Transport Points

Transport Points is designed to locate transport facilities (bus stops, express coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district listed it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains) and the frequency of each of the transport services available.
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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) within 1 mile of '456343/306141' sorted by full name.
Click on the full name to get more details about that stop, including the ability to get details of other stops in the local area. Click on the link under Location or Area to get a listing of other stops in the geographic area.

You can also sort the list by any of the following items:
    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
  Full Name Area Buses (M-F) Buses (Sat) Buses (Sun) Services County   
 Glenfield, Car Dealership Glenfield, LEIC 257 218 81 LEIC 
 Glenfield, County Hall Glenfield, LEIC 210 162 28 20 LEIC 
 Glenfield, Glenfield Frith Drive Glenfield, LEIC 99 93 13 LEIC 
 Glenfield, Nursery Glenfield, LEIC LEIC 
 Glenfield, Treaty Road Glenfield, LEIC 53 48 LEIC 
 Glenfield, Valiant Close Glenfield, LEIC 53 48 LEIC 
 Leicester, Amersham Road Leicester, Avebury Avenue 20 23 LECE 
 Leicester, Avebury Avenue Leicester, Anstey Lane 127 117 35 LECE 
 Leicester, Aysgarth Road Leicester 20 23 LECE 
 Leicester, Babingley Drive Leicester 63 64 21 LECE 
 Leicester, Beaumont Leys Amadis Road Beaumont Leys 329 287 135 18 LECE 
 Leicester, Beaumont Leys Baxters Close Beaumont Leys 44 41 21 LECE 
 Leicester, Beaumont Leys Beaumont Leys Leisure Centre Leicester, New Parks LECE 
 Leicester, Beaumont Leys Beauville Drive Beaumont Leys 398 333 135 13 LECE 
 Leicester, Beaumont Leys Boston Road Beaumont Leys 162 156 35 LECE 
 Leicester, Beaumont Leys Butterwick Drive Beaumont Leys 248 198 80 10 LECE 
 Leicester, Beaumont Leys Calver Hey Road Beaumont Leys 150 135 55 LECE 
 Leicester, Beaumont Leys Corbet Close Beaumont Leys 107 94 35 LECE 
 Leicester, Beaumont Leys Farrier Lane Beaumont Leys 248 198 80 10 LECE 
 Leicester, Beaumont Leys Gorse Hill Hospital Beaumont Leys, Gorse Hill Hospital 162 156 35 LECE 
 Leicester, Beaumont Leys Harris Road Beaumont Leys 69 45 LECE 
 Leicester, Beaumont Leys Water Centre Beaumont Leys LECE 
 Leicester, Beaumont Leys Witherdell Beaumont Leys 107 94 35 LECE 
 Leicester, Bembridge Road Leicester, Buckminster Road LECE 
 Leicester, Bradgate Street Leicester LECE 
 Leicester, Brading Road Leicester, Buckminster Road LECE 
 Leicester, Buckminster Road Leicester, Anstey Lane 127 117 35 LECE 
 Leicester, Burdett Way Leicester, Marwood Road 228 175 80 LECE 
 Leicester, Butterwick House Leicester 228 175 80 LECE 
 Leicester, Danbury Drive Leicester 44 41 21 LECE 
 Leicester, Dane Hills Ambrose Close Dane Hills 58 54 LECE 
 Leicester, Dane Hills Crawford Road Dane Hills 275 214 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Dane Hills Sandhurst Road Dane Hills 275 214 126 LECE 
 Leicester, English Martyrs School Leicester, English Martyrs School 107 94 35 LECE 
 Leicester, Eskdale Road Leicester 20 23 LECE 
 Leicester, Evington Hardwick Road Leicester, New Parks 19 LECE 
 Leicester, Eyres Monsell Featherstone Drive Leicester Frith 328 289 59 LECE 
 Leicester, Fosse Road Corner Leicester 211 162 28 21 LECE 
 Leicester, Frog Island Woodgate Frog Island 537 424 154 25 LECE 
 Leicester, Garland Crescent Leicester 210 162 28 20 LECE 
 Leicester, Gilroes Cemetery Leicester, Anstey Lane 107 94 35 LECE 
 Leicester, Glenfield Hospital Leicester, Glenfield Hospital 311 237 73 21 LECE 
 Leicester, Groby Road Leicester LECE 
 Leicester, Hallgate Drive Leicester 127 100 45 LECE 
 Leicester, Heacham Drive Leicester, Beaumont Leys Lane 20 23 LECE 
 Leicester, Leicester Frith Darlington Road Leicester Frith 210 162 28 20 LECE 
 Leicester, Leicester Frith Gilroes Cemetery Leicester Frith 211 162 28 21 LECE 
 Leicester, Leicester Frith Glenfrith Way Leicester Frith LECE 
 Leicester, Leicester Frith Great Meadow Road Leicester Frith 107 94 35 LECE 
 Leicester, Leicester Frith Heathley Park Drive Leicester Frith 211 162 28 21 LECE 
 Leicester, Leicester Frith Mary Road Leicester Frith 211 162 28 21 LECE 
 Leicester, Linney Road Leicester, Heacham Drive 44 41 21 LECE 
 Leicester, Little Wood Close Leicester 228 175 80 LECE 
 Leicester, Lomond Crescent Leicester, Heacham Drive 44 41 21 LECE 
 Leicester, Medina Road Leicester, Buckminster Road LECE 
 Leicester, Milverton Avenue Leicester, Avebury Avenue 20 23 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Adcock Road Leicester, New Parks LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Aikman Avenue Leicester, New Parks 121 75 45 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Aikman Close Leicester, New Parks 275 214 126 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Birds Nest Avenue Leicester, New Parks LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Bloxham Road Leicester, New Parks 19 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Brex Rise Leicester, New Parks 19 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Bringhurst Road Leicester, New Parks 19 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Charnor Road Leicester, New Parks 19 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Coates Avenue Leicester, New Parks 275 214 126 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Dillon Way Leicester, New Parks 19 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Fire Station Leicester, New Parks 327 262 126 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Frolesworth Road Leicester, New Parks 19 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Gillman Road Leicester, New Parks 52 48 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Glazebrook Road Leicester, New Parks 19 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Greencoat Road Leicester, New Parks 58 54 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Kay Road Leicester, New Parks 327 262 126 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Kemp Road Leicester, New Parks 102 75 45 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Knowles Road Leicester, New Parks 227 187 81 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Mossgate Leicester, New Parks 275 214 126 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Musson Road Leicester, New Parks LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks New Park House Leicester, New Parks 52 48 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks New Parks Way Leicester, New Parks 58 54 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Pindar Road Leicester, New Parks 275 214 126 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Social Club Leicester, New Parks 227 187 81 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Stenson Road Leicester, New Parks 19 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks Veterinary Surgery Leicester, New Parks 284 241 81 LECE 
 Leicester, New Parks West Gate School Leicester, New Parks 58 54 LECE 
 Leicester, Newfound Pool Beatrice Road Newfoundpool 276 214 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Newfound Pool Central Road Newfoundpool 328 262 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Newfound Pool Fosse Road North Newfoundpool 275 214 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Newfound Pool Pool Road Newfoundpool 295 214 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Newfound Pool Samson Road Newfoundpool 52 48 LECE 
 Leicester, Newfound Pool Swannington Road Newfoundpool 52 48 LECE 
 Leicester, Ravensbridge Drive Leicester LECE 
 Leicester, Rockley Road Leicester, Avebury Avenue 20 23 LECE 
 Leicester, Rossett Drive Leicester, Heacham Drive 44 41 21 LECE 
 Leicester, Snow Hill Leicester, Anstey Lane 127 117 35 LECE 
 Leicester, The Blackbird Leicester, Anstey Lane 127 117 35 LECE 
 Leicester, Western Park Christ The King School Western Park LECE 
 Leicester, Western Park Henley Road Western Park 275 214 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Western Park Letchworth Road Western Park 58 54 LECE 
 Leicester, Western Park Westfield Road Western Park 58 54 LECE 
 Leicester, Western Park Woodville Road Western Park 58 54 LECE 
The map below shows transport locations within 1 mile of '456343/306141'.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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