Transport Points

Transport Points is designed to locate transport facilities (bus stops, express coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district listed it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains) and the frequency of each of the transport services available.
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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) within 1 mile of '322716/180563' sorted by full name.
Click on the full name to get more details about that stop, including the ability to get details of other stops in the local area. Click on the link under Location or Area to get a listing of other stops in the geographic area.

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    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
  Full Name Area Buses (M-F) Buses (Sat) Buses (Sun) Services County   
 Cardiff, Coed y Gores Park & Ride Top Coed y Gores CARD 
 Cardiff, Coed y Gores Ysgol Bro Eirwg Rumney, Bro Eirwg School CARD 
 Cardiff, Glyn Collen Cardiff 89 80 28 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Abergele Road Llanrumney 69 41 29 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Arnold Ave Llanrumney, Burnham Avenue 208 168 95 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Ball Lane Llanrumney 107 84 49 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Bideford Road Llanrumney 13 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Bluebell Drive Llanrumney 208 168 95 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Bluebell Inn Llanrumney 193 160 67 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Burnham Avenue Llanrumney, Burnham Avenue 101 84 46 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Carpenters Arms Llanrumney, Carpenters Arms 327 267 156 17 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Cheddar Crescent Llanrumney 101 84 46 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Clevedon Court Llanrumney 101 84 46 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Countisbury Avenue Llanrumney, Burnham Avenue 101 84 46 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Countisbury Shops Llanrumney 221 182 105 11 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Eastern Leisure Centre Llanrumney 107 84 49 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Elgar Crescent Llanrumney 208 168 95 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Good Companions Llanrumney 35 14 10 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Hazlitt Close Llanrumney, Burnham Avenue 208 168 95 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Laureate Close Llanrumney 107 84 49 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Llanrumney Hall Llanrumney 107 84 49 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Lynton Terrace Llanrumney 107 84 49 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Mount Pleasant Ave Llanrumney 10 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Okehampton Avenue Llanrumney, Burnham Avenue 27 14 10 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Shaw Close Llanrumney 16 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Siloam Baptist Llanrumney, Burnham Avenue 208 168 95 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Somerset Court Llanrumney, Burnham Avenue 11 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney St Cadocs Church Llanrumney, Burnham Avenue 101 84 46 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney St Illtyds School Llanrumney, St Illtyds School CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Thackeray Crescent Llanrumney 107 84 49 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney The Newbridge Llanrumney 50 51 36 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Torrington Road Llanrumney, Burnham Avenue 11 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Tyrwinch Road Llanrumney CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Vaindre Lane Llanrumney 86 80 26 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Watchet Close Llanrumney 13 CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Wern Fawr Lane Llanrumney CARD 
 Cardiff, Llanrumney Worle Avenue Llanrumney 101 84 46 CARD 
 Cardiff, Old St Mellons Abergele Road Old St Mellons 69 46 25 CARD 
 Cardiff, Old St Mellons Hendre Road Rumney, Hendre Road 69 41 29 CARD 
 Cardiff, Old St Mellons Llaneirwg Way Old St Mellons 86 80 26 CARD 
 Cardiff, Old St Mellons Sanderling Drive Old St Mellons 95 49 29 10 CARD 
 Cardiff, Pentwyn Panasonic Pentwyn, Pentwyn Road 91 80 29 CARD 
 Cardiff, Pentwyn Pant Glas Pentwyn, Pentwyn Road 89 80 29 CARD 
 Cardiff, Pentwyn Pentwyn Park and Ride Pentwyn, Park and Ride Site 179 88 CARD 
 Cardiff, Pentwyn Post House Pentwyn, Pentwyn Road 91 80 29 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Caeglas Road Rumney 112 97 64 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Castlefield Centre Rumney CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Claremont Crescent Rumney, Newport Road 175 160 67 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Harris Avenue Rumney 254 176 116 14 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Hendre Road Rumney, Hendre Road 69 46 25 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Heron Road Rumney 254 176 116 14 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Highcroft Rumney, Newport Road 175 160 67 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Llanrumney Ave Rumney, Newport Road 208 168 95 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Manorbier Cres Rumney CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Nevin Crescent Rumney CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney New Road Rumney 117 97 64 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Oswestry Close Rumney CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Rhyl Road Rumney CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Rumney High Rumney, Newport Road 175 160 67 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Rumney Nursery Rumney 117 97 64 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney St Hilary Church Rumney 135 100 63 10 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney St Illtyds H S Rumney, Newport Road 176 160 67 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Tarwick Drive Rumney 69 46 29 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Taunton Crescent Rumney, Newport Road CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney The Mount Rumney, Newport Road 105 80 26 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Towyn Road Rumney 258 176 116 15 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Trowbridge Road Rumney 120 97 61 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Ty Coch Court Rumney 69 41 27 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Ty Fry Road Rumney 117 97 64 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Ty Mawr Road Rumney, Newport Road 327 267 156 17 CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Wentloog Road Rumney CARD 
 Cardiff, Rumney Witla Court Rumney, Newport Road 175 160 67 CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons Bishop Childs St Mellons 51 51 36 CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons Brookfield Drive St Mellons CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons Coleford Drive St Mellons 352 256 157 14 CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons Heritage Inn St Mellons 354 256 157 16 CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons Heritage Park St Mellons 354 256 157 16 CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons Llaneirwg Way St Mellons 180 121 70 14 CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons Matthysens Way St Mellons CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons Saffron Close St Mellons 50 51 12 CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons St Mellons Kwik Save St Mellons 304 205 121 14 CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons St Mellons Library St Mellons CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons St Mellons Police Station St Mellons 490 356 220 23 CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons St Mellons Tesco St Mellons, Tesco CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons Trowbridge Green St Mellons 71 54 38 CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons Willow Grove St Mellons 50 51 11 CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons Willowdene Way St Mellons 404 307 193 18 CARD 
 Cardiff, St Mellons Wyevale Garden Centre St Mellons CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Abergele Close Trowbridge, CARD 51 51 36 CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Abergele Road Trowbridge, CARD 51 51 36 CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Brynbala Way Trowbridge, CARD 139 84 51 CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Cemaes Crescent Trowbridge, CARD 20 CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Cemaes Way Trowbridge, CARD 139 84 51 CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Clos Gwlad Yr Haf Trowbridge, CARD 304 205 121 14 CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Crickhowell Road Trowbridge, CARD 305 205 121 15 CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Glan y Mor Road Trowbridge, CARD 139 84 51 CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Meadowlane School Trowbridge, CARD 304 205 121 14 CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Menai Way Trowbridge, CARD CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Pensarn Road Trowbridge, CARD CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Port Madoc Road Trowbridge, CARD 12 CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Trebanog Crescent Trowbridge, CARD 139 84 51 CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Trefaser Crescent Trowbridge, CARD CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Tresigin Road Trowbridge, CARD 189 135 87 CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Trowbridge Road Trowbridge, CARD 258 176 116 15 CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Willowbrook Drive Trowbridge, Willowbrook Drive CARD 
 Cardiff, Trowbridge Willowbrook Dv Trowbridge, Willowbrook Drive 352 256 157 14 CARD 
 Cardiff, Tyrwinch Road Cardiff CARD 
 Cardiff, Wentloog Corporate Industrial Park Parcel Force Cardiff, Wentloog Industrial Park CARD 
 Cardiff, Wentloog Corporate Industrial Park Wentloog Industrial Park Cardiff, Wentloog Industrial Park CARD 
The map below shows transport locations within 1 mile of '322716/180563'.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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