Transport Points

Transport Points is designed to locate transport facilities (bus stops, express coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district listed it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains) and the frequency of each of the transport services available.
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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) which contain 'York' sorted by full name.
Click on the full name to get more details about that stop, including the ability to get details of other stops in the local area. Click on the link under Location or Area to get a listing of other stops in the geographic area.

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    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
  Full Name Area Buses (M-F) Buses (Sat) Buses (Sun) Services County   
 Aberdeen, Footdee York Street Footdee ABEC 
 Aberdeen, Sea Beach Wellington Street Aberdeen, Sea Beach ABEC 
 Aberdeen, Sea Beach York Street Aberdeen, Sea Beach ABEC 
 Accrington, Milnshaw York Street Accrington, Milnshaw LANC 
 Acklam, High Farm Acklam, NYOR NYOR 
 Acklam, High Grange Acklam, NYOR NYOR 
 Acomb, Beckfield Lane Beckfield Lane End Acomb, Beckfield Lane 50 49 22 YORK 
 Acomb, Beckfield Lane Beckfield Place Acomb, Beckfield Lane 49 48 22 YORK 
 Acomb, Beckfield Lane Carr Infant School Acomb, Beckfield Lane YORK 
 Acomb, Beckfield Lane Fellbrook Avenue Acomb, Beckfield Lane 21 16 YORK 
 Acomb, Beckfield Lane Grayshon Drive Acomb, Beckfield Lane 57 49 28 YORK 
 Acomb, Beckfield Lane Low Poppleton Lane Acomb, Beckfield Lane 87 81 33 11 YORK 
 Acomb, Beckfield Lane Melander Close Acomb, Beckfield Lane YORK 
 Acomb, Beckfield Lane Newlands Drive Acomb, Beckfield Lane 57 49 28 YORK 
 Acomb, Beckfield Lane Norman Drive Acomb, Beckfield Lane 57 49 28 YORK 
 Acomb, Beckfield Lane Ostman Road Acomb, Beckfield Lane 50 46 26 YORK 
 Acomb, Beckfield Lane Runswick Avenue Acomb, Beckfield Lane 51 49 22 YORK 
 Acomb, Beckfield Lane The Green Tree Acomb, Beckfield Lane 50 49 22 YORK 
 Acomb, Beckfield Lane Turnberry Drive Acomb, Beckfield Lane 49 48 22 YORK 
 Acomb, Chapelfields Bramham Avenue York, Chapelfields 147 120 78 YORK 
 Acomb, Chapelfields Chapelfields Shops York, Chapelfields 147 120 78 YORK 
 Aigburth, Sefton Park York Avenue Sefton Park 400 287 197 MERS 
 Aldborough, Hill Top Aldborough, NYOR 13 12 NYOR 
 Aldborough, Hill View Aldborough, NYOR 13 12 NYOR 
 Aldborough, Police Houses Aldborough, NYOR NYOR 
 Aldborough, The Square Aldborough, NYOR 14 13 NYOR 
 Aldershot, Duke of York Aldershot 45 42 10 HAMP 
 Aldershot, Queens Road Aldershot 32 27 HAMP 
 Aldershot, York Crescent Aldershot 16 17 HAMP 
 Aldwark, Bay Horse Inn Aldwark, NYOR 11 NYOR 
 Arnold Arnold, ERID ERID 
 Arnold, Arnold A165 Arnold, ERID 13 12 ERID 
 Atherstone, York Avenue Atherstone, WARK 35 34 15 WARK 
 Atherton, York Street Atherton MANC 
 Aughton, Aughton Main Street Aughton, ERID ERID 
 Axminster, Beavor Lane Axminster DEVO 
 Bacup, Broad Clough York St Broad Clough 12 10 LANC 
 Bacup, Broad Clough York Street Broad Clough 12 10 LANC 
 Bacup, Carlton Street Bacup 14 10 LANC 
 Bacup, Grove Street Bacup LANC 
 Bacup, Mill Lane Bacup LANC 
 Bacup, Sharneyford Tiny Cottage Sharneyford 14 10 LANC 
 Bacup, St James Square Bacup 14 10 LANC 
 Bacup, Yorkshire Street Bacup LANC 
 Bagby, Bagby Lane End Bagby NYOR 
 Bainton, Bainton Main Street Bainton, ERID 15 14 ERID 
 Bainton, Bainton South Lane Bainton, ERID 10 10 ERID 
 Barlby, Barlby High School Barlby, High School NYOR 
 Barlby, Bay Horse Inn Barlby 111 100 49 NYOR 
 Barlby, Bramley Avenue Barlby NYOR 
 Barlby, Grove Park Barlby 111 100 49 NYOR 
 Barlby, Hawthorn Drive Barlby NYOR 
 Barlby, Howden Road Barlby 111 100 49 NYOR 
 Barlby, Northfield Barlby 111 100 49 NYOR 
 Barlby, Police Station Barlby 111 100 49 NYOR 
 Barlow, Ashleigh Farm Barlow, NYOR NYOR 
 Barlow, Botany Bay Farm Barlow, NYOR 18 11 NYOR 
 Barlow, Cat Babbleton Barlow, NYOR 18 11 NYOR 
 Barlow, Commonside Farm Barlow, NYOR NYOR 
 Barlow, Holly Tree Barlow, NYOR 18 11 NYOR 
 Barlow, Hunters Walk Barlow, NYOR 13 12 NYOR 
 Barlow, Lodge Farm Barlow, NYOR NYOR 
 Barlow, Mill House Farm Barlow, NYOR NYOR 
 Barlow, Police House Barlow, NYOR 14 12 NYOR 
 Barlow, Port Jackson Barlow, NYOR 17 11 NYOR 
 Barlow, Prospect Villas Barlow, NYOR NYOR 
 Barlow, Station Cottages Barlow, NYOR NYOR 
 Barlow, Toad Hall Barlow, NYOR 14 12 NYOR 
 Barlow, Village Green Barlow, NYOR 14 12 NYOR 
 Barlow, Wembley Lodge Barlow, NYOR 18 11 NYOR 
 Barmston, Barmston Beach Barmston, ERID ERID 
 Barmston, Barmston Lane End Barmston, ERID ERID 
 Barmston, Barmston Sands Lane Barmston, ERID 16 14 ERID 
 Barnet, York Road Barnet 106 49 35 LOND 
 Barnsley, Shafton Yorkshire Traction Bus Depot Shafton SYOR 
 Barton Hill, A64 Barton Hill, NYOR NYOR 
 Barton, C of E School Barton, NYOR 89 82 30 10 NYOR 
 Barton, King William Inn Barton, NYOR 63 56 26 NYOR 
 Barton, Silver Street Barton, NYOR 89 82 30 10 NYOR 
 Barton, St Cuthberts Green Barton, NYOR 89 82 30 10 NYOR 
 Barton, The Half Moon Inn Barton, NYOR 63 56 26 NYOR 
 Barton, Waterfall Terrace Barton, NYOR 89 82 30 10 NYOR 
 Basildon, York Factory Basildon ESSE 
 Bedlam, Whipley Bank Farm Bedlam, NYOR NYOR 
 Bedworth, York Avenue Bedworth, Bulkington Road WARK 
 Bedworth, Bulkington Road Bedworth WARK 
 Bedworth, George Eliot Avenue Bedworth WARK 
 Belmont, Dorset Road York Road Belmont, near Sutton LOND 
 Belmont, Holland Avenue Triangle Belmont, near Sutton 59 59 LOND 
 Belmont, York Road Worcester Road Belmont, near Sutton LOND 
 Bentley, Bentley Lane End Bentley, ERID 11 12 ERID 
 Bentley, Beverley Road Old Route Bentley, ERID ERID 
 Beswick, Beswick A164 Beswick, ERID 19 19 17 ERID 
 Beswick, Kilnwick Crossroads Beswick, ERID 19 19 17 ERID 
 Beverley, Beverley York Road Beverley, Racecourse 17 16 11 ERID 
 Bickerton, Filling Station Bickerton, NYOR NYOR 
 Bickerton, North Fields Bickerton, NYOR NYOR 
 Bickerton, Tom Cat Lane Bickerton, NYOR NYOR 
 Biggin, Biggin Crossroads Biggin, NYOR NYOR 
 Biggin, Blacksmiths Arm Biggin, NYOR NYOR 
 Biggin, Blacksmiths Arms Biggin, NYOR NYOR 
 Biggleswade, Yorkshire Grey PH Biggleswade 12 CBED 
 Billericay, Duke Of York Billericay 78 99 26 ESSE 
 Billingham, Wharfdale Avenue Library Billingham 158 146 76 STOC 
 Bilton in Ainsty, Post Office Bilton In Ainsty NYOR 
 Bilton in Ainsty, St Helens Church Bilton In Ainsty NYOR 
 Bilton, Bilton Main Road Bilton, ERID 118 101 44 ERID 
 Bilton, Bilton Preston Road Bilton, ERID ERID 
 Binfield, York Road Binfield, BRAC 31 30 BRAC 
 Birmingham, Buckland End Orkney Avenue Buckland End WMID 
 Birmingham, Chad Valley York Road Chad Valley 163 155 60 WMID 
 Birmingham, Fox Hollies York Road Fox Hollies 132 99 61 WMID 
 Birmingham, Hall Green York Road Birmingham, Hall Green 259 206 125 WMID 
 Birmingham, Harborne York St Harborne 562 499 259 15 WMID 
 Birmingham, Hodgehill Orkney Avenue Hodgehill WMID 
 Birmingham, Shard End Yorkswood Scout Camp Shard End 219 189 84 WMID 
 Bishop Burton, Bishop Burton College Bishop Burton ERID 
 Bishop Burton, Bishop Burton York Road Bishop Burton 17 16 11 ERID 
 Blackburn, Bank Hey York View Bank Hey BBRN 
 Bognor Regis, York Road Bognor Regis, Rail Station WSUS 
 Bolton, Bolton Hall Bolton, ERID ERID 
 Bolton, Bolton Main Road Bolton, ERID ERID 
 Bolton, Westfield Farm Bolton, ERID ERID 
 Boroughbridge, County Primary School Boroughbridge NYOR 
 Bracknell, Whitegrove Yorkshire Place Bracknell, Whitegrove 19 17 BRAC 
 Bradford, Allerton Allerton Road Chapel Lane Allerton, WYOR 38 35 31 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Allerton Road Cote Lane Allerton, WYOR 34 28 16 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Allerton Road Denby Lane Allerton, WYOR 167 140 65 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Allerton Road Dene Mount Allerton, WYOR 167 140 65 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Allerton Road Ivy Lane Allerton, WYOR 61 57 46 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Allerton Road Manscombe Road Allerton, WYOR 167 140 65 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Allerton Road Meadowbank Avenue Allerton, WYOR 167 140 65 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Allerton Road North Parade Allerton, WYOR 61 57 46 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Allerton Road Prospect Terrace Allerton, WYOR 167 140 65 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Allerton Road Saffron Drive Allerton, WYOR 61 57 46 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Bell Dean Road Saffron Drive Allerton, WYOR 191 166 79 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Prune Park Lane Allerton Road Allerton, WYOR 61 57 46 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Prune Park Lane Rosedale Avenue Allerton, WYOR 61 57 46 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Saffron Drive Allerton, WYOR 35 32 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Saffron Drive Allerton Road Allerton, WYOR 35 32 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Saffron Drive Avenel Road Allerton, WYOR 191 166 79 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Saffron Drive Bell Dean Road Allerton, WYOR 35 32 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Saffron Drive Brocklesby Drive Allerton, WYOR 191 166 79 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Saffron Drive Downside Crescent Allerton, WYOR 191 166 79 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Saffron Drive Saffron Newsagents Allerton, WYOR 35 32 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Saffron Drive Tolworth Fold Allerton, WYOR 35 32 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Saffron Drive Weymouth Avenue Allerton, WYOR 191 166 79 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Stoney Lane Allerton, WYOR 30 26 16 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Stony Lane Allerton, WYOR 35 29 16 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Stony Lane Dalecroft Rise Allerton, WYOR 60 56 46 WYOR 
 Bradford, Allerton Stony Lane Ollerdale Avenue Allerton, WYOR WYOR 
 Bradford, Birkenshaw Whitehall Road Bradford Road Birkenshaw, WYOR 34 27 23 WYOR 
 Bradford, Bradford City Centre Nelson Street Duncan Street Bradford, WYOR 49 46 WYOR 
 Bradford, Bradford Forster Square Rail Station Bradford, Forster Square Rail Station WYOR 
 Bradford, Bradford Foster Square Rail Station Bradford, WYOR WYOR 
 Bradford, Bradford Interchange Rail Station Bradford, Interchange Rail Station WYOR 
 Bradford, Buttershaw Halifax Road Western Way Woodside, WYOR 31 28 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Laisterdyke Leeds Road Bradford Lane Laisterdyke WYOR 
 Bradford, Laisterdyke Leeds Road Moorside Place Laisterdyke WYOR 
 Bradford, Lower Grange Ayresome Oval Bracewell Avenue Bradford, Lower Grange 168 144 64 WYOR 
 Bradford, Lower Grange Bell Dean Road Avocet Close Bradford, Lower Grange 28 27 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Lower Grange Bell Dean Road Bracewell Avenue Bradford, Lower Grange 191 166 79 WYOR 
 Bradford, Lower Grange Bell Dean Road Greenway Drive Bradford, Lower Grange 28 27 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Lower Grange Bell Dean Road Marmion Avenue Bradford, Lower Grange 30 27 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Lower Grange Bell Dean Road Roxburgh Grove Bradford, Lower Grange 191 166 79 WYOR 
 Bradford, Lower Grange Bell Dean Road Wallingford Mount Bradford, Lower Grange 30 27 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Lower Grange Bracewell Avenue Beecroft Walk Bradford, Lower Grange WYOR 
 Bradford, Lower Grange Bracewell Avenue Bell Dean Road Bradford, Lower Grange WYOR 
 Bradford, Lower Grange Bracewell Avenue Merryvale Road Bradford, Lower Grange 163 139 64 WYOR 
 Bradford, Lower Grange Bracewell Avenue Rayner Mount Bradford, Lower Grange 163 139 64 WYOR 
 Bradford, Lower Grange Oaks Lane Bradford, Lower Grange WYOR 
 Bradford, Lower Grange St James Primary School Bradford, Lower Grange WYOR 
 Bradford, Lower Grange Thornton Road Bell Dean Road Bradford, Lower Grange 133 113 40 WYOR 
 Bradford, Sandy Lane Chellow Grange Road Haworth Road Sandy Lane, WYOR 82 55 28 WYOR 
 Bradford, Sandy Lane Cottingley Moor Road Florida Road Sandy Lane, WYOR 39 35 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Sandy Lane Cottingley Road Haworth Road Sandy Lane, WYOR 39 35 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Sandy Lane Cottingley Road Meadow Court Sandy Lane, WYOR 39 35 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Sandy Lane Cottingley Road Sandy Lane Sandy Lane, WYOR 37 35 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Sandy Lane Cottingley Road Wilsden Road Sandy Lane, WYOR 37 35 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Sandy Lane Haworth Road Bay of Biscay Sandy Lane, WYOR 12 WYOR 
 Bradford, Sandy Lane Haworth Road Chellow Heights Farm Sandy Lane, WYOR 10 WYOR 
 Bradford, Sandy Lane Haworth Road Heather Grove Sandy Lane, WYOR 12 WYOR 
 Bradford, Sandy Lane Haworth Road Stoney Bridge Avenue Sandy Lane, WYOR 10 WYOR 
 Bradford, Sandy Lane Haworth Road Stoney Ridge Avenue Sandy Lane, WYOR 12 WYOR 
 Bradford, Sandy Lane Sandy Lane Crossroads Sandy Lane, WYOR 60 56 46 WYOR 
 Bradford, Sandy Lane Stony Lane Ollerdale Avenue Allerton, WYOR 60 56 46 WYOR 
 Bradford, Sandy Lane Wilsden Road Prune Park Lane Sandy Lane, WYOR 33 30 31 WYOR 
 Bradford, Sandy Lane Wilsden Road Stoney Lane Sandy Lane, WYOR WYOR 
 Bradford, Thorpe Edge York House Billing View Thorpe Edge 43 36 22 WYOR 
 Bradford, West Bowling Rooley Lane Bude Road West Bowling 48 40 15 WYOR 
 Bradford, Westgate Hill Westgate Hill Street Bradford Road Westgate Hill WYOR 
 Bradford, Westgate Hill Yorks Martyrs School Leeds, Yorkshire Martyrs College WYOR 
 Bradford, Woodside Halifax Road Fairfield Grove Woodside, WYOR 83 68 16 WYOR 
 Brafferton, The Oak Tree Brafferton, NYOR 13 NYOR 
 Bridgend, Hernston ELAC Industrial Estate Hernston, BRID BRID 
 Bridgwater, York Road Bridgwater 12 SOME 
 Bridlington, Bridlington Queen Street Bridlington 83 80 16 11 ERID 
 Brigham, Brigham Cross Roads Brigham, ERID ERID 
 Brigham, Brigham Crossroads Brigham, ERID ERID 
 Brighton, Top of Furze Hill Brighton, Furze Hill 10 11 BRIG 
 Brighton, York Grove Brighton, BRIG BRIG 
 Brighton, York Hill Brighton, London Road 452 242 245 29 BRIG 
 Bristol, Bedminster Spring Street Bedminster BRIS 
 Bristol, Easton York Road Bristol, York Road 48 48 BRIS 
 Bromsgrove, Sidemoor Duke of York Sidemoor 30 25 10 WORC 
 Bromsgrove, Sidemoor Duke of York West Midland Services Sidemoor WORC 
 Brookenby, York Road Brookenby LINC 
 Brough, Brough Myrtle Way Brough, ERID ERID 
 Brough, Brough Rail Station Brough, Rail Station ERID 
 Brough, Brough Rail Stn Brough, ERID ERID 
 Buckden, Car Park Buckden, NYOR 13 10 11 11 NYOR 
 Buckden, The Buck Inn Buckden, NYOR 12 10 NYOR 
 Buckton, Buckton Main Street Buckton, ERID ERID 
 Bulmer, Post Office Row Bulmer, NYOR NYOR 
 Bulmer, Wandale Farm Bulmer, NYOR NYOR 
 Burgess Hill, Innovation Drive Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, York Road roundabout Burgess Hill 14 11 WSUS 
 Caldwell, Brownlow Arms PH Caldwell, NYOR NYOR 
 Calton, Kell Syke Lane Calton, NYOR NYOR 
 Calton, Newfield Hall Calton, NYOR NYOR 
 Calton, Newfield Hall Gates Calton, NYOR NYOR 
 Camberley, York Road Camberley 93 82 47 SURR 
 Camberley, Yorktown Duke of York Yorktown 110 95 23 11 SURR 
 Camberley, Yorktown Laundry Lane Yorktown 110 95 23 11 SURR 
 Camberley, Yorktown The Agincourt Yorktown 110 95 23 11 SURR 
 Camerton, Camerton A1033 Camerton, ERID ERID 
 Camerton, Camerton Hull Road Camerton, ERID ERID 
 Camerton, Camerton Main Road Camerton, ERID 31 26 14 ERID 
 Cannock, Rumer Hill York Road Rumer Hill STAF 
 Canterbury, Wincheap York Road Wincheap 24 24 KENT 
 Carleton, Carleton Bridge Carleton, NYOR NYOR 
 Carleton, Carleton Centre Carleton, NYOR NYOR 
 Carleton, Pale Lane Carleton, NYOR NYOR 
 Carterton, York Road Carterton OXFO 
 Castleford, Ledsham Chequers Inn Ledsham, WYOR WYOR 
 Castleford, Ledsham Claypit Lane Ledsham, WYOR WYOR 
 Castleford, Ledsham Claypit Ln Park Lane Ledsham, WYOR WYOR 
 Castleford, Ledsham New Road Church Farm House Ledsham, WYOR WYOR 
 Castleton, Castleton Moor Rail Station Castleton, NYOR Rail Station NYOR 
 Castleton, High Street Castleton, NYOR NYOR 
 Castleton, Post Office Castleton, NYOR 10 11 NYOR 
 Castleton, Rail Station Castleton, NYOR Rail Station NYOR 
 Castleton, Tea Rooms Castleton, NYOR NYOR 
 Castletown, York Street Castletown, CUMB CUMB 
 Caterham, Yorke Gate Caterham 274 223 155 SURR 
 Caterham, Yorke Gate Road Caterham SURR 
 Catton, C of E Primary School Catton, NYOR NYOR 
 Catton, Catton Lane End Catton, ERID 33 31 11 ERID 
 Catton, Fairfield Farm Lane End Catton, ERID ERID 
 Catton, St James Church Catton, NYOR NYOR 
 Chapelhall, York Road Chapelhall NLAN 
 Chatham, Luton Albany Road Luton, MEDW 177 135 37 MEDW 
 Chatham, Walderslade York Ave Victoria Road Walderslade, MEDW MEDW 
 Chatham, Weeds Wood Amanda Close Weedswood 154 139 36 MEDW 
 Chatham, Weeds Wood York Avenue Weedswood 154 139 36 MEDW 
 Chatteris, York Road Chatteris CAMB 
 Cherry Burton, A1079 York Road Cherry Burton 17 16 11 ERID 
 Chester le Street, Red Rose School York Terrace Chester le Street DURH 
 Chichester, Cambrai Avenue Chichester, Whyke Road 66 58 22 WSUS 
 Chichester, York Chase Chichester, WSUS WSUS 
 Chichester, York Road Chichester, WSUS 99 103 58 WSUS 
 Church End, Cobble Lane Church End, NYOR NYOR 
 Church End, Main Street Church End, NYOR NYOR 
 Churchinford, The York Inn Churchinford SOME 
 Churchinford, York Inn Churchinford SOME 
 Cinderford, Electric Sub Station Cinderford GLOS 
 Clacton, Holland On Sea York Road Holland On Sea 48 46 ESSE 
 Clapham, Clapham (N Yorks) Rail Station Clapham, NYOR Rail Station NYOR 
 Clapham, Clapham Station Clapham, NYOR Rail Station NYOR 
 Clapham, Riverside Clapham, NYOR 28 27 12 NYOR 
 Clapham, Station Road Clapham, NYOR NYOR 
 Claxton, Claxton Lane End Claxton, NYOR NYOR 
 Claxton, Flaxton Lane End Claxton, NYOR NYOR 
 Claxton, Kirk Balk Lane Claxton, NYOR NYOR 
 Claxton, Whinny Lane Claxton, NYOR NYOR 
 Claydon, York Crescent Claydon, SUFF 22 21 SUFF 
 Cleckheaton, Gomersal Oxford Road Charles Street Gomersal 10 WYOR 
 Cleckheaton, Gomersal Oxford Road Kirkstone Drive Gomersal WYOR 
 Cleveleys, Cleveleys Cleveleys 122 118 114 LANC 
 Cleveleys, Cleveleys (Blackpool Tramway) Cleveleys LANC 
 Cliffe, Cherry Tree Stores Selby, Cliffe NYOR 
 Cliffe, Cliffe Crossroads Selby, Cliffe NYOR 
 Cliffe, York Road Selby, Cliffe NYOR 
 Clitheroe, Clitheroe Town Centre King Street Clitheroe 15 17 LANC 
 Clitheroe, Clitheroe Town Centre York Street Clitheroe 21 11 12 LANC 
 Clitheroe, Clitheroe Town Centre York Street sch Clitheroe LANC 
 Clydebank, Drumry York Street Drumry WDUN 
 Clyst Honiton, Duke of York Clyst Honiton 24 23 12 DEVO 
 Coalville, York Place Coalville, LEIC 43 40 LEIC 
 Cogenhoe, Orchard Way Cogenhoe NHAM 
 Colton, Grange Farm Colton, NYOR 11 11 NYOR 
 Colton, Stonebridge Farm Colton, NYOR NYOR 
 Coniston, Coniston Hull Road Coniston, ERID 15 14 ERID 
 Coniston, Coniston Main Street Coniston, ERID 12 12 ERID 
 Connahs Quay, Golftyn York Road Top Golftyn 67 58 26 FLIN 
 Connahs Quay, Golftyn Ysgol Golfyn Golftyn 56 53 13 FLIN 
 Corby, Beanfield Halifax Square Beanfield 93 78 NHAM 
 Corby, Beanfield Selby Walk Beanfield 93 78 NHAM 
 Corby, Beanfield Todmorden Close Beanfield 93 78 NHAM 
 Corby, Beanfield York Road Beanfield NHAM 

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