Transport Points

Transport Points is designed to locate transport facilities (bus stops, express coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district listed it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains) and the frequency of each of the transport services available.
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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) within 1 mile of '7/0' sorted by full name.
Click on the full name to get more details about that stop, including the ability to get details of other stops in the local area. Click on the link under Location or Area to get a listing of other stops in the geographic area.

You can also sort the list by any of the following items:
    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
  Full Name Area Buses (M-F) Buses (Sat) Buses (Sun) Services County   
 Asfordby, Klondyke Way Estates Asfordby LEIC 
 Barnsdale Hill, Cottesmore Road Barnsdale Hill RUTL 
 Barnsdale Hill, Rutland Falconry Centre Barnsdale Hill RUTL 
 Barwell, George Ward Court Stoke Golding LEIC 
 Branston, Knipton Turn Branston, LEIC LEIC 
 Branston, The Rock Knipton LINC 
 Brentingby, St Marys Church Brentingby 99 68 LEIC 
 Brooksby, Agricultural College Brooksby LEIC 
 Bruntingthorpe, Rose Cottage Bruntingthorpe LEIC 
 Burton Overy, Post Office Burton Overy LEIC 
 Carlton, Main Street Carlton, LEIC 90 60 LEIC 
 Chadwell, Chadwell Turn Chadwell, LEIC LEIC 
 Cropston Cropston LEIC 
 Croxton Kerrial, Lilac Cottage Croxton Kerrial LINC 
 Croxton Kerrial, Peacock Inn Croxton Kerrial 81 52 LINC 
 Croxton Kerrial, Saltby Crossroads Croxton Kerrial LINC 
 Dadlington, Stoke Lane Dadlington LEIC 
 Earl Shilton, St Peters School Earl Shilton LEIC 
 Earl Shilton, Stoneycroft Road Earl Shilton LEIC 
 Earl Shilton, The Plough Earl Shilton LEIC 
 Empingham, Crossroads Empingham 53 25 RUTL 
 Enderby, Next Enderby 16 LEIC 
 Enderby, Next HQ Enderby LEIC 
 Glenfield, Manor Farm Way Glenfield, LEIC LEIC 
 Glenfield, Victor Road Glenfield, LEIC LEIC 
 Glenfield, Whitesand Close Glenfield, LEIC LEIC 
 Goadby, Parish Noticeboard Goadby LEIC 
 Great Bowden, Upper Green Place Great Bowden LEIC 
 Great Easton, Cross Bank Great Easton, LEIC LEIC 
 Great Glen, Ashby Rise Great Glen LEIC 
 Great Glen, St Cuthberts Church Cemetery Great Glen LEIC 
 Great Glen, Stackley Road Great Glen LEIC 
 Griffydam, Primary School Griffydam LEIC 
 Halstead, Salisbury Arms Halstead, LEIC LEIC 
 Hinckley, Ferness Road Hinckley LEIC 
 Hinckley, Strathmore Road Hinckley LEIC 
 Holwell, Main Street Holwell, LEIC LEIC 
 Holwell, Nursery Lane Holwell, LEIC LEIC 
 Hungarton, Main Street Hungarton LEIC 
 Husbands Bosworth, Primary School Husbands Bosworth NHAM 
 Kirby Muxloe, Garfit Road Kirby Muxloe LEIC 
 Kirkby Mallory, Church Road Kirkby Mallory LEIC 
 Kirkby Mallory, Main Street Kirkby Mallory LEIC 
 Leesthorpe, Alpine Cottages Leesthorpe LEIC 
 Leicester Forest East, Forest House Lane Leicester, Forest East LEIC 
 Leicester Forest West, Desford Crossroads Leicester, Forest West LEIC 
 Leicester, Aylestone Park Hill Drive Aylestone LEIC 
 Leicester, Beaumont Leys Blue Gates Road Beaumont Leys LECE 
 Leicester, Beaumont Leys The Riding Beaumont Leys LECE 
 Leicester, Belgrave Belgrave Hall Belgrave, LECE LECE 
 Leicester, Belgrave St Patrick School Belgrave, St Patricks School LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Braunstone Crossroads Braunstone, Braunstone Lane LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Camville Road Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Emerson Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Freeboard Road Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Larch Grove Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Meridian Leisure Park Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone St Marys Avenue Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Wardens Walk Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Woodcote Road Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Churchward Avenue Leicester, Beaumont Leys Lane LECE 
 Leicester, Collett Road Leicester, Beaumont Leys Lane LECE 
 Leicester, De Montfort Street Leicester LECE 
 Leicester, Dover Street Leicester LECE 
 Leicester, Eastern Boulevard Leicester LECE 
 Leicester, Eastgates H7 Leicester LECE 
 Leicester, Evington Judgemeadow School Evington, LECE LECE 
 Leicester, Evington Midway Road Evington, LECE LECE 
 Leicester, Granby Street Leicester LECE 
 Leicester, Grand Hotel Leicester LECE 
 Leicester, Greengate Lane Leicester LECE 
 Leicester, Hamilton Maidenhead Avenue Hamilton, LECE LECE 
 Leicester, High Street Leicester LECE 
 Leicester, Humberstone Garden Suburb Elstree Avenue Humberstone Garden Suburb LECE 
 Leicester, Humberstone Garden Suburb St Josephs School Humberstone Garden Suburb LECE 
 Leicester, Humberstone Gate Leicester, Humberstone Gate 282 166 46 LECE 
 Leicester, Leicester Frith Water Centre Leicester Frith LECE 
 Leicester, Lime Grove Leicester LECE 
 Leicester, Mosh Nightclub Leicester LECE 
 Leicester, Riverside College Leicester, Riverside College LECE 
 Leicester, Sandacre Street Leicester LECE 
 Leicester, South Knighton Shanklin Drive South Knighton, LECE LECE 
 Leicester, Southfields Countinghouse Road Southfields, LECE LECE 
 Leicester, Southfields Regent Road Southfields, LECE 302 126 22 LECE 
 Leicester, Spencefield Chatteris Avenue Spencefield 579 256 106 LECE 
 Leicester, Spencefield Davenport Road Spencefield LECE 
 Leicester, Spencefield Downing Drive Spencefield LECE 
 Leicester, Spencefield Judgemeadow College Grounds Evington, Judgemeadow College LECE 
 Leicester, Spencefield St Pauls School Spencefield, St Pauls School LECE 
 Leicester, Spinney Hills Police Station Spinney Hills LECE 
 Leicester, St Nicholas Circle Leicester, St Nicholas Circle 174 10 LECE 
 Leicester, Stamford Street Leicester LECE 
 Leicester, Stoneygate Charles Frears Campus Stoneygate, LECE LECE 
 Leicester, West End Walkers Stadium West End, LECE LECE 
 Leicester, Wiltshire Road Leicester, Wiltshire Road LECE 
 Leire, Leire Lane Leire LEIC 
 Loughborough, High School Loughborough, High School LEIC 
 Loughborough, High Street Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Loughborough Rail Station Loughborough, Rail Station LEIC 
 Loughborough, Wards End Tour Loughborough LEIC 
 Loughborough, Woodhouse Eaves Beacon Hill tour Woodhouse Eaves LEIC 
 Lowesby, School Lowesby LEIC 
 Lutterworth, Chestnut Avenue Lutterworth LEIC 
 Lutterworth, Lilac Drive Lutterworth LEIC 
 Market Bosworth, Terminus Market Bosworth LEIC 
 Market Harborough, Caxton Street Market Harborough 36 24 LEIC 
 Market Harborough, Patrick Street Market Harborough 39 24 LEIC 
 Markfield, Mayflower Court Markfield LEIC 
 Medbourne, Marlow Court Medbourne, LEIC LEIC 
 Medbourne, Village Hall Medbourne, LEIC LEIC 
 Melton Mowbray, Balmoral Road Melton Mowbray LEIC 
 Melton Mowbray, Brocklehurst Road Melton Mowbray LEIC 
 Melton Mowbray, Cedar Drive Melton Mowbray LEIC 
 Melton Mowbray, Grove Primary School Melton Mowbray LEIC 
 Melton Mowbray, Highfield Avenue Melton Mowbray LEIC 
 Melton Mowbray, John Ferneley High School Melton Mowbray LEIC 
 Melton Mowbray, Limes Avenue Melton Mowbray 33 20 LEIC 
 Melton Mowbray, Lynton Road Melton Mowbray LEIC 
 Melton Mowbray, Morley Close Melton Mowbray LEIC 
 Melton Mowbray, Palmerston Road Melton Mowbray LEIC 
 Melton Mowbray, St Francis RC Primary School Melton Mowbray 22 12 LEIC 
 Melton Mowbray, Thames Drive Melton Mowbray LEIC 
 Melton Mowbray, Torrance Drive Melton Mowbray LEIC 
 Melton Mowbray, West Avenue Melton Mowbray LEIC 
 Melton Mowbray, Winster Crescent Melton Mowbray LEIC 
 Nailstone, The Oval Nailstone LEIC 
 Narborough, District Council Offices Narborough, LEIC LEIC 
 Nether Broughton, Chapel Lane Nether Broughton LEIC 
 Nether Broughton, Hecadek Lane Nether Broughton LEIC 
 Newton Harcourt, The Old Farm Newton Harcourt LEIC 
 Newtown Linford, Bradgate Tour Newtown Linford LEIC 
 Newtown Linford, Hunts Hill Tour Newtown Linford LEIC 
 Normanton, Village Normanton, LINC LINC 
 Oadby, Bankart Avenue Oadby LEIC 
 Oadby, Beaufort Way Oadby 78 47 18 LEIC 
 Oadby, Derwent Walk Oadby LEIC 
 Oadby, Farm World Oadby LEIC 
 Oadby, Hursley Close Oadby LEIC 
 Oadby, Launde Road Oadby LEIC 
 Oadby, Leicester Racecourse Park and Ride Oadby, Racecourse Park and Ride Site LEIC 
 Oadby, Ludlow Close Oadby LEIC 
 Oadby, Manor High School Oadby LEIC 
 Oadby, Park Crescent Oadby LEIC 
 Oadby, Pipistrelle Way Oadby LEIC 
 Oadby, The Blues Oadby LEIC 
 Oadby, Woodfield Road Oadby LEIC 
 Odstone, Hall Lane Odstone LEIC 
 Orton on the Hill, Church Orton on the Hill LEIC 
 Orton on the Hill, Main Street Orton on the Hill LEIC 
 Peatling Magna, Brookhill Farm Peatling Magna LEIC 
 Peatling Parva, Beech Tree Cottage Peatling Parva LEIC 
 Peckleton, Main Street Peckleton LEIC 
 Peckleton, Peckleton Common Peckleton LEIC 
 Ragdale, Hoby Road Ragdale LEIC 
 Ragdale, Ragdale Hall Ragdale LEIC 
 Ratby, Dane Hill Ratby LEIC 
 Ratcliffe on the Wreake, Slip Road Ratcliffe on the Wreake LEIC 
 Rearsby, Brookside Rearsby 117 72 LEIC 
 Rearsby, Gaddesby Lane Rearsby LEIC 
 Rearsby, Post Office Rearsby LEIC 
 Rotherby, Gadesby Lane Rotherby LEIC 
 Saddington, North Street Saddington LEIC 
 Saddington, Weir Road Saddington LEIC 
 Saltby, Back Street Saltby LINC 
 Saltby, Bus Depot Saltby LINC 
 Saltby, Church Saltby LINC 
 Sapcote, Harecroft Crescent Sapcote LEIC 
 Scalford, King Arms Scalford LEIC 
 Scraptoft, Acre Close Scraptoft LEIC 
 Scraptoft, Thurnby Halls of Residence Scraptoft LEIC 
 Sewstern, Blue Dog Sewstern LINC 
 Shackerstone, Shakerstone Rail Station (Battlefield Line) Shackerstone, Rail Station LEIC 
 Shangton, Care Village Shangton LEIC 
 Shearsby, Church Lane Shearsby LEIC 
 Shearsby, Mill House Shearsby LEIC 
 Shenton, Battlefield Line Railway Shenton LEIC 
 Shenton, Sibson Lane Shenton LEIC 
 Sibson, Atherstone Road Sibson, LEIC LEIC 
 South Kilworth, North Kilworth Road South Kilworth LEIC 
 Sproxton, The Green Sproxton, LEIC LEIC 
 Stanton under Bardon, Horsepool Grange Stanton Under Bardon LEIC 
 Stanton under Bardon, Preston Close Stanton Under Bardon LEIC 
 Stapleford, Park Gates Stapleford, LEIC LEIC 
 Sutton Cheney, Hercules Inn Sutton Cheney LEIC 
 Swinford, Chequers PH Swinford, LEIC LEIC 
 Swinford, High Street Swinford, LEIC LEIC 
 Thorpe Arnold, Twinlakes Park Thorpe Astley, Twinlakes Park LEIC 
 Thrussington, Hoby Road Thrussington LEIC 
 Thurmaston, Dukes Close Thurmaston LECE 
 Thurmaston, Ivydale Road Thurmaston LECE 
 Thurmaston, Nursery Close Thurmaston LECE 
 Thurnby, Leas Close Thurnby LEIC 
 Tur Langton, Bulls Head Tur Langton LEIC 
 Ullesthorpe, Ivydales Garage Ullesthorpe LEIC 
 Wartnaby, Church Farm Wartnaby LEIC 
 Welham, Weston Road Welham, LEIC LEIC 
 Whitwell, Sykes Lane Whitwell, RUTL RUTL 
 Whitwell, Visitor Centre Whitwell, RUTL RUTL 
 Whitwick, Parsonwood Hill School Whitwick LEIC 
 Wigston, South Wigston Anglesey Road South Wigston LECE 
 Wigston, South Wigston Baldwin Avenue South Wigston LECE 
 Wigston, South Wigston Glamorgan Avenue South Wigston LECE 
 Wigston, South Wigston Lansdowne Grove South Wigston 159 78 LECE 
 Wigston, South Wigston Norfolk Road South Wigston LECE 
 Wigston, South Wigston Station Street Surgery South Wigston LECE 
 Wigston, Wigston Magna Estoril Avenue Wigston Magna LEIC 
 Wigston, Wigston Magna Grasmere Road Wigston Magna LEIC 
 Wigston, Wigston Magna Hayes Road Wigston Magna LEIC 
 Wigston, Wigston Magna Long Street Wigston Magna LEIC 
 Wigston, Wigston Magna Mere Road Wigston Magna LEIC 
 Willoughby Waterleys, Manor Farm Willoughby Waterleys LEIC 
 Witherley, Church Road Witherley LEIC 
 Wyfordby, Woodbine Farm Wyfordby LEIC 
 Wymondham, Berkley Arms Wymondham, LEIC LEIC 
The map below shows transport locations within 1 mile of '7/0'.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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