Transport Points

Transport Points helps to find transport facilities (bus stops, express coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district listed it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains), the frequency of each of the services, Google maps of the area and the local postcode.
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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) within 1 mile of '559388/101324' sorted by full name.
Click on the full name to get more details about that stop, including the ability to get details of other stops in the local area. Click on the link under Location or Area to get a listing of other stops in the geographic area.

You can also sort the list by any of the following items:
    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
  Full Name Area Buses (M-F) Buses (Sat) Buses (Sun) Services County   
 Eastbourne, Downside Beechy Avenue Eastbourne, Downside 127 114 62 15 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside Beverington Road Eastbourne, Downside ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside Bracken Road Eastbourne, Downside 16 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside Burrow Down Eastbourne, Downside 16 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside Cavalry Crescent Eastbourne, Downside 16 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside Cavendish School Eastbourne, Downside 51 43 17 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside Central Avenue Eastbourne, Downside 76 71 42 12 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside Cobbold Avenue Eastbourne, Downside ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside Command Road Eastbourne, Downside ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside Filching Road Eastbourne, Downside 16 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside Hill Road Eastbourne, Downside 16 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside Northiam Road Eastbourne, Downside 117 111 62 11 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside Ocklynge School Eastbourne, Downside 76 71 31 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside Palesgate Way Eastbourne, Downside 16 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside Rodmill Drive Top Eastbourne, Downside 117 105 49 23 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside St Elisabeths Church Eastbourne, Downside 76 71 31 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside The Crescent Eastbourne, Downside 16 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Downside Victoria Drive Eastbourne, Downside 51 43 17 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Brassey Parade Eastbourne, Hampden Park 78 72 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Brodrick Close Eastbourne, Hampden Park 11 10 24 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Brodrick Road Eastbourne, Hampden Park 53 48 36 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Dene Drive Eastbourne, Hampden Park ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Freeman Avenue Eastbourne, Hampden Park 78 72 24 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Frenchgate Road Eastbourne, Hampden Park 109 92 30 22 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Friston Avenue Eastbourne, Hampden Park ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Hampden Avenue Eastbourne, Hampden Park 11 10 24 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Hampden Park (Sussex) Rail Station Eastbourne, Hampden Park Rail Station ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Hampden Park Rail Station Eastbourne, Hampden Park Rail Station ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Kings Drive Eastbourne, Hampden Park 121 115 36 11 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Knoll Crescent Eastbourne, Hampden Park 109 91 29 21 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Lindfield Road Eastbourne, Hampden Park 113 107 19 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Meadowlands Avenue Eastbourne, Hampden Park 113 107 36 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Mountfield Road Eastbourne, Hampden Park 112 94 31 24 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Park Gates Eastbourne, Hampden Park 62 56 36 11 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Pulborough Avenue Eastbourne, Hampden Park 78 72 24 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Sackville Road Eastbourne, Hampden Park 11 11 30 10 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Sainsburys Eastbourne, Hampden Park Sainsburys 41 24 17 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Stanmer Drive Eastbourne, Hampden Park 121 115 19 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park Sussex Downs College Eastbourne, Hampden Park 19 11 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park The Broadway Eastbourne, Hampden Park 113 107 36 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Hampden Park The Hydneye Eastbourne, Hampden Park 112 96 31 25 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Lower Willingdon Henfield Road Lower Willingdon ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Lower Willingdon Lindfield Road Lower Willingdon ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Old Town Albert Parade Eastbourne, Old Town 47 43 28 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Old Town Broomfield Street Eastbourne, Old Town 117 111 62 11 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Ratton School Eastbourne, Ratton School ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Arundel Road Eastbourne, Upperton ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Ashburnham Road Eastbourne, Upperton ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Burton Road Eastbourne, Upperton 80 71 29 13 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Chalvington Road Eastbourne, Upperton ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton District General Hospital Eastbourne, Upperton District General Hospital 195 174 75 40 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Enys Road Eastbourne, Upperton 80 71 29 13 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Eridge Road Eastbourne, Upperton ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Highland Lodge Eastbourne, Upperton ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Hurst Arms Eastbourne, Upperton 75 62 34 27 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Kings Avenue Eastbourne, Upperton 80 71 29 13 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Long Acre Close Eastbourne, Upperton 51 43 17 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Park Avenue Eastbourne, Upperton 186 173 56 30 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Prideaux Road Eastbourne, Upperton ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Rutland Close Eastbourne, Upperton 120 105 49 31 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Selmeston Road Eastbourne, Upperton 183 169 75 40 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Selsfield Close Eastbourne, Upperton ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Selwyn Road Eastbourne, Upperton 67 54 34 25 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Shops Eastbourne, Upperton ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton St Annes Road Eastbourne, Upperton ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton St Clements Court Eastbourne, Upperton ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton St Thomas A Becket School Eastbourne, Upperton 80 71 29 13 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton The Hawthorns Eastbourne, Upperton 88 79 29 15 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Tovey Close Eastbourne, Upperton ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Upperton Westfield Road Eastbourne, Upperton ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Willingdon Chalk Farm Hotel Willingdon ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Willingdon Church Street Willingdon 142 126 63 27 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Willingdon Coopers Hill Willingdon 68 57 36 27 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Willingdon Garnet Drive Willingdon 80 71 31 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Willingdon Golf Club Willingdon 76 71 31 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Willingdon Post Office Willingdon ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Willingdon Trees Acacia Road Willingdon Trees 44 40 14 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Willingdon Trees Elderwood Close Willingdon Trees 84 78 24 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Willingdon Trees Mulberry Close Willingdon Trees 78 72 24 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Willingdon Walnut Tree Walk Willingdon ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Willingdon Wedderburn Road Willingdon ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Willingdon Wish Hill Willingdon 85 75 36 15 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Willingdon Woodland Avenue Willingdon 67 58 39 28 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Winkney Farm Dovedale Gardens Eastbourne, Winkney Farm 100 83 13 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Winkney Farm Percival Road Eastbourne, Winkney Farm 98 81 12 ESUS 
 Eastbourne, Winkney Farm Tugwell Road Eastbourne, Winkney Farm 100 83 13 ESUS 
The map below shows transport locations within 1 mile of '559388/101324'.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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