Transport Points

Transport Points is designed to locate transport facilities (bus stops, express coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district listed it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains) and the frequency of each of the transport services available.
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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) which contain 'Bolton' sorted by full name.
Click on the full name to get more details about that stop, including the ability to get details of other stops in the local area. Click on the link under Location or Area to get a listing of other stops in the geographic area.

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    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
  Full Name Area Buses (M-F) Buses (Sat) Buses (Sun) Services County   
 Abbey Village, East View Terrace Abbey Village 18 13 20 LANC 
 Abbey Village, Post Office Abbey Village 17 12 LANC 
 Abbey Village, Royal Hotel Abbey Village 18 13 20 LANC 
 Abbey Village, School Abbey Village, School 18 13 20 LANC 
 Abbey Village, Stanworth Terrace Abbey Village 18 13 20 LANC 
 Adlington, Elephant and Castle Adlington, LANC 86 65 29 LANC 
 Adlington, Rothwell Road Adlington, LANC 86 65 29 LANC 
 Anderton, Anderton Cottages Adlington, Anderton 86 65 29 LANC 
 Anderton, Bolton Road Adlington, Anderton 85 63 28 LANC 
 Anderton, Taylors Garage Adlington, Anderton LANC 
 Ashton In Makerfield, Bolton Road Ashton in Makerfield 202 161 75 MANC 
 Ashton In Makerfield, Bryn Road South Ashton in Makerfield MANC 
 Ashton In Makerfield, Stubshaw Cross Bolton Road/Conway Road Stubshaw Cross 59 49 25 MANC 
 Ashton In Makerfield, Stubshaw Cross Bolton Road/Golborne Road Stubshaw Cross 59 49 24 MANC 
 Ashton In Makerfield, Stubshaw Cross Bolton Road/Riding Lane Stubshaw Cross 59 49 25 MANC 
 Ashton In Makerfield, Stubshaw Cross Bolton Road/St Wilfreds Church Stubshaw Cross 40 28 25 MANC 
 Ashton In Makerfield, Stubshaw Cross Bolton Road/Stubshaw Cross Stubshaw Cross 59 49 25 MANC 
 Ashton In Makerfield, Stubshaw Cross Conway Road Stubshaw Cross MANC 
 Ashton In Makerfield, Stubshaw Cross Golborne Road/Bolton Road Stubshaw Cross 143 112 51 MANC 
 Ashton In Makerfield, Stubshaw Cross Riding Lane Stubshaw Cross MANC 
 Atherton Atherton MANC 
 Atherton, Bolton Old Road Atherton MANC 
 Atherton, Bolton Old Road/Coach Street Atherton MANC 
 Atherton, Bolton Road/Kwiksave Atherton MANC 
 Atherton, Bolton Road/Netto Atherton 231 202 82 MANC 
 Atherton, Church Street/Bolton Road Atherton 231 202 94 MANC 
 Atherton, Hag Fold Bolton Road/Bolton Old Road Hag Fold 231 202 82 MANC 
 Atherton, Hag Fold Bolton Road/Car Bank Street Hag Fold 231 202 82 MANC 
 Atherton, Hag Fold Bolton Road/Marlborough Road Hag Fold 209 184 82 MANC 
 Atherton, Hag Fold Carr Bank Street/Bolton Road Hag Fold MANC 
 Atherton, Hag Fold Newbrook Road/Bolton Boundary Hag Fold 209 184 82 MANC 
 Atherton, Hag Fold St Philips School Hag Fold MANC 
 Atherton, High Street/Alder Street Atherton MANC 
 Atherton, Schofield Lane/Bolton Boundary Atherton 43 43 13 MANC 
 Atherton, York Street Atherton MANC 
 Banbury, Bolton Road Banbury 152 121 31 10 OXFO 
 Bank Top, Ashworth Lane/Eleanor Street Bank Top, MANC MANC 
 Bank Top, Ashworth Lane/Prestbury Road Bank Top, MANC 12 12 11 MANC 
 Bank Top, Ashworth Lane/Thornham Drive Bank Top, MANC 12 12 11 MANC 
 Bank Top, Ashworth Lane/Whitegate Drive Bank Top, MANC 12 12 11 MANC 
 Bank Top, Parkgate Drive Bank Top, MANC MANC 
 Bank Top, Prestbury Road Bank Top, MANC MANC 
 Bank Top, Sharples Hall Drive/Crundale Road Bank Top, MANC MANC 
 Bank Top, Sharples Hall Drive/The Oaks School Bank Top, MANC 12 12 11 MANC 
 Bank Top, Sharples High School Bank Top, MANC MANC 
 Bank Top, Thornham Drive Bank Top, MANC 11 MANC 
 Bank Top, Thornham Drive/Hadleigh Close Bank Top, MANC MANC 
 Bank Top, Thornham Drive/Lakenheath Drive Bank Top, MANC 12 12 11 MANC 
 Bank Top, Whitegate Drive Bank Top, MANC MANC 
 Bank Top, Whitegate Drive/Ashworth Lane Bank Top, MANC MANC 
 Barden, Barden Craft Bolton Abbey, Barden NYOR 
 Barden, Barden Tower Bolton Abbey, Barden NYOR 
 Barden, Scale Bolton Abbey, Barden NYOR 
 Barden, Strid Wood Bolton Abbey, Barden NYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Angel Street Bolton Upon Dearne 35 29 15 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Bolton on Dearne Rail Station Bolton Upon Dearne, Rail Station SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Caernarvon Crescent Bolton Upon Dearne 26 24 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Canberra Rise Bolton Upon Dearne 25 22 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Carr Head Lane Bolton Upon Dearne SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Carrfield Lane Bolton Upon Dearne SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Chapel Street Bolton Upon Dearne 38 32 17 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Church Street Bolton Upon Dearne 35 29 15 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Commonwealth View Bolton Upon Dearne 25 24 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Coniston Drive Bolton Upon Dearne 35 29 14 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Coronation Drive Bolton Upon Dearne 25 22 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Crossways Bolton Upon Dearne SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Cumberland Way Bolton Upon Dearne 35 29 15 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Fairfield Bolton Upon Dearne 25 24 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Fern Lea Grove Bolton Upon Dearne SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Garbutt Street Bolton Upon Dearne SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Heather Court Bolton Upon Dearne 24 22 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne High Street Bolton Upon Dearne 34 30 18 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Highgate Lane Bolton Upon Dearne 25 24 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Kennedy Drive Bolton Upon Dearne 62 54 18 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Lowfield Road Bolton Upon Dearne 38 32 17 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Maori Avenue Bolton Upon Dearne SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Meadowgates Bolton Upon Dearne SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Melbourne Avenue Bolton Upon Dearne 26 24 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Mexborough Road Bolton Upon Dearne SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Mill View Bolton Upon Dearne 60 51 14 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Prospect Road Bolton Upon Dearne 34 30 18 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Ringway Bolton Upon Dearne 25 24 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne South Drive Bolton Upon Dearne 57 51 15 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Station Road Bolton Upon Dearne 38 32 18 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne The Green Bolton Upon Dearne 25 24 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Thurnscoe Road Bolton Upon Dearne SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Wath Road Bolton Upon Dearne SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne West Avenue Bolton Upon Dearne 31 27 15 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Bolton upon Dearne Willow Lane Bolton Upon Dearne SYOR 
 Basingstoke, Old Basing Bolton Arms Old Basing HAMP 
 Bedford, Balmoral Avenue Bedford, BEDF BEDF 
 Bedford, Brickhill Carlton Gardens Brickhill BEDF 
 Bedford, Brickhill Mowsbury Car park Brickhill BEDF 
 Bedford, Brickhill Nursery Gardens Brickhill BEDF 
 Bedford, Brickhill Tamar Road Brickhill BEDF 
 Bedford, Ellis Road Bedford, BEDF BEDF 
 Bedford, Putnoe Putnoe Lane Putnoe BEDF 
 Bedford, St Michaels Road Bedford, BEDF BEDF 
 Birmingham, Bordesley Amiss Gardens Bordesley, WMID 38 24 WMID 
 Birmingham, Bordesley Gisborn Close Bordesley, WMID 38 24 WMID 
 Blackburn, Audley Lower Freckleton Street Audley Lower BBRN 
 Blackburn, Ewood Boundary Ewood 103 82 41 BBRN 
 Blackburn, Ewood Branch Road Ewood 103 82 41 BBRN 
 Blackburn, Ewood Cravens Brow Ewood 103 82 41 BBRN 
 Blackburn, Ewood Ewood Hub Ewood 103 82 41 BBRN 
 Blackburn, Ewood Fernhurst Ewood 104 80 40 BBRN 
 Blackburn, Ewood Oakdale Ewood 103 80 40 BBRN 
 Blackburn, Ewood Top o th Croft Ewood 101 82 41 BBRN 
 Blackburn, Hollin Bank Highfield Road Hollin Bank, BBRN 108 86 41 BBRN 
 Blackburn, Hollin Bank Hollin Bridge St Hollin Bank, BBRN 104 80 40 BBRN 
 Blackburn, Hollin Bank The Aqueduct Hollin Bank, BBRN 100 82 41 BBRN 
 Blackburn, Old Royal Infirmary Blackburn, Old Infirmary 104 82 41 BBRN 
 Bogend, Tarbolton Road Bogend SAYR 
 Bolnhurst, Church Lane Bolnhurst BEDF 
 Bolnhurst, The Plough at Bolnhurst Bolnhurst BEDF 
 Bolton Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton Abbey, Bolton Abbey Rail Station Bolton Abbey, Rail Station NYOR 
 Bolton Abbey, Bolton Bridge Bolton Bridge NYOR 
 Bolton Abbey, Car Park Bolton Abbey NYOR 
 Bolton Abbey, Devonshire Arms Bolton Abbey NYOR 
 Bolton Abbey, Hambleton House Bolton Abbey NYOR 
 Bolton Abbey, Rail Station Bolton Abbey, Rail Station NYOR 
 Bolton Abbey, Rail Station Junction Bolton Abbey, Rail Station NYOR 
 Bolton Abbey, The Riddings Bolton Abbey NYOR 
 Bolton Abbey, Well Bolton Abbey NYOR 
 Bolton by Bowland, Bolton By Bowland CEPS Bolton By Bowland LANC 
 Bolton by Bowland, Closes Hall Lodge Bolton By Bowland LANC 
 Bolton by Bowland, St Peters and St Pauls Church Bolton By Bowland LANC 
 Bolton Green, Booth Farm Bolton Green LANC 
 Bolton le Sands, Blue Anchor Bolton Le Sands LANC 
 Bolton le Sands, Brookfield View Bolton Le Sands 68 47 30 21 LANC 
 Bolton le Sands, Coastal Road Bolton Le Sands 21 16 14 10 LANC 
 Bolton le Sands, Greenwood Crescent Bolton Le Sands 48 31 16 13 LANC 
 Bolton le Sands, Libary Bolton Le Sands LANC 
 Bolton le Sands, Longfield Drive Bolton Le Sands LANC 
 Bolton le Sands, Lowlands Road Bolton Le Sands LANC 
 Bolton le Sands, Pasture Lane Bolton Le Sands 21 16 14 10 LANC 
 Bolton le Sands, Post Office Bolton Le Sands LANC 
 Bolton le Sands, Royal Hotel Bolton Le Sands 65 46 30 22 LANC 
 Bolton le Sands, Slyne Road Bolton Le Sands 48 31 16 13 LANC 
 Bolton le Sands, St Michaels Lane Bolton Le Sands 69 48 31 22 LANC 
 Bolton le Sands, St Nicholas Lane Bolton Le Sands LANC 
 Bolton le Sands, War Memorial Bolton Le Sands LANC 
 Bolton le Sands, Whin Grove Bolton Le Sands 68 47 30 21 LANC 
 Bolton Low Houses, Ascona Bolton Low Houses 10 CUMB 
 Bolton Low Houses, Oddfellows Arms Bolton Low Houses 10 10 CUMB 
 Bolton Low Houses, Solway View Bolton Low Houses 10 CUMB 
 Bolton Low Houses, Tredoran Road Bolton Low Houses 10 10 CUMB 
 Bolton on Swale, St Marys Church Bolton On Swale NYOR 
 Bolton Percy Bolton Percy YORK 
 Bolton Percy, Cuckoo Hill Farm Bolton Percy 11 11 YORK 
 Bolton Percy, Cuckoo Hill School Bolton Percy YORK 
 Bolton upon Dearne, Bolton on Dearne Rail Station Bolton Upon Dearne SYOR 
 Bolton, A666/Slip Road Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, All Saints Street/St George Street Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Bath Street/Craft Shops Bolton, MANC 33 33 MANC 
 Bolton, Black Horse St/Law Courts Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Black Horse Street/Law Court Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Blackhorse Street/Great Moor Street Bolton, MANC 242 214 110 17 MANC 
 Bolton, Bolton Bark Street East Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Bolton Bradshawgate Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Bolton Churchgate Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Bolton Dawes Street Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Bolton Howell Croft North Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Bolton Knowsley Street Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Bolton Manor Street Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Bolton Nelson Square North Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Bolton Spa Road Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Bolton Victoria Square North Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Bolton Black Horse Street Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Bolton Hall Bolton, ERID ERID 
 Bolton, Bolton Interchange Bolton, MANC 760 668 280 25 MANC 
 Bolton, Bolton Main Road Bolton, ERID ERID 
 Bolton, Bolton Muir Wood Bolton, ELOT 10 ELOT 
 Bolton, Bolton Rail Station Bolton, Rail Station MANC 
 Bolton, Bow Street/Bridge Street Bolton, MANC 173 154 67 MANC 
 Bolton, Bradshawgate/Breightmet Street Bolton, MANC 10 MANC 
 Bolton, Bradshawgate/Great Moor Street Bolton, MANC 258 241 76 MANC 
 Bolton, Bradshawgate/Shiffnal Street Bolton, MANC 411 382 199 MANC 
 Bolton, Bradshawgate/Shiffnall Street Bolton, MANC 336 292 128 MANC 
 Bolton, Bradshawgate/Wood Street Bolton, MANC 299 274 108 17 MANC 
 Bolton, Bridge Steet/Bow Street Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Bridge Street Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Bridge Street/Bow Street Bolton, MANC 224 201 78 14 MANC 
 Bolton, Bridge Street/Market Hall Bolton, MANC 206 187 67 MANC 
 Bolton, Bridgeman Place/Ash St Bolton, MANC 95 96 43 MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Bennetts Lane Brownlow Fold MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Bernard Grove Brownlow Fold MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Brownlow Way Brownlow Fold MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Brownlow Way/Nottingham Drive Brownlow Fold 159 134 52 MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Brownlow Way/The Spinners Brownlow Fold MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Chorley Old Road/Ivy Road Brownlow Fold 80 63 28 MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Chorley Old Road/Mowbray Street Brownlow Fold 80 63 28 MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Chorley Old Road/Rutland Grove Brownlow Fold 80 63 28 MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Chorley Old Road/The Kings Arms Brownlow Fold 80 63 28 MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Church Road/Garside Grove Brownlow Fold MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Church Road/Knowlsley Road Brownlow Fold 159 134 52 MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Church Road/Knowsley Road Brownlow Fold MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Elgin Street/Bennetts Lane Brownlow Fold 159 134 52 MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Elgin Street/Eskrick Street Brownlow Fold 159 134 52 MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Elgin Street/Rushey Fold Lane Brownlow Fold 159 134 52 MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Eskrick Street Brownlow Fold MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Ivy Road Brownlow Fold MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Merehall Drive/Merehall Close Brownlow Fold MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Merehall Drive/Petersfield Walk Brownlow Fold 159 134 52 MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Prince Street/School Hill Brownlow Fold MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Tennyson Street/Keats Walk Brownlow Fold 159 134 52 MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Tennyson Street/Lytton Street Brownlow Fold 159 134 52 MANC 
 Bolton, Brownlow Fold Vernon Street/Mossfield Court Brownlow Fold 159 134 52 MANC 
 Bolton, Burnden A666 Burnden MANC 
 Bolton, Burnden Crescent Road/Beehive Mill Burnden 159 134 52 MANC 
 Bolton, Burnden Crescent Road/Bramhall Street Burnden MANC 
 Bolton, Burnden Crescent Road/Carter Street Burnden 159 134 52 MANC 
 Bolton, Burnden Crescent Road/Green Lane Burnden 159 134 52 MANC 
 Bolton, Burnden Green Lane/Rishton Lane Burnden MANC 
 Bolton, Burnden Manchester Road/Burnden Park Burnden 316 286 156 MANC 
 Bolton, Burnden Manchester Road/Green Lane Burnden 316 286 156 MANC 
 Bolton, Burnden Manchester Road/Mayfield Avenue Burnden 316 286 156 MANC 
 Bolton, Burnden Manchester Road/Raikes Lane Burnden 316 286 156 MANC 
 Bolton, Burnden Manchester Road/Southfield St Burnden 174 144 60 MANC 
 Bolton, Burnden Manchester Road/The Greyhound Burnden 174 144 60 MANC 
 Bolton, Burnden Manchester Road/Weston Street Burnden 316 286 156 MANC 
 Bolton, Burnden St Peters Way Burnden MANC 
 Bolton, Bus Station Bolton, Bus Station 747 652 241 28 MANC 
 Bolton, Chorley New Road/Park Hill St Bolton, MANC 147 145 48 MANC 
 Bolton, Chorley New Road/Park Hill Street Bolton, MANC 115 102 41 MANC 
 Bolton, Chorley Old Road/Avenue Street Bolton, MANC 80 63 28 MANC 
 Bolton, Chorley Old Road/Chorley New Road Bolton, MANC 80 63 28 MANC 
 Bolton, Clarence Street/Bath Street Bolton, MANC 33 33 MANC 
 Bolton, Council Houses Bolton, ELOT 13 ELOT 
 Bolton, Crook Street/Sweet Green Tavern Bolton, MANC 33 33 MANC 
 Bolton, Deansgate/Blue Boar Bolton, MANC 373 332 152 19 MANC 
 Bolton, Deansgate/Bradshawgate Bolton, MANC 178 178 48 MANC 
 Bolton, Deansgate/Bridge Street Bolton, MANC 80 63 28 MANC 
 Bolton, Deansgate/Post Office Bolton, MANC 450 391 133 11 MANC 
 Bolton, Gilnow Cannon Street/Chatham Gardens Gilnow MANC 
 Bolton, Gilnow College Way Gilnow MANC 
 Bolton, Gilnow Dainsdale Drive/Kwiksave Gilnow MANC 
 Bolton, Gilnow Deane Road/Cannon Street Gilnow 88 78 45 MANC 
 Bolton, Gilnow Deane Road/College Way Gilnow 88 78 45 MANC 
 Bolton, Gilnow Deane Road/Gilnow Lane Gilnow 88 78 45 MANC 
 Bolton, Gilnow Deane Road/University of Bolton Gilnow, University of Bolton 88 78 45 MANC 
 Bolton, Gilnow Derby Street/University of Bolton Gilnow, University of Bolton 255 228 96 MANC 
 Bolton, Gilnow Fletcher Street Gilnow MANC 
 Bolton, Gilnow Mayor Street/Spa Road Gilnow 28 24 MANC 
 Bolton, Gilnow Spa Road/Mayor Street Gilnow MANC 
 Bolton, Gilnow Spa Road/Queens Park Gilnow 28 24 MANC 
 Bolton, Great Moor Street/Bradshawgate Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Great Moor Street/Catholic Church Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Adrian Road/Ryder St Halliwell MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Blackburn Road Halliwell 77 70 27 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Blackburn Road/Astley St Halliwell 77 70 27 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Blackburn Road/Draycott St Halliwell 164 143 44 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Blackburn Road/Prospect St Halliwell 77 70 27 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Blackburn Road/The Lamb Halliwell 164 143 44 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Blackburn Road/Ullswater St Halliwell 164 143 44 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Blackburn Road/Waterloo St Halliwell 164 143 44 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Blackburn Road/Waters Meeting Road Halliwell 164 143 44 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Eagley Brook Way/The Valley Halliwell 11 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Ainsworth Arms Halliwell 39 38 14 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Draycott Street Halliwell 39 38 14 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Eskrick Street Halliwell 16 17 14 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Horace Street Halliwell 16 17 14 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/New Inn Halliwell 39 38 14 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Post Office Halliwell 39 38 14 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Robin Hood Inn Halliwell 39 38 14 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Rushey Fold Lane Halliwell 16 17 14 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/St Pauls Church Halliwell 39 38 14 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Weymouth Street Halliwell 39 38 14 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Halliwell Road/Wolfenden Street Halliwell 39 38 14 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Moss Bank Way/Halliwell Road Halliwell 16 15 14 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Moss Bank Way/Temple Road Halliwell 17 16 14 MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Ryder Street/Bernard Grove Halliwell MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Simpson Road Halliwell MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell The Valley Halliwell MANC 
 Bolton, Halliwell Waters Meeting Road Halliwell MANC 
 Bolton, Higher Bridge Street Bolton, MANC 93 87 41 MANC 
 Bolton, Higher Bridge Street/Haigh Street Bolton, MANC 203 181 58 MANC 
 Bolton, Higher Bridge Street/Slater Street Bolton, MANC 203 181 58 MANC 
 Bolton, Kay Street Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Knowsley Street/Market Hall Bolton, MANC 814 714 257 29 MANC 
 Bolton, Lower Bridgeman St/Manchester Road Bolton, MANC 129 125 68 MANC 
 Bolton, Manor Street/Brown Street Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Marsden Road Bolton, MANC MANC 
 Bolton, Memorial Hall Bolton, CUMB CUMB 
 Bolton, Mill Hill Bradford Park Drive Bolton, Mill Hill MANC 
 Bolton, Mill Hill Bradford Park Drive (south)/Radcliffe Road Bolton, Mill Hill MANC 
 Bolton, Mill Hill Bradford St/Bromwich St Bolton, Mill Hill 100 88 57 MANC 
 Bolton, Mill Hill Bradford St/Castle St Bolton, Mill Hill 91 82 32 MANC 
 Bolton, Mill Hill Bradford St/Radcliffe Road Bolton, Mill Hill 100 88 57 MANC 
 Bolton, Mill Hill Bromwich Street/Bradford Street Bolton, Mill Hill 29 27 11 MANC 
 Bolton, Mill Hill Bury New Road/Radcliffe Road Bolton, Mill Hill 101 89 44 MANC 
 Bolton, Mill Hill Bury New Road/Railway Bridge Bolton, Mill Hill 108 96 43 MANC 
 Bolton, Mill Hill Bury New Road/The Wellington Bolton, Mill Hill 101 89 44 MANC 
 Bolton, Mill Hill Castle Street Bolton, Mill Hill MANC 
 Bolton, Mill Hill Castle Street (SE Bnd) Bolton, Mill Hill MANC 
 Bolton, Mill Hill Folds Road Bolton, Mill Hill MANC 
 Bolton, Mill Hill Folds Road/Goodwin St. Bolton, Mill Hill 116 105 35 MANC 
 Bolton, Mill Hill Folds Road/Turner St. Bolton, Mill Hill 116 105 35 MANC 
 Bolton, Mill Hill Folds Road/Turton St. Bolton, Mill Hill 116 105 35 MANC 

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