Transport Points

Transport Points is designed to locate transport facilities (bus stops, express coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district listed it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains) and the frequency of each of the transport services available.
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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) which contain 'Guildford' sorted by full name.
Click on the full name to get more details about that stop, including the ability to get details of other stops in the local area. Click on the link under Location or Area to get a listing of other stops in the geographic area.

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    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
  Full Name Area Buses (M-F) Buses (Sat) Buses (Sun) Services County   
 Abinger Hammer, Abinger Hall Lodge Abinger Hammer 20 SURR 
 Abinger Hammer, Clockhouse Abinger Hammer 28 SURR 
 Abinger Hammer, Paddington Farm Abinger Hammer 20 SURR 
 Abinger Hammer, The Crossways Abinger Hammer 20 SURR 
 Ash, Ash Rail Station Ash, SURR SURR 
 Ash, Chester Road Ash, SURR SURR 
 Ash, Dover Arms Ash, SURR SURR 
 Ash, Rail Station Ash, Rail Station 19 SURR 
 Ash, The Nightingale Ash, SURR SURR 
 Bagshot, Bagshot Green Bagshot, SURR 458 228 84 14 SURR 
 Bisley, Arethusa Way Bisley, SURR 372 220 84 SURR 
 Bisley, Hen and Chickens Bisley, SURR 372 220 84 SURR 
 Bisley, Oldhouse Lane Bisley, SURR 372 220 84 SURR 
 Bisley, Queens Road Bisley, SURR 372 220 84 SURR 
 Bisley, School Close Bisley, SURR 372 220 84 SURR 
 Bisley, The Fox Bisley, SURR 372 220 84 SURR 
 Blackpool, Bispham Guildford Avenue Bispham, BPOL 61 34 31 BPOL 
 Blackpool, Norbreck Guildford Avenue Norbreck 73 60 33 BPOL 
 Bristol, St Annes Park Ripon Road Brislington, Guildford Road 78 56 22 BRIS 
 Broadbridge Heath, Forge Close Broadbridge Heath 84 48 20 WSUS 
 Broadbridge Heath, Mulberry Gardens Broadbridge Heath 186 96 20 11 WSUS 
 Broadbridge Heath, Shelley Arms PH Broadbridge Heath 192 96 20 11 WSUS 
 Bucks Green, Queens Head Bucks Green, WSUS 42 WSUS 
 Bucks Green, The Fox PH Bucks Green, WSUS 42 WSUS 
 Cardiff, Guildford Crescent Cardiff 71 53 44 CARD 
 Cardiff, Guildford Street Cardiff 72 69 25 16 CARD 
 Carlisle, Petteril Bank Petteril Bank Road Petteril Bank 59 51 CUMB 
 Castle Green, Guildford Road Castle Green, SURR SURR 
 Chertsey South, Bittams Lane Chertsey South 98 60 48 SURR 
 Chertsey South, White Lodge Centre Chertsey South 98 60 48 SURR 
 Chertsey, Guildford Road Chertsey SURR 
 Chertsey, Guildford Street Chertsey 98 60 48 SURR 
 Chertsey, Salesian School Chertsey, Salesian School SURR 
 Chertsey, Sir William Perkins School Chertsey, Sir William Perkins School 98 60 48 SURR 
 Chobham, Scotts Grove Road Chobham SURR 
 Chorley, Great Knowley Guildford Avenue Great Knowley 36 30 22 LANC 
 Compton, Church Compton, near Guildford 96 64 SURR 
 Compton, Down Lane Compton, near Guildford SURR 
 Compton, Polsted Lane Compton, near Guildford 96 64 SURR 
 Compton, Village Hall Compton, near Guildford 96 64 SURR 
 Compton, Watts Gallery Compton, near Guildford 96 64 SURR 
 Compton, Withies Lane Compton, near Guildford 96 64 SURR 
 Cranleigh, Cinema Cranleigh 140 40 SURR 
 Cranleigh, Cranleigh Common Cranleigh 354 220 88 SURR 
 Cranleigh, Crossroads Cranleigh 368 220 88 SURR 
 Cranleigh, Garden Centre Cranleigh 354 220 88 SURR 
 Cumbrae, Millport Reid Street Millport NAYR 
 Deepcut, Guildford Road Deepcut 16 SURR 
 Doncaster, Wheatley Hills Guildford Road Wheatley Hills SYOR 
 Dukinfield, Yew Tree Lyne Edge Road/Guildford Road Dukinfield, Yew Tree 22 21 28 MANC 
 Dukinfield, Yew Tree Lyne Tree Road/Guildford Road Dukinfield, Yew Tree 72 69 27 MANC 
 East Horsley, Guildford Lodge Road East Horsley SURR 
 East Horsley, Sheepleas Turning East Horsley 150 96 40 SURR 
 Eccles, Peel Green New Lane/Guildford Road Peel Green, St Patricks High School 13 MANC 
 Effingham, Effingham Crossroads Effingham 50 SURR 
 Effingham, Golf Club Effingham 150 96 40 SURR 
 Effingham, Norwood Road Effingham 50 SURR 
 Effingham, Rectory Lane Effingham 50 SURR 
 Effingham, Salmons Road Effingham 150 96 40 SURR 
 Effingham, Woodlands Road Effingham 50 SURR 
 Eston, Normanby Guildford Road Normanby, REDC REDC 
 Eston, Normanby Guildford Road East Normanby, REDC REDC 
 Eston, Normanby Guildford Road West Normanby, REDC REDC 
 Exeter, Exwick Guildford Close Exwick 117 99 53 DEVO 
 Fairlands, Brocks Drive Guildford, Fairlands 72 38 SURR 
 Fairlands, Brooke Forest Guildford, Fairlands 54 30 SURR 
 Fairlands, Bungalows Guildford, Fairlands 12 12 SURR 
 Fairlands, Envis Way Guildford, Fairlands 54 30 SURR 
 Fairlands, Fairlands Estate Guildford, Fairlands 58 30 SURR 
 Fairlands, Littlefield Common Guildford, Fairlands 44 20 SURR 
 Fairlands, Worplesdon School Guildford, Fairlands SURR 
 Farlington Strood Park, Farlington School Farlington Strood Park WSUS 
 Farncombe, Broadwater Lane Farncombe 294 176 40 SURR 
 Farnham, Farnham Hospital Farnham, Hospital 173 98 SURR 
 Farnham, Kimbers Lane Farnham, SURR 148 88 SURR 
 Farnham, Shepherd and Flock Roundabout Farnham, SURR 148 88 SURR 
 Feltham, Hanover Avenue (TW13) Feltham, LOND LOND 
 Feltham, Southcote Avenue (HSLW) Feltham, LOND LOND 
 Fetcham, Hawks Hill Fetcham 96 SURR 
 Fetcham, The Ridgeway Fetcham 96 SURR 
 Great Bookham, Groveside Great Bookham 50 SURR 
 Great Bookham, Rayleigh House Great Bookham 50 SURR 
 Grimsby, East Marsh Guildford Street East Marsh 28 36 NELI 
 Guildford, Abbotswood Ganghill Abbotswood, SURR 68 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Addison Court Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Albury Road Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Alexandra Place Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Annandale Road Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Artington Artington Park and Ride Artington, Park and Ride Site 804 480 SURR 
 Guildford, Artington Loseley Park Artington 318 172 40 11 SURR 
 Guildford, Artington The Ridges Artington 318 172 40 11 SURR 
 Guildford, Austin Pearce Guildford 542 262 160 SURR 
 Guildford, Avonmore Avenue Guildford 68 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Bakers Yard Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Bellfields Cedar Way Guildford, Bellfields SURR 
 Guildford, Bellfields Christs College Guildford, Bellfields SURR 
 Guildford, Bellfields Cypress Road Guildford, Bellfields SURR 
 Guildford, Bellfields Fir Tree Road Guildford, Bellfields SURR 
 Guildford, Bellfields Hazel Avenue Guildford, Bellfields SURR 
 Guildford, Bellfields Hazel Avenue Shops Guildford, Bellfields SURR 
 Guildford, Bellfields Juniper Close Guildford, Bellfields SURR 
 Guildford, Bellfields Laburnum Close Guildford, Bellfields SURR 
 Guildford, Bellfields Lime Grove Guildford, Bellfields SURR 
 Guildford, Bellfields Riverside Guildford, Bellfields SURR 
 Guildford, Bellfields School Close Guildford, Bellfields 358 220 84 SURR 
 Guildford, Bellfields Stoke Bridges Guildford, Bellfields 358 220 84 SURR 
 Guildford, Bellfields Stoughton Road Shops Guildford, Bellfields SURR 
 Guildford, Burpham Banks Way Burpham, SURR 42 SURR 
 Guildford, Burpham Bowers Farm Drive Burpham, SURR 30 SURR 
 Guildford, Burpham Burpham Lane Burpham, SURR SURR 
 Guildford, Burpham Doverfield Road Burpham, SURR SURR 
 Guildford, Burpham Glendale Drive Burpham, SURR 30 SURR 
 Guildford, Burpham Great Oaks Park Burpham, SURR 16 SURR 
 Guildford, Burpham Green Man Burpham, SURR 66 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Burpham Highclere Burpham, SURR 68 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Burpham Marlyns Drive Burpham, SURR SURR 
 Guildford, Burpham New Inn Lane Burpham, SURR 30 SURR 
 Guildford, Burpham Sainsburys Burpham, SURR 42 SURR 
 Guildford, Burpham Sutherland Drive Burpham, SURR 42 SURR 
 Guildford, Burpham Winterhill Way Burpham, SURR 30 SURR 
 Guildford, Burpham Woodruff Avenue Burpham, SURR 58 SURR 
 Guildford, Bushy Hill Bushy Hill Drive Guildford, Bushy Hill SURR 
 Guildford, Bushy Hill Finches Rise Guildford, Bushy Hill SURR 
 Guildford, Cathedral Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Cemetery Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Charlotteville Pewley Way Charlotteville SURR 
 Guildford, Civic Hall Guildford 70 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Cranley Road Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Cricket Ground Guildford 696 440 312 SURR 
 Guildford, Dennisville Raymond Crescent Dennisville SURR 
 Guildford, Dennisville Stag Hill Guildford, Cathedral SURR 
 Guildford, Dennisville The Chase Dennisville SURR 
 Guildford, Dennisville The Oval Guildford, Cathedral SURR 
 Guildford, Edgeborough Guildford 198 100 40 10 SURR 
 Guildford, Egerton Road Guildford 400 258 156 SURR 
 Guildford, Elgin Gardens Guildford 68 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Ennismore Avenue Guildford 68 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Falcon Road Guildford 12 SURR 
 Guildford, Farnham Road Hospital Guildford, Farnham Road Hospital 314 188 SURR 
 Guildford, Francis Crick Road Guildford 498 232 160 SURR 
 Guildford, Friars Gate Guildford 314 188 SURR 
 Guildford, Friary Bus Station Guildford, Friary Bus Station 2220 1274 592 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Gateways Guildford 198 100 40 10 SURR 
 Guildford, Gill Avenue Guildford 492 228 156 SURR 
 Guildford, Great Quarry Guildford 372 220 88 12 SURR 
 Guildford, Guildford Business Park Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Guildford College Guildford 358 220 84 SURR 
 Guildford, Guildford Park Guildford Park Avenue Guildford, Guildford Park SURR 
 Guildford, Guildford Park Guildford Park North Guildford, Guildford Park 542 262 160 SURR 
 Guildford, Guildford Park Guildford Park South Guildford, Guildford Park 536 242 152 SURR 
 Guildford, Guildford Park The Astolat Guildford, Guildford Park SURR 
 Guildford, Guildford Rail Station Guildford, Rail Station 342 220 88 12 SURR 
 Guildford, Guildford Station Guildford, Rail Station 544 262 160 SURR 
 Guildford, Guildown Road Guildford 318 172 40 11 SURR 
 Guildford, Harvey Gardens Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Harvey Road Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Health Centre Guildford 536 242 152 SURR 
 Guildford, Holy Trinity School Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Jenner Road Guildford 186 100 40 SURR 
 Guildford, Ladymead Park and Ride Guildford, Ladymead Park and Ride Site SURR 
 Guildford, Law College Guildford 318 172 40 11 SURR 
 Guildford, Lawn Road Guildford 1122 652 40 12 SURR 
 Guildford, Library Guildford 710 436 40 20 SURR 
 Guildford, London Road (Guildford) Rail Station Guildford, London Road Rail Station SURR 
 Guildford, London Road Rail Station Guildford, London Road Rail Station 70 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Magnet Guildford 696 440 312 SURR 
 Guildford, Mareschal Road Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Marks and Spencer Shuttle Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Mathon Court Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Baldwin Crescent Merrow 24 SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Boxgrove Lane Merrow SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Boxgrove Park Shops Merrow SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Boxgrove Road Merrow 200 100 40 11 SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Church Merrow 630 424 40 11 SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Collingwood Crescent Merrow SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Community Centre Merrow SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Duncan Drive Merrow SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Fitzjohn Close Merrow 30 SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow George Abbot School Merrow, George Abbot School SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Great Goodwin Drive Merrow SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Greenhill Gardens Merrow 30 SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow High Path Road Merrow 200 100 40 11 SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Howard Gardens Merrow SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Kingfisher Drive Shops Merrow 24 SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Levylsdene Merrow 188 100 40 SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Long Dyke Merrow SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Merrow Lane Merrow 30 SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Merrow Park and Ride Merrow, Park and Ride Site 534 380 SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Partridge Way Merrow 24 SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Sheeplands Avenue Merrow SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow St Peters School Merrow, St Peters School 28 12 SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow St Thomas of Canterbury School Merrow SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow The Greenwood Merrow SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Tormead Road Merrow SURR 
 Guildford, Merrow Wykeham Road Merrow SURR 
 Guildford, Milkhouse Gate Shuttle Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Millbrook Guildford 372 220 88 12 SURR 
 Guildford, Mount Pleasant Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Mountside Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Nursery Guildford 498 232 160 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Park and Ride Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Abbots Close Onslow 70 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Astro Lodge Onslow 148 88 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Curling Vale Onslow 72 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Down Lane Onslow 96 64 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Eastmeads Onslow 70 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Ellis Avenue Onslow 70 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Farnham Road Onslow 244 152 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Godalming Bypass Onslow 70 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Hedgeway Onslow 70 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village High View Road Onslow 244 152 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Highview Road Onslow 70 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Lichfield Way Onslow 70 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Manor Way Onslow 70 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Midway Onslow 70 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Queen Eleanors School Onslow 70 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Sunnydown Plantation Onslow 244 152 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village The Crossways Onslow 70 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Onslow Village Village Shops Onslow 70 36 SURR 
 Guildford, Park Barn Bargate Court Guildford, Park Barn 398 258 156 SURR 
 Guildford, Park Barn Broomfield Guildford, Park Barn SURR 
 Guildford, Park Barn Clover Road Guildford, Park Barn 398 258 156 SURR 
 Guildford, Park Barn Foxburrows Avenue Guildford, Park Barn SURR 
 Guildford, Park Barn Homestall Guildford, Park Barn SURR 
 Guildford, Park Barn Little Platt Guildford, Park Barn SURR 
 Guildford, Park Barn Park Barn Community Centre Guildford, Park Barn SURR 
 Guildford, Park Barn Park Barn School Guildford, Park Barn SURR 
 Guildford, Park Barn Rickyard Guildford, Park Barn SURR 
 Guildford, Park Barn Rye Close Guildford, Park Barn 398 258 156 SURR 
 Guildford, Park Barn Shops Guildford, Park Barn SURR 
 Guildford, Park Barn The Oak Guildford, Park Barn SURR 
 Guildford, Park Barn Woodside Road Guildford, Park Barn SURR 
 Guildford, Pilgrims Way Guildford 372 220 88 12 SURR 
 Guildford, Police Station Guildford 696 440 312 SURR 
 Guildford, Queen Elizabeth Park Burden Way Shops Guildford, Queen Elizabeth Park 692 440 312 SURR 
 Guildford, Queen Elizabeth Park Railton Road Guildford, Queen Elizabeth Park 692 440 312 SURR 
 Guildford, Queen Elizabeth Park Robin Way Guildford, Queen Elizabeth Park 692 440 312 SURR 
 Guildford, Recreation Road Guildford 92 60 SURR 
 Guildford, Rosalind Franklin Close Guildford 492 212 152 SURR 
 Guildford, Rosetrees Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Royal Surrey Hospital Guildford, Royal Surrey County Hospital 660 280 156 SURR 
 Guildford, Rydeshill Barnwood Road Rydeshill SURR 
 Guildford, Rydeshill Bramble Close Rydeshill 42 20 SURR 
 Guildford, Rydeshill Broad Street Rydeshill SURR 
 Guildford, Rydeshill Broadacres Rydeshill 368 238 156 SURR 
 Guildford, Rydeshill Liddington Hall Rydeshill 12 12 SURR 
 Guildford, Rydeshill Peterborough Road Rydeshill 356 228 156 SURR 
 Guildford, Rydeshill Rydes Hill Clockhouse Rydeshill SURR 
 Guildford, Sanford Arms Guildford 198 100 40 10 SURR 
 Guildford, School of Acting Guildford 510 220 152 SURR 
 Guildford, Semaphore Road Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Slyfield Green Jacobs Well Road Slyfield Green SURR 
 Guildford, Slyfield Green Moorfield Road Slyfield Green SURR 
 Guildford, Slyfield Green Oak Tree Drive Slyfield Green SURR 
 Guildford, Slyfield Green Old Farm Road Slyfield Green 358 220 84 SURR 
 Guildford, Slyfield Green The Parrot Slyfield Green 358 220 84 SURR 
 Guildford, Slyfield Green Thornberry Way Slyfield Green SURR 
 Guildford, Slyfield Green Westfield Road Slyfield Green SURR 
 Guildford, Slyfield Green Woking Road Slyfield Green SURR 
 Guildford, Slyfield Green Woodlands Road Slyfield Green 358 220 84 SURR 
 Guildford, Spectrum Leisure Centre Guildford, Spectrum Leisure Centre SURR 
 Guildford, St. Omer Road Guildford 198 100 40 10 SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Ardmore Avenue Stoughton, SURR 690 440 312 SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Byrefield Road Stoughton, SURR 1044 668 468 SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Fentum Road Stoughton, SURR SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Grange Close Stoughton, SURR 692 440 312 SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Johnston Walk Stoughton, SURR 782 500 312 SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Lincoln Road Stoughton, SURR SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton North Road Stoughton, SURR SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Northmead School Stoughton, SURR 338 216 156 SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Northway Stoughton, SURR 332 212 152 SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Queens Drive Stoughton, SURR SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Rosemary Crescent Stoughton, SURR 782 500 312 SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Royal Hotel Stoughton, SURR 92 60 SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Rydes Hill Common Stoughton, SURR 354 228 156 SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Sheepfold Road Stoughton, SURR 342 216 156 SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Shepherds Lane Stoughton, SURR SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Stoughton Road Stoughton, SURR SURR 
 Guildford, Stoughton Stoughton Road Turn Stoughton, SURR 692 440 312 SURR 
 Guildford, Surrey Reaearch Park Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Surrey Sports Park Guildford 990 444 312 SURR 
 Guildford, Tesco Guildford 556 262 168 15 SURR 
 Guildford, The Drive Guildford 244 152 SURR 
 Guildford, The Mount Guildford 1122 652 40 12 SURR 
 Guildford, The Stoke Guildford 358 220 84 SURR 
 Guildford, Thorn Bank Guildford 72 36 SURR 
 Guildford, University Of Surrey AX Building Guildford, University Of Surrey 542 262 160 SURR 
 Guildford, University Of Surrey Duke of Kent Building Guildford, University Of Surrey 542 262 160 SURR 
 Guildford, University Of Surrey Senate Square Guildford, University Of Surrey 542 262 160 SURR 
 Guildford, University Of Surrey Twyford Court Guildford, University Of Surrey 542 262 160 SURR 
 Guildford, Upper Edgeborough Road Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Upper High Street Shuttle Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Westborough Fairfield Rise Westborough, SURR SURR 
 Guildford, Westborough Westway Park & Ride Westborough, Westway Park and Ride Site SURR 
 Guildford, Wherwell Road Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, White Lion Walk Guildford SURR 
 Guildford, Wodeland Avenue Guildford 314 188 SURR 
 Guildford, Woodbridge Hill Guildford, Woodbridge Hill 92 60 SURR 
 Guildford, Woodbridge Hill Northway Legion Guildford, Woodbridge Hill SURR 
 Guildford, Woodbridge Hill Percy Road Guildford, Woodbridge Hill 92 60 SURR 

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