradeley Green  Brandhill 
 Breadenheath  Bridges (Shrops)  Bridgnorth  Brockton (Bridgnorth) 
 Brockton (Ludlow)  Brockton (Shrewsbury)  Bromfield (Shrops)  Bromleys Mill 
 Bromstead Common  Brookrow  Broome (Shrops)  Broughall 
 Brown Heath (Shrops)  Bucknell (Shrops)  Buildwas  Buntingsdale Estate 
 Burford (Shrops)  Burley (Shrops)  Burlton  Burnhill Green 
 Burwarton  Burwood  Bury Ditches  Bushmoor 
 Callaughton  Calverhall  Canal Bridge  Cantlop 
 Cardington (Shrops)  Castle Fields (Shrewsbury)  Caynham  Cefn Einion 
 Cefn y Blodwel  Chapel Lawn  Chelmarsh  Cheswardine 
 Chetwynd  Childs Ercall  Chipnall  Chorley (Shrops) 
 Church Pulverbatch  Church Stretton  Churchstoke (Powys)  Churchtown (Shrops) 
 Clee Hill  Clee St Margaret  Cleedownton  Cleestanton 
 Cleeton St Mary  Cleobury Mortimer  Cleobury North  Clive (Shrops) 
 Clun  Clunbury  Clungunford  Clunton 
 Cockshutt  Coed Y Go  Cold Weston  Coldgreen 
 Colebatch  Coleham (Shrewsbury)  Colemere  Comley 
 Condover  Copthorne (Shrewsbury)  Coreley  Corfton 
 Cornbrook (Shrops)  Cosford  Coton (Shrops)  Coton Hill (Shrewsbury) 
 Coton Mount  Cotonwood (Shrops)  Cound Mill  Coundmoor 
 Crackleybank  Craig Llwyn  Craven Arms  Creamore Bank 
 Cressage  Crickheath  Criftins  Croesaubach 
 Cross Houses  Crosslanes (Shrops)  Crowsnest (Shrops)  Cruckmeole 
 Cruckton  Culmington  Cwm Head  Danesford 
 Darliston  Deuxhill  Devils Mouth  Dhustone 
 Diddlebury  Ditherington (Shrewsbury)  Ditton Priors  Dobsons Bridge 
 Doddington (Shrops)  Dorrington (Shrops)  Dovaston  Downton (Shrops) 
 Duckley Nap  Dudleston  Dudleston Heath  Dudmaston 
 Duffryn (Shrops)  Eardington  Eardiston (Shrops)  East Wall 
 Easthope  Eaton (Shrops)  Eaton Constantine  Eaton upon Tern 
 Edgebold  Edgebolton  Edgerley  Edgton 
 Elbridge (Shrops)  Ellesmere (Shrops)  Elson (Shrops)  Englesea brook 
 English Frankton  Ensdon  Estell  Exfords Green 
 Eyton (Shrops)  Farden  Fauls  Fellhampton 
 Fitz  Ford (Shrops)  Forge Lane  Four Alls 
 Foxwood  Frankwell (Shrewsbury)  Frodesley  Gains Park (Shrewsbury) 
 Garmston  Glazeley  Gledrid  Gobowen 
 Goods Green  Grafton (Shrops)  Gravels  Great Bolas 
 Great Chatwell  Great Ryton  Great Sutton (Shrops)  Great Wytheford 
 Greenfields (Shrewsbury)  Greenway Cross  Gretton (Shrops)  Grimpo 
 Grindle  Grindley Brook  Grinshill  Grove Bank 
 Habberley (Shrops)  Hadnall  Halford (Shrops)  Halfway House (Shrops) 
 Hampton (Shrops)  Hampton Bank  Hampton Wood  Hanwood 
 Harlescott (Shrewsbury)  Harlescott Grange (Shrewsbury)  Harley (Shrops)  Harmer Hill 
 Harnage  Hartlebury (Shrops)  Harton (Shrops)  Hatton (Shrops) 
 Haughton (Oswestry)  Hawkestone Park  Haytons Bent  Heath Common (Shrops) 
 Heath Hill  Heathbrook  Hem (The)  Hen Barns 
 Hengoed (Shrops)  Henley (Shrops)  Herongate (Shrewsbury)  High Hatton 
 Higher Heath  Highley  Hill Houses  Hilton (Shrops) 
 Hindford  Hinstock  Hinton (Shrops)  Hints (Shrops) 
 Hodnet  Hollinwood (Shrops)  Hook a Gate  Hope (Shrewsbury) 
 Hope Bagot  Hope Bowdler  Hopesay  Hopesgate 
 Hopton Castle  Hopton Heath  Hopton Wafers  Horderley 
 Hordley  Horsebridge (Shrops)  Hughley  Hungerford (Shrops) 
 Hungry Hill  Hungryhatton  Ifton Heath  Ightfield 
 Jinyle  Kemberton  Kempton  Kenley (Shrops) 
 Kingsland (Shrewsbury)  Kinnerley  Knighton Common  Knockin 
 Knowbury  Knowle (Shrops)  Knowlegate  Lea (Shrewsbury) 
 Leamoor Common  Leaton  Leebotwood  Leigh (Shrops) 
 Leighton (Shrops)  Linley  Little Bolas (Shrops)  Little Brampton (Shrops) 
 Little Drayton  Little Harlescott (Shrewsbury)  Little Lyth  Little Ness 
 Little Stretton (Shrops)  Little Worthen  Llan  Llanyblodwel 
 Llanymynech  Llawnt  Llwyntidmon  Llynclys 
 Lockleywood  Lodge Lane  London Road (Shrewsbury)  Long Meadowend 
 Long Oak  Longden  Longden Common  Longford (Shrops) 
 Longnor (Shrops)  Longville in the Dale  Loppington  Lower Dinchope 
 Lower Hayton  Lower Heath (Shrops)  Lower Hordley  Lower Longwood 
 Ludlow  Lydham  Lydham Heath  Lynchgate 
 Lyneal  Lyth Bank  Maesbrook  Maesbury Marsh 
 Mainstone (Shrops)  Malehurst  Marchamley  Market Drayton 
 Marshbrook  Marton (N Shropshire)  Marton (S Shropshire)  Mawley Oak 
 Mawleytown  Meeson  Melverley  Meole Brace (Shrewsbury) 
 Meole Village (Shrewsbury)  Merrington  Middlehope  Middleton (Ludlow) 
 Middleton (Oswestry)  Middleton (Shrewsbury)  Middleton Scriven  Milson 
 Minsterley  Monkhopton  Monkmoor (Shrewsbury)  Montford (Shrops) 
 Montford Bridge  Morda  More  Moreton (Shrops) 
 Moreton Corbet  Moreton Say  Moretonwood  Morton (Shrops) 
 Morville  Moston Green  Mount Pleasant (Shrewsbury)  Much Wenlock 
 Mucklestone  Muckley Cross  Munslow  Myddle 
 Nantmawr (Shrops)  Napley  Nash (Shrops)  Neen Sollars 
 Neenton  Nesscliffe  Netchwood Common  New Invention (Shrops) 
 New Woodhouse  Newbridge (Shrops)  Newcastle (Shrops)  Newton (Shrops) 
 Newtown (Shrops)  Nibs Heath  Norbury (Shrops)  Nordley 
 Northwood (Shrops)  Norton (Nr Craven Arms)  Norton (Shrewsbury)  Nox 
 Old Coppice  Old Potts Way (Shrewsbury)  Old Woods  Oldbury (Shrops) 
 Ollerton (Shrops)  Onibury  Oreton  Osbaston (Shrops) 
 Oswestry  Overton (Shrops)  Pant (Shrops)  Park Hall (Shrops) 
 Peaton  Pedlars Rest  Pentre (Oswestry)  Pentreshannel 
 Peplow  Perthy  Picklescott  Pipe Aston 
 Pipe Gate  Pitchford  Plaish  Plealey 
 Plex  Plowden  Plox Green  Pole Cottage 
 Pontesbury  Pontesford  Porth y Waen  Prees 
 Prees Green  Prees Heath  Prescott (Shrops)  Presthope 
 Preston (Shrops)  Preston Brockhurst  Preston Gubbals  Priest Weston 
 Pulverbatch  Purslow  Pwllymeirch  Quatford 
 Quatt  Queenshead  Quina Brook  Radbrook (Shrewsbury) 
 Ratlinghope  Reabrook (Shrewsbury)  Red Furlongs  Red House (Shrops) 
 Rhoswiel  Rindleford  Rockgreen  Roman Bank 
 Romsley (Shrops)  Rorrington  Rosehill (Shrops)  Roughton (Shrops) 
 Round Oak  Roundthorn (Shrops)  Rowton (Shrops)  Rudge Heath 
 Rushbury  Rushton (Shrops)  Ruyton Xl Towns  Ryton (Shrops) 
 Sandford (Shrops)  Sandsaw Heath  Seifton  Seven Sisters (Shrops) 
 Shatterford  Shawbank  Shawbury (Shrops)  Sheet (Shrops) 
 Shelderton  Shelton (Shrewsbury)  Shelve  Sherriffhales 
 Shifnal  Shipley (Shrops)  Shipton (Shrops)  Shooting Box 
 Shotatton  Shrawardine  Shrewsbury  Six Ashes (Shrops) 
 Snailbeach  Snitton  Soudley (N Shropshire)  Soudley (S Shropshire) 
 Soulton  Springfield (Shrewsbury)  St Martins (Shrops)  Stableford (Shrops) 
 Stanford Bridge  Stanley Green (Shrops)  Stanmore (Shrops)  Stanton Lacy 
 Stanton upon Hine Heath  Stanwardine in the Fields  Stanwardine in the Wood  Stapleton (Shrops) 
 Steel Heath  Stiperstones  Stoke Heath (Shrops)  Stoke On Tern 
 Stoke St Milborough  Stokesay  Stone House (Shrops)  Stoney Stretton 
 Stottesdon  Strefford  Sundorne (Shrewsbury)  Sutton (Bridgnorth) 
 Sutton (Oswestry)  Sutton (Shrewsbury)  Sutton Farm (Shrewsbury)  Sutton Maddock 
 Sutton Park (Shrewsbury)  Swancote  Tankerville  Tasley 
 Ternhill  Tetchill  The Bog  The Down 
 The Elms  The Folley  The Grove  The Hope 
 The Mount (Shrewsbury)  The Nook  The Wood  Thresholds 
 Ticklerton  Tilley Green  Tilstock  Tong (Shrops) 
 Tong Norton  Trapnell  Trefarclawdd  Treflach 
 Trefonen  Trench (Shrops)  Trescott  Trimpley 
 Tugford  Twitchen (Shrops)  Uckington (Shrops)  Uffington (Shrops) 
 Upper Afcot  Upper Arley  Upper Battlefield  Upper Cound 
 Upper Criftin  Upper Farmcote  Upper Hayton  Upper Heath 
 Upper Langley  Upper Longwood  Upper Ludstone  Upper Millichope 
 Uppington (Shrops)  Upton Magna  Vales Wood  Vernolds Common 
 Walcot (Shrops)  Walford (Shrops)  Walkmill (Shrops)  Wall Under Heywood 
 Walton (Shrops)  Warren (Shrops)  Weeping Cross (Shrewsbury)  Weirbrook 
 Welsh End  Welsh Frankton  Welshampton  Wem 
 Wentnor  Wernlas Collection  West Felton  Westbury (Shrops) 
 Westhope (Shrops)  Weston (Bridgnorth)  Weston Heath  Weston Lullingfields 
 Weston Rhyn  Weston Under Redcastle  Westoncommon (Shrops)  Whitchurch (Shrops) 
 Whitchurch Road  Whitcott  Whitcott Keysett  Whitegrit (nr Montgomery) 
 Whittingslow  Whittington (Shrops)  Whitton (Shrops)  Whittytree 
 Whixall  Wigmarsh  Wilaston  Wilcott 
 Wilderhope Manor  Wilkesley  Willey (Shrops)  Winnington (Shrops) 
 Winsley Lodge  Wirswall  Wistanstow  Wistanswick 
 Withington (Shrops)  Wolfshead  Wollerton  Wolverley (Shrops) 
 Wolverton (Shrops)  Woodgreen (Shrops)  Woodhill (Shrops)  Woodseaves (Shrops) 
 Woolston (Church Stretton)  Woolston (Oswestry)  Worfield  Worthen 
 Wrickton  Wroxeter  Wyken (Shrops)  Wykey 
 Yeaton  Yockleton  Yorton 
 Stops with National Express services in the Shropshire County area: (Click here to book National Express coach services)
  Ford, Rural Cottages   Halfway House, Marche Lane Junction 
  Shrewsbury, Bus Station 
 Rail Stations in the Shropshire County area: (Click here to book rail services)
  Broome, Broome Rail Station   Bucknell, Rail Station 
  Church Stretton, Rail Station   Cosford, Cosford Rail Station 
  Craven Arms, Rail Station   Gobowen, Gobowen Rail Station 
  Hopton Heath, Hopton Heath Rail Station   Ludlow, Rail Station 
  Prees, Prees Rail Station   Shifnal, Shifnal Rail Station 
  Shrewsbury, Rail Station   Wem, Rail Station 
  Whitchurch, Rail Station   Yorton, Rail Station 
 Hospitals in the Shropshire County area:
  Bishops Castle, Hospital   Bridgnorth, Hospital Street Junction 
  Bridgnorth, Pale Meadow Road Junction   Bridgnorth, Severn Street Junction 
  Park Hall, Orthopaeadic Hospital   Shrewsbury, Gains Park District Centre 
  Shrewsbury, Meole Village Nuffield Hospital   Shrewsbury, Shelton Royal Shrewsbury Hospital 
  Tenbury Wells, Burford Hospital   Whitchurch, Hospital 
 Park and Ride sites in the Shropshire County area:
  Shrewsbury, Coleham Park & Ride   Shrewsbury, Gains Park Oxon P&R 
  Shrewsbury, Meole Brace Meole Brace P&R   Shrewsbury, Whitchurch Road Harlescott P&R 
 Supermarkets with transport links in the Shropshire County area:
  Bridgnorth, College Fields   Bridgnorth, Sainsburys 
  Ellesmere, Tesco   Gobowen 
  Ludlow, Somerfield Store   Ludlow, Tesco 
  Market Drayton, Farcroft Drive Junction   Oswestry, Sainsburys 
  Oswestry, Sainsburys Shelter   Shrewsbury, Copthorne Mytton Grove Junction 
  Shrewsbury, Gains Park Bicton Heath Co op   Shrewsbury, Meole Brace Sainsburys 
  Shrewsbury, Old Potts Way Asda   Shrewsbury, Sundorne/Harlescott Tesco 
  Whitchurch, Bus Station 
 Schools, colleges and universities with transport links in the Shropshire County area:
  Aston on Clun, Crossroads   Baschurch, Corbet School 
  Bedstone, College   Bishops Castle, Community College 
  Bishops Castle, Primary School   Bitterley, School 
  Bridgnorth, College   Church Stretton, Secondary School 
  Churchstoke, Old School House   Cleobury Mortimer, Lacon Childe School 
  Cleobury Mortimer, Primary School   Ellesmere, Lakelands School 
  Fishmore, School   Gobowen, School Lane Junction 
  Hinstock, Post Office   Hinstock, School 
  Ifton Heath, Primary School   Longden, Crossroads 
  Market Drayton, Cemetery Road Junction   Market Drayton, Grove School 
  Morda, Marches School   Morton, Crossroads 
  Much Wenlock, William Brookes School   Newbridge, Primary School 
  Oldbury, Oldbury Wells School   Oswestry, Beechgrove School 
  Oswestry, College   Oswestry, College Road Junction 
  Oswestry, Crossroads   Oswestry, Hawthorne Grove Junction 
  Oswestry, North Shropshire College   Oswestry, Woodside School 
  Pant, School Lane Junction   Park Hall, Derwen College Entrance 
  Pontesbury, Mary Webb School   Shifnal, Idsall School 
  Shrewsbury, Bayston Hill Oaklands School   Shrewsbury, Ellesmere Road Greenfields Primary School 
  Shrewsbury, Harlescott Grange Grange School   Shrewsbury, Kingsland High School 
  Shrewsbury, Kingsland Priory School   Shrewsbury, London Road College 
  Shrewsbury, London Road Ebnal Road Junction   Shrewsbury, London Road New College Road Junction 
  Shrewsbury, London Road Prestfelde School   Shrewsbury, London Road Shrewsbury College 
  Shrewsbury, Meole Village Meole Brace School   Shrewsbury, Meole Village Priory School 
  Shrewsbury, Radbrook Radbrook College   Shrewsbury, Sundorne/Harlescott Sundorne School 
  St Martins, Rhyn Park School   Stiperstones, School 
  Upper Arley, Primary School   Wem, Adams School 
  Westhope, Westhope College   Whitchurch, Sir John Talbot School 

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