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Transport Points helps to find transport facilities (bus stops, coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains), the frequency of each of the services, Google maps of the area and the local postcode. Various searches can be performed, including closeness to postcodes or how often the services run.
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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) which contain 'Redhill' sorted by full name.
Click on the full name to get more details about that stop, including the ability to get details of other stops in the local area. Click on the link under Location or Area to get a listing of other stops in the geographic area.

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  Full Name Area Buses (M-F) Buses (Sat) Buses (Sun) Services County   
 Arnold, Redhill Cemetery Redhill, NOTT 381 362 152 13 NOTT 
 Arnold, Redhill Churchmoor Lane Redhill, NOTT 201 186 76 NOTT 
 Arnold, Redhill Galway Road Redhill, NOTT 138 136 67 NOTT 
 Arnold, Redhill Henry Street Redhill, NOTT 181 178 77 12 NOTT 
 Arnold, Redhill James Street Redhill, NOTT 138 136 67 NOTT 
 Arnold, Redhill Lodge Farm Lane Redhill, NOTT NOTT 
 Arnold, Redhill Mansfield Road Redhill, NOTT 201 186 76 NOTT 
 Arnold, Redhill Redhill Lodge Drive Redhill, NOTT 381 362 152 13 NOTT 
 Barnsley, Kendray Birk Avenue Kendray 79 58 25 SYOR 
 Barnsley, Kendray Doncaster Road Kendray SYOR 
 Barnsley, Kendray Redhill Avenue Kendray SYOR 
 Bilbrough, Back Lane Bilbrough NYOR 
 Bilbrough, Redhill Field Lane Bilbrough NYOR 
 Birch Heath, Redhill Farm Birch Heath CHES 
 Birmingham, Hawkesley Bracken Way Hawkesley 79 73 42 WMID 
 Birmingham, Hawkesley Red Hill Grove Hawkesley WMID 
 Birmingham, West Heath Man on the Moon West Heath, WMID 240 211 133 WMID 
 Birmingham, West Heath Redditch Road West Heath, WMID WMID 
 Birmingham, West Heath Redhill Road West Heath, WMID 247 213 134 10 WMID 
 Birmingham, West Heath Rednal Road West Heath, WMID WMID 
 Birmingham, West Heath Sir Hiltons Road West Heath, WMID 240 211 133 WMID 
 Birmingham, West Heath Wast Hill Playing Fields West Heath, WMID 79 73 42 WMID 
 Bothamsall, Redhill Lane Bothamsall NOTT 
 Bournemouth, East Howe Headswell Avenue East Howe BOUR 
 Bournemouth, East Howe Hillview Road East Howe 160 150 152 BOUR 
 Bournemouth, Ensbury Park Bournemouth, Ensbury Park 239 223 152 BOUR 
 Bournemouth, Ensbury Park Redhill Park Bournemouth, Ensbury Park BOUR 
 Bournemouth, Ensbury Park Redhill Park Airshow Bournemouth, Ensbury Park BOUR 
 Bournemouth, Redhill Headswell Avenue Redhill, BOUR 174 164 150 10 BOUR 
 Bournemouth, Redhill Pine Vale Crescent Redhill, BOUR BOUR 
 Bournemouth, Redhill Redhill Drive Redhill, BOUR BOUR 
 Bournemouth, Redhill Redhill Roundabout Redhill, BOUR 103 100 81 BOUR 
 Bournemouth, Redhill Saxonhurst Road Redhill, BOUR 174 164 150 10 BOUR 
 Bournemouth, Redhill Wimborne Road Roundabout Redhill, BOUR BOUR 
 Bournemouth, Talbot Village Hillview Road Talbot Village BOUR 
 Bournemouth, Talbot Village Redhill Drive Talbot Village BOUR 
 Brighton, Westdene Redhill Drive Westdene, BRIG 17 10 102 BRIG 
 Broad Town, Redhills Broad Town WILT 
 Broadwell, Aston House Broadwell, near Cotswolds GLOS 
 Broadwell, Redhill Farm School stop Broadwell, near Cotswolds GLOS 
 Broadwell, The Green Broadwell, near Cotswolds GLOS 
 Byfleet, Redhill Road Byfleet SURR 
 Camerton, Camerton Po Camerton, BANE BANE 
 Castleford, Airedale Queens Park Drive Redhill Drive Airedale 112 90 25 10 WYOR 
 Castleford, Airedale Redhill Drive Airedale Road Airedale WYOR 
 Castleford, Airedale Redhill Drive Carlyle Crescent Airedale WYOR 
 Castleford, Airedale Redhill Drive College Road Airedale WYOR 
 Castleford, Airedale Redhill Drive Redhill Road Airedale WYOR 
 Castleford, Townville Fryston Road Redhill Drive Townville 49 48 21 WYOR 
 Castleford, Townville Redhill Drive Fryston Road Townville WYOR 
 Castleford, Wheldale Queens Park Drive Redhill Drive Airedale 110 87 23 11 WYOR 
 Crux Easton, Cross Lane Crux Easton HAMP 
 Cumbernauld, Balloch Redhill Road Balloch, NLAN 47 46 28 NLAN 
 Doncaster, Hickleton Red Hill Lane Hickleton SYOR 
 Dudley, Oldswinford Cranbourne Road Oldswinford 132 120 44 WMID 
 Dudley, Stourbridge Junction Road Stourbridge 132 120 44 WMID 
 Exeter, Cowick Barley Farm Road Cowick 61 60 45 DEVO 
 Exeter, Cowick Berkshire Drive Cowick 61 60 45 DEVO 
 Exeter, Cowick Charney Avenue Exeter, Redhills DEVO 
 Exeter, Cowick Isleworth Road Exeter, Redhills 63 60 42 DEVO 
 Exeter, Exwick Antonine Crescent Exeter, Redhills 229 210 159 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Barley Mount Exeter, Redhills 215 198 159 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Barley Mow Exeter, Redhills 229 210 159 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Buller Road Exeter, Redhills 65 60 42 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Charnley Avenue Exeter, Redhills 123 120 84 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Dorset Avenue Exeter, Redhills 121 120 84 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Exwick Cemetery Exeter, Redhills 244 220 186 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Gloucester Road Exeter, Redhills 217 198 159 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Green Lane Exeter, Redhills 63 60 42 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Haccombe Close Exeter, Redhills DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Higher Barley Mount Exeter, Redhills 215 198 159 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Isleworth Road Exeter, Redhills 63 60 42 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Knowle Drive Exeter, Redhills 217 198 159 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Lime Grove Road Exeter, Redhills 28 26 24 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Nadder Park Road Exeter, Redhills DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Newman Road Exeter, Redhills 465 424 345 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Okehampton Road Exeter, Redhills 68 66 42 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Redhills Hospital Exeter, Redhills Hospital 244 220 186 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Savile Road Exeter, Redhills 465 424 345 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Saville Road Exeter, Redhills 28 26 24 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Thatched House Exeter, Redhills 244 220 186 DEVO 
 Exeter, Redhills Woodah Road Exeter, Redhills DEVO 
 Exeter, St Thomas The Quarries Exeter, Redhills 61 60 45 DEVO 
 Harrogate, Bilton Redhill Close Bilton, NYOR 26 23 NYOR 
 Havant, Durrants Staunton Arms Durrants 13 10 HAMP 
 Hereford, Redhill Bullingham Lane Redhill, HERE 37 29 HERE 
 Hereford, Redhill Frome Avenue Redhill, HERE 10 10 HERE 
 Hereford, Redhill Marlbrook Road Redhill, HERE 45 40 12 HERE 
 Hereford, Redhill Pentwyn Avenue Redhill, HERE HERE 
 Hereford, Redhill Ross Road Redhill, HERE 42 40 12 HERE 
 Hereford, Redhill Stanberrow Road Redhill, HERE 10 10 HERE 
 Highleadon, Highleadon Court Highleadon GLOS 
 Hitchin, Westmill Estate Mattocke Road Westmill, HERT 105 100 HERT 
 Hitchin, Westmill Estate Nutleigh Grove Westmill, HERT 105 100 HERT 
 Hollington Cross, Three Legged Cross Hollington Cross HAMP 
 Hook a Gate, Redhill Drive Junction Hook A Gate 26 26 SHRO 
 Hunnington, Redhill Place Hunnington 26 26 WMID 
 Hylton Red House, Redhill Road Rochdale Road Hylton Red House 28 1208 1300 TYNE 
 Hylton Red House, Redhill Road Rotherham Road Hylton Red House 275 894 676 TYNE 
 Hylton Red House, Rhodesia Road Redhill Road Hylton Red House 40 114 119 TYNE 
 Kiveton Park, Kiveton Park Rail Station Kiveton Park SYOR 
 Leeds, Westerton Haigh Moor Road Redhill Drive Westerton, WYOR 34 24 13 WYOR 
 Leicester, Belgrave Red Hill Circle Belgrave, LECE LECE 
 Leicester, Birstall East Road Birstall, LEIC 97 82 LEIC 
 Leicester, Birstall Red Hill Circle Birstall, LEIC 405 332 258 12 LEIC 
 Leicester, Mowmacre Hill Belgrave Boulevard Leicester, Mowmacre Hill 134 130 56 LECE 
 Mattingley, Hazeley Hazeley, HAMP 46 44 HAMP 
 Maulden, Redhills Close Maulden 23 16 CBED 
 New Ash Green, Ash Road New Ash Green 68 36 43 18 KENT 
 New Ash Green, Bowes Wood New Ash Green 57 36 43 21 KENT 
 New Ash Green, Redhill Wood New Ash Green 117 72 86 34 KENT 
 New Ash Green, Westfield New Ash Green 71 36 43 22 KENT 
 Northchapel, Redhill House Northchapel WSUS 
 Redhill Redhill, NSOM NSOM 
 Redhill, Ashford Road Redhill, NSOM 126 126 110 NSOM 
 Redhill, Brook Road Redhill, SURR 374 353 220 17 SURR 
 Redhill, Bus Station Redhill, Bus Station 444 379 255 43 SURR 
 Redhill, Carlton Road Redhill, SURR 76 50 14 SURR 
 Redhill, Church Road Redhill, SURR 101 98 79 SURR 
 Redhill, Colebrook Road Redhill, SURR 41 36 SURR 
 Redhill, Coles Meads East Surrey College Redhill, Coles Meads 250 238 177 SURR 
 Redhill, Coles Meads Gatton Point Redhill, Coles Meads 27 13 SURR 
 Redhill, Coles Meads Northmead Redhill, Coles Meads 21 SURR 
 Redhill, Coles Meads Southmead Redhill, Coles Meads 21 SURR 
 Redhill, Cormongers Lane Redhill, SURR 113 88 36 SURR 
 Redhill, Donyngs Sports Centre Redhill, SURR 154 150 100 15 SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Althorne Road Earlswood, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Brambletye Park Road Earlswood, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Brambletye School Earlswood, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Common Road Earlswood, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Earlsbrook Road Earlswood, SURR 55 56 42 SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Earlswood (Surrey) Rail Station Earlswood, SURR Rail Station SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Earlswood Lakes Earlswood, SURR 55 56 42 SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Earlswood Rail Station Earlswood, SURR Rail Station 40 38 SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Earlswood School Earlswood, SURR 40 38 SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood East Surrey Hospital Earlswood, East Surrey Hospital 368 355 220 22 SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Emlyn Road Earlswood, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Flying Scud Earlswood, SURR 40 38 SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Hartspiece Road Earlswood, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Hooley Lane Earlswood, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Knighton Road Earlswood, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Maple Road Earlswood, SURR 55 56 42 SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Nags Head Earlswood, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Royal Earlswood Park Earlswood, SURR 55 56 42 SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Three Arch Road Earlswood, SURR 515 489 299 29 SURR 
 Redhill, Earlswood Wimbourne Avenue Earlswood, SURR 102 100 79 10 SURR 
 Redhill, Elm Road Redhill, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Fountain Road Redhill, SURR 81 74 SURR 
 Redhill, Frenches Court Redhill, SURR 41 36 SURR 
 Redhill, Frenches Road Redhill, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Fullers Earth Redhill, SURR 113 88 36 SURR 
 Redhill, Gordon Road Redhill, SURR 110 112 77 SURR 
 Redhill, High Street Redhill, SURR 179 166 100 18 SURR 
 Redhill, Holmethorpe Avenue Redhill, SURR 110 112 75 SURR 
 Redhill, Ladbroke Court Redhill, SURR 151 148 77 12 SURR 
 Redhill, Ladbroke Road Redhill, SURR 110 112 77 SURR 
 Redhill, Linkfield Lane Redhill, SURR 264 238 177 14 SURR 
 Redhill, Linkfield Street Redhill, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Lye Hole Lane Redhill, NSOM 126 126 110 NSOM 
 Redhill, Marketfield Way Redhill, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Mill Street Redhill, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Monson Road Redhill, SURR 250 238 177 SURR 
 Redhill, Oakwood Close Redhill, SURR 113 88 36 SURR 
 Redhill, Old Post Office Redhill, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Palmer Close Redhill, SURR 40 38 SURR 
 Redhill, Park Redhill, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, Park Road Redhill, SURR 41 36 SURR 
 Redhill, Queensway Redhill, SURR 92 86 SURR 
 Redhill, Redhill Rail Station Redhill, Rail Station 81 66 12 12 SURR 
 Redhill, Redstone Hollow Redhill, SURR 40 38 SURR 
 Redhill, Regent Crescent Redhill, SURR 41 36 SURR 
 Redhill, Rushden Road Redhill, HERT HERT 
 Redhill, Rushden Road Turn Redhill, HERT HERT 
 Redhill, St Annes Mount Redhill, SURR SURR 
 Redhill, St Bedes School Redhill, St Bedes School SURR 
 Redhill, St Johns Road Redhill, SURR 55 56 42 SURR 
 Redhill, St Matthews Church Redhill, SURR 152 150 47 11 SURR 
 Redhill, St. Bedes School Redhill, St Bedes School 26 26 SURR 
 Redhill, St. Matthews Road Redhill, SURR 140 132 100 15 SURR 
 Redhill, The Close Redhill, HERT HERT 
 Redhill, The Cutting Redhill, SURR 318 297 178 13 SURR 
 Redhill, The Poplars Redhill, HERT HERT 
 Redhill, The Pound Redhill, NSOM NSOM 
 Redhill, Timperley Gardens Redhill, SURR 41 36 SURR 
 Redhill, Victoria Alms Houses Redhill, SURR 250 238 177 SURR 
 Redhill, Wilton Road Redhill, SURR 374 353 220 17 SURR 
 Redhill, Woodlands Road Redhill, SURR 55 56 42 SURR 
 Redhills, Rheged Discovery Centre Redhills, CUMB 17 17 16 CUMB 
 Redhills, Rural Resource Centre Redhills, CUMB CUMB 
 Ross on Wye, Ashfield Park School Ross on Wye, Ashfield Park School HERE 
 Rotherham, Kiveton Park Trinity Road Kiveton Park 69 51 17 21 SYOR 
 Rowlands Castle, Red Hill The Drift Rowlands Castle, Red Hill 13 10 HAMP 
 Rowlands Castle, Red Hill Wellsworth Lane Rowlands Castle, Red Hill HAMP 
 Rowlands Castle, Redhill Road Rowlands Castle 12 10 HAMP 
 Rowlands Castle, Rowlands Castle Station Rowlands Castle, Rail Station 15 10 HAMP 
 Rowlands Castle, St Johns Church Rowlands Castle 11 10 HAMP 
 Sandford, Redhill Lane Sandford, IOWI 149 148 137 IOWI 
 Spofforth, Red Hill Farm Spofforth 71 68 15 NYOR 
 Stafford, Trinity Fields Redhill Trinity Fields 162 152 60 STAF 
 Stafford, Trinity Fields Tudor Rise Trinity Fields STAF 
 Stainton, Penrith Auction Mart Stainton, CUMB CUMB 
 Stairfoot, Hunningley Doncaster Road Hunningley 76 58 25 SYOR 
 Stairfoot, Hunningley Redhill Avenue Hunningley 257 229 86 20 SYOR 
 Stockton, Roseworth Redhill Road Shops Roseworth 263 234 77 STOC 
 Storeton, Bracken Lane Storeton MERS 
 Stretham, Red Hill Farm Turn Stretham 42 42 CAMB 
 Studley, Red Hill Close Studley, WARK WARK 
 Tansley, Red Hill Tansley 12 DERB 
 Telford, Priorslee Centre Priorslee 48 48 TELF 
 Thurmaston, Red Hill Lane Thurmaston 220 144 24 LECE 
 Tutbury, Redhill Lane Tutbury 145 142 66 10 STAF 
 Wallington, Redhill Road Lodge Farm Wallington, HERT HERT 
 Wellingborough, Kettering Road Bus Shelter Wellingborough 110 108 32 NHAM 
 Wellingborough, Redhill Way Wellingborough 22 22 38 NHAM 
 Wellingborough, The Banks Wellingborough 24 22 NHAM 
 Wellingborough, The Downs Wellingborough 24 22 NHAM 
 Whitgreave, Redhill Farm Whitgreave 156 148 60 STAF 
 Whitmore, Redhill Business Park Whitmore 10 STAF 
 Wickham, Redhill Crossroads Meon Park 45 38 HAMP 
 Wombourne, Ounsdale Redhill Avenue Ounsdale 61 58 30 STAF 
 Wonastow, Redhill Farmhouse Wonastow MONM 
 Woodham Ferrers, South Woodham Ferrers Redhills Road South Woodham Ferrers ESSE 
 Worcester, Battenhall Battenhall Rise Battenhall 22 20 WORC 
 Worcester, Red Hill BP Garage Red Hill, WORC WORC 
 Worcester, Red Hill Foxwell Street Red Hill, WORC 172 140 14 WORC 
 Worcester, Red Hill Hillery Road Red Hill, WORC WORC 
 Worcester, Red Hill Nunnery Wood High School Worcester, Nunnery Wood High School WORC 
 Worcester, Red Hill Prestwich Avenue Red Hill, WORC WORC 
 Worcester, Red Hill Red Hill Top Red Hill, WORC 216 180 16 WORC 
 Worcester, Red Hill Red Hill Traffic Island Red Hill, WORC 28 12 WORC 
 Worcester, Red Hill Sandpiper Close Red Hill, WORC WORC 
 Worcester, Red Hill Sixth Form College Worcester, Sixth Form College 161 140 WORC 
 Wray Common, Batts Hill Redhill, Batts Hill 41 36 SURR 

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