Transport Points

Transport Points is designed to locate transport facilities (bus stops, express coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district listed it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains) and the frequency of each of the transport services available.
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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) within 1 mile of '452635/319260' sorted by full name.
Click on the full name to get more details about that stop, including the ability to get details of other stops in the local area. Click on the link under Location or Area to get a listing of other stops in the geographic area.

You can also sort the list by any of the following items:
    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
  Full Name Area Buses (M-F) Buses (Sat) Buses (Sun) Services County   
 Leicester, Birstall Allington Drive Birstall, LEIC LEIC 
 Leicester, Birstall Johnson Road Birstall, LEIC 174 110 52 LEIC 
 Leicester, Birstall Spinney Rise Birstall, LEIC LEIC 
 Loughborough, Albany Street Loughborough, Alan Moss Road 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Althorpe Drive Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Ashby Square Loughborough 399 226 84 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Ashley Drive Loughborough, Forest Road 75 50 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Astra Zeneca Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Barrow Street Loughborough 414 264 90 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Baxter Gate Loughborough, Baxter Gate 255 164 44 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Beacon Bingo Loughborough 236 150 38 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Beacon Drive Loughborough 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Beacon Road Loughborough 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Beaumont Road Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Bedford Square Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Belton Road Loughborough, Derby Road 228 148 76 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Benscliffe Drive Loughborough, Benscliffe Drive 75 50 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Blackbrook Road Loughborough, Blackbrook Road 399 226 84 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Booth Wood Primary School Loughborough, Old Ashby Road 396 224 84 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Bottleacre Lane Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Briggs Road Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Burleigh College Loughborough, Burleigh College 69 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Burns Road Loughborough, Alan Moss Road 399 224 84 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Carington Street Loughborough, Knightthorpe Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Castledene Street Extension Shelthorpe LEIC 
 Loughborough, Charteris Close Loughborough, Braddon Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Chiswick Drive Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Clarence Street Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Community Centre Loughborough, Woodthorpe Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Computer Studies Loughborough, University Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Cothelstone Avenue Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Cross Hill Lane Loughborough 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Cumberland Road Loughborough, Ashby Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Deane Street Loughborough, Alan Moss Road 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Derby Road 3M Loughborough, Derby Road 162 110 76 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Derby Square Loughborough 162 104 76 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Derwent Drive Loughborough 75 50 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Devonshire Square Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Duncan Way Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Elaby Road Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Emmanuel Church Loughborough, Forest Road 78 50 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Epinal Way Loughborough, Alan Moss Road 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Farnham Road Loughborough 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Fennel Street Loughborough 558 332 160 11 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Forest Road Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Garendon Green Loughborough 333 184 84 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Garendon Road Loughborough, Alan Moss Road 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Gavin Drive Loughborough, Braddon Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Gimson House Loughborough, Ashby Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Gracedieu Road Loughborough 333 184 84 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Grafton Road Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Grammar School Loughborough, Grammar School 354 196 86 10 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Greenclose Lane Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Herrick Road Loughborough 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Hollywell Drive Loughborough 69 44 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Holywell Drive Loughborough 75 50 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Holywell Park Loughborough, Ashby Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Holywell Way Loughborough, New Ashby Road 13 11 11 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Hospital Loughborough, Hospital 333 184 84 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Howe Road Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Hurstwood Road Loughborough, Old Ashby Road 333 184 84 LEIC 
 Loughborough, John Storer House Loughborough 144 92 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Jubilee Drive Loughborough 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Kensington Avenue Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Kings Avenue Loughborough, Derby Road 162 108 76 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Kinross Crescent Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Kirkstone Drive Loughborough, Forest Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Knightthorpe Road Loughborough, Derby Road 159 108 76 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Lanesborough Court Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Leicester Road Loughborough 333 184 84 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Leopold Street Loughborough, Derby Road 228 148 76 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Linford Road Loughborough, Valley Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Loweswater Drive Loughborough 75 50 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Manor Drive Loughborough 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Mardale Way Loughborough 75 50 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Maxwell Drive Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Meadow Avenue Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Mechanical Engineering Loughborough, University Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Milton Street Loughborough, Knightthorpe Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Montague Drive Loughborough 75 50 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Nanpantan Road Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, New Ashby Road Loughborough, New Ashby Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Oaklands Avenue Loughborough, Forest Road 75 50 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Oliver Road Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Outwoods Drive Loughborough 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Outwoods Edge School Loughborough, Outwoods Edge School 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Pantain Road Loughborough, Valley Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Park Road Loughborough 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Parklands Drive Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Pilkington Library Loughborough, University Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Pultney Road Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Queens Road Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Radmoor Centre Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Rectory Road Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Regent Street Loughborough, Derby Road 228 148 84 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Registry Office Loughborough, Ashby Road 338 189 89 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Ring o Bells PH Loughborough, Knightthorpe Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, RNIB College Loughborough, RNIB College LEIC 
 Loughborough, Rupert Brooke Road Loughborough, Alan Moss Road 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Russell Street Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Schofield Road Loughborough, New Ashby Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Sharpley Road Loughborough 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Shelley Street Loughborough, Knightthorpe Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Southfields Park Loughborough, Leicester Road 351 196 86 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Spindle Road Loughborough 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Storer Road Loughborough, Ashby Road 333 184 84 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Students Union Loughborough, University Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Swan Street Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Tennyson Road Loughborough, Alan Moss Road 399 224 84 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Tesco Loughborough 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, The Food Box Loughborough, University Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, The Greyhound Loughborough 236 150 38 LEIC 
 Loughborough, The Rushes Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Thorpe Acre Road Thorpe Acre LEIC 
 Loughborough, Towpath Close Loughborough 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Tyler Avenue Loughborough, Alan Moss Road 66 42 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Tynedale Road Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Wallace Road Loughborough, Forest Road 78 50 LEIC 
 Loughborough, Willow Road Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Windsor Road Loughborough, Knightthorpe Road LEIC 
 Loughborough, Woodthorpe Road Loughborough, Woodthorpe Road LEIC 
 Sileby, Post Office Sileby 171 110 44 LEIC 
The map below shows transport locations within 1 mile of '452635/319260'.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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