Transport Points

Transport Points is designed to locate transport facilities (bus stops, express coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district listed it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains) and the frequency of each of the transport services available.
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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) within 1 mile of '574811/163634' sorted by numeber of different services.
Click on the full name to get more details about that stop, including the ability to get details of other stops in the local area. Click on the link under Location or Area to get a listing of other stops in the geographic area.

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    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
  Full Name Area Buses (M-F) Buses (Sat) Buses (Sun) Services County   
 Rochester, Horsted Way Rochester, MEDW 520 260 104 14 MEDW 
 Blue Bell Hill Village, Keefe Close Bluebell Hill 170 52 12 MEDW 
 Blue Bell Hill Village, Bridgewood Roundabout Bluebell Hill 246 66 11 MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Village Centre Walderslade, MEDW 634 426 10 MEDW 
 Chatham, Davis Estate Tiger Moth PH Chatham, Davis Estate 524 260 104 10 MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Princes Avenue Walderslade, MEDW 114 64 MEDW 
 Blue Bell Hill Village, Common Road Bluebell Hill 134 44 MEDW 
 Blue Bell Hill Village, Upper Bell Bluebell Hill 134 44 MEDW 
 Walderslade, Catkin Close Walderslade, MEDW 142 64 MEDW 
 Walderslade, Tunbury Avenue Walderslade, MEDW 142 64 MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Walderslade Primary School Walderslade, MEDW 64 12 MEDW 
 Chatham, Davis Estate Watson Avenue Chatham, Davis Estate 464 260 104 MEDW 
 Chatham, Asda Chatham, MEDW 464 260 104 MEDW 
 Walderslade, Bridgewood Manor Walderslade, MEDW 36 12 MEDW 
 Blue Bell Hill Village, Car Park Bluebell Hill 102 MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Kenwood Avenue Walderslade, MEDW 110 64 MEDW 
 Walderslade, Celestine Close Walderslade, MEDW 86 52 MEDW 
 Walderslade, Galena Close Walderslade, MEDW 86 52 MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Snodhurst Avenue Walderslade, MEDW 32 12 MEDW 
 Chatham, Davis Estate Hook Close Chatham, Davis Estate 30 MEDW 
 Chatham, Davis Estate Greenway Chatham, Davis Estate 30 MEDW 
 Chatham, Davis Estate Amethyst Avenue Chatham, Davis Estate 30 MEDW 
 Chatham, Davis Estate Horsted Primary School Chatham, Davis Estate 30 MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Barrington Close Walderslade, MEDW 20 12 MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Poachers Pocket Greenacres, MEDW 558 402 MEDW 
 Chatham, Davis Estate Highview Drive Chatham, Davis Estate 30 MEDW 
 Chatham, Davis Estate Amethyst Avenue East Chatham, Davis Estate 30 MEDW 
 Chatham, Davis Estate Concord Avenue Middle Chatham, Davis Estate 30 MEDW 
 Chatham, Davis Estate Vale Drive Play Area Chatham, Davis Estate 30 MEDW 
 Chatham, Davis Estate Field Close Chatham, Davis Estate 30 MEDW 
 Chatham, Davis Estate Hurst Close Chatham, Davis Estate 30 MEDW 
 Walderslade, Taddington Wood Lane Walderslade, MEDW MEDW 
 Walderslade, Robin Hood Lane Lower Walderslade, MEDW MEDW 
 Chatham, Davis Estate Holland Road Shops Chatham, Davis Estate 30 MEDW 
 Chatham, Princes Park Resolution Close Princes Park, MEDW 84 52 MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Sussex Drive Walderslade, MEDW MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Weeds Wood Road junction Walderslade, MEDW MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Tunbury Avenue Walderslade, MEDW MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Oaklands Infants School Walderslade, MEDW 16 12 MEDW 
 Chatham, Weeds Wood Silverweed Road Weedswood 552 402 MEDW 
 Chatham, Wayfield Silverbank Wayfield 12 MEDW 
 Chatham, Wayfield Cherbourg Crescent Wayfield 552 402 MEDW 
 Chatham, Wayfield Burma Way Bottom Wayfield 552 402 MEDW 
 Rochester, Warren Wood Medway Gurdwara Warren Wood 90 28 MEDW 
 Rochester, Warren Wood Rochester Airport Industrial Estate Rochester, Airport Industrial Estate 90 28 MEDW 
 Chatham, Wayfield Tobruk Way Wayfield 552 402 MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Sherwood Oak Walderslade, MEDW MEDW 
 Chatham, Weeds Wood York Avenue Weedswood 552 402 MEDW 
 Chatham, Weeds Wood The Woodsman Public House Weedswood 552 402 MEDW 
 Chatham, Weeds Wood Larkspur Road Weedswood 552 402 MEDW 
 Chatham, Weeds Wood Sorrell Road Weedswood 552 402 MEDW 
 Chatham, Weeds Wood Weeds Wood Road Weedswood 16 12 MEDW 
 Chatham, Weeds Wood Amanda Close Weedswood 552 402 MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Longhurst Drive Walderslade, MEDW 16 12 MEDW 
 Walderslade, Foresters Close Walderslade, MEDW 16 12 MEDW 
 Walderslade, Longhurst Drive Walderslade, MEDW 552 402 MEDW 
 Walderslade, York Avenue Victoria Road Walderslade, MEDW 552 402 MEDW 
 Walderslade, Beechen Bank Road Middle Walderslade, MEDW MEDW 
 Walderslade, Beechen Bank Road Walderslade, MEDW MEDW 
 Chatham, Lordswood Tunbury Ave Longhurst Drive Lords Wood, MEDW MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade York Ave Victoria Road Walderslade, MEDW MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Manor Gardens Walderslade, MEDW MEDW 
 Chatham, Weeds Wood Sindal Shaw House Weedswood MEDW 
 Chatham, Weeds Wood Valerian Close Weedswood MEDW 
 Chatham, Weeds Wood King George Road Weedswood MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Longdown House Walderslade, MEDW MEDW 
 Chatham, Wayfield Burma Way Top Wayfield MEDW 
 Chatham, Wayfield Malta Avenue Wayfield MEDW 
 Chatham, Weeds Wood Gorse Avenue Weedswood MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade Harptree Drive Walderslade, MEDW MEDW 
 Chatham, Davis Estate Hillview Chatham, Davis Estate MEDW 
 Rochester, Horsted Park and Ride site Horsted, Park and Ride Site MEDW 
The map below shows transport locations within 1 mile of '574811/163634'.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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