Transport Points

Transport Points is designed to locate transport facilities (bus stops, express coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district listed it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains) and the frequency of each of the transport services available.
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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) within 1 mile of '482902/213156' sorted by full name.
Click on the full name to get more details about that stop, including the ability to get details of other stops in the local area. Click on the link under Location or Area to get a listing of other stops in the geographic area.

You can also sort the list by any of the following items:
    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
  Full Name Area Buses (M-F) Buses (Sat) Buses (Sun) Services County   
 Aylesbury, Ambulance Station Roundabout Aylesbury 98 69 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Aylesbury Rail Station Aylesbury, Rail Station BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Barnard Crescent Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Barnsbury Avenue Aylesbury 23 10 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Bedgrove Brook Aylesbury, Tring Road 58 46 12 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Bedgrove Cam Mead Bedgrove 23 10 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Bedgrove Dorset Place Bedgrove 23 10 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Bedgrove Ingram Avenue Bedgrove 23 10 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Bedgrove Jansell Square Bedgrove BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Bedgrove Langdon Avenue Bedgrove BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Bedgrove Long Meadow Bedgrove 23 10 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Bedgrove Roundabout Bedgrove 58 46 12 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Bedgrove The Yeoman PH Bedgrove 23 10 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Bierton Road Aylesbury 32 26 12 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Broughton Avenue Aylesbury, Narbeth Drive 23 10 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Broughton Village Broughton Crossing Broughton, BUCK BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Buckingham Street Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Bus Station Aylesbury, Bus Station 297 204 45 23 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Camborne Avenue Aylesbury 48 22 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Cambridge Street Aylesbury 83 64 12 12 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Charmfield Road Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Chaucer Drive Aylesbury 48 22 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Chiltern Park Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Connaught Road Aylesbury 23 10 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Conway Close Turnfurlong BUCK 
 Aylesbury, County Hall Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Dalesford Road Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Douglas Road Aylesbury 51 37 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Drayton Road Aylesbury 117 79 36 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Earlswood Close Turnfurlong BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Eascote Road Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Eastfield Road Aylesbury, Narbeth Drive 23 10 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Elham Way Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Elm Farm Shops Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Exchange Street Aylesbury 409 305 93 31 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Fieldway Aylesbury 51 38 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Friarage Road Aylesbury 831 591 156 75 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Goodwin Road Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Grammar School Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Great Western Street Aylesbury 356 280 141 24 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Grecian Street Aylesbury, Tring Road 81 56 12 11 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Guttman Road Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Harvey Road Aylesbury, Mandeville Road 118 71 26 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Hastoe Park Aylesbury 51 38 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Hazell Avenue Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, High Street Aylesbury 408 305 93 30 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Kingsbrook Aylesbury, Bicester Road 44 36 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Kingsbury Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Lansdowne Road Aylesbury 117 79 36 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Limes Avenue Aylesbury, Tring Road 58 46 12 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Lister Green Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Lowmon Way Aylesbury, Orwell Drive 94 62 16 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Magistrates Court Aylesbury 18 17 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Malvern Road Aylesbury, Narbeth Drive 23 10 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Mandeville Road Aylesbury, Mandeville Road 118 71 26 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Meadow Way Aylesbury 51 38 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Morrisons Aylesbury 185 156 33 15 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Narbeth Drive Aylesbury, Narbeth Drive 23 10 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, New Street Aylesbury 470 347 109 51 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Police Station Aylesbury 48 22 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Poplar Road Aylesbury, Coppice Estate 51 38 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Prison Aylesbury, Prison 83 64 12 12 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Rail Station Aylesbury, Rail Station 694 505 108 60 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, RC Schools Aylesbury, St Joseph School BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Royal Bucks Hospital Aylesbury, Royal Bucks Hospital 164 135 61 22 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Rutherford Road Aylesbury 95 62 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Schools Coach Park Turnfurlong BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Simpson Place Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Southcourt Carrington Road Southcourt 95 62 16 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Southcourt Chestnut Crescent Southcourt 11 11 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Southcourt Hampden Gardens Southcourt 95 62 16 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Southcourt Hampden Road Southcourt BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Southcourt Old Stoke Road Southcourt BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Southcourt Paterson Road Southcourt BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Southcourt Penn Road Southcourt BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Southcourt Taylor Road Southcourt 11 11 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Southcourt The Steeplechase Southcourt 11 11 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Southcourt The Steeplechase PH Southcourt BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Southern Road Aylesbury, Bicester Road 164 135 61 22 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Southfield Road Aylesbury, Narbeth Drive 23 10 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Sports Club Aylesbury 48 22 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Stoke Mandeville Hospital Stoke Mandeville, Hospital 119 71 26 10 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Stoke Mandeville Hospital Main Gate Aylesbury 219 131 26 14 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Stoke Road Aylesbury 118 71 26 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, TA Centre Aylesbury, Oxford Road 330 217 43 18 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, The Britannia PH Aylesbury, Buckingham Road 253 173 40 22 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, The New Zealand PH Aylesbury, Buckingham Road 137 100 15 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, The Plough & Harrow PH Aylesbury 118 71 26 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, The Plough PH Aylesbury, Tring Road 58 46 12 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, The Weavers PH Aylesbury 83 64 12 12 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Tring Road Cemetery Aylesbury, Tring Road 81 56 12 11 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Tring Road Tesco Aylesbury 81 56 12 11 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Vale Park Aylesbury 51 32 10 10 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Waivers Way Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Walton Court Bedwyn Walk Aylesbury, Walton Court BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Walton Court Blackwater Drive Aylesbury, Walton Court 94 62 16 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Walton Court Blyth Close Aylesbury, Walton Court 94 62 16 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Walton Court Church Square Aylesbury, Walton Court 95 62 16 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Walton Court Cottesloe Road Aylesbury, Walton Court BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Walton Court Grenville Gardens Aylesbury, Walton Court BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Walton Court Hannon Road Aylesbury, Walton Court 94 62 16 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Walton Court Mandeville School Aylesbury, Walton Court Mandeville School 95 62 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Walton Court Mandeville School Main Gate Aylesbury, Walton Court Mandeville School 94 62 31 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Walton Court Orwell Drive Aylesbury, Walton Court 94 62 16 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Walton Street Aylesbury 166 93 29 11 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Walton The Pond Aylesbury, Walton BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Webster Road Turnfurlong BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Wendover Road Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Wendover Way Aylesbury, Grange School BUCK 
 Aylesbury, West Street Aylesbury, Bicester Road 164 135 61 22 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, White Hill Aylesbury, Oxford Road 502 374 113 57 BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Wingate Walk Aylesbury BUCK 
 Aylesbury, Winterton Drive Aylesbury BUCK 
 Stoke Mandeville, Silver Birch Way Stoke Mandeville BUCK 
The map below shows transport locations within 1 mile of '482902/213156'.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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