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Transport Points helps to find transport facilities (bus stops, coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains), the frequency of each of the services, Google maps of the area and the local postcode. Various searches can be performed, including closeness to postcodes or how often the services run.
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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) located in Braunstone sorted by full name.
Click on the full name to get more details about that stop, including the ability to get details of other stops in the local area. Click on the link under Location or Area to get a listing of other stops in the geographic area.

You can also sort the list by any of the following items:
    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
  Full Name Area Buses (M-F) Buses (Sat) Buses (Sun) Services County   
 Blaby, The Fairway Braunstone, Narborough Road South LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Astley Close Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Avery Hill Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Aylmer Road Braunstone, Winstanley Drive 148 138 27 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Ayston Road Braunstone, Braunstone Lane 164 150 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Beech Drive Braunstone, Braunstone Lane LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Benbow Rise Braunstone 84 82 60 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Bennett Walk Braunstone 146 138 27 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Bidford Road Braunstone, Braunstone Lane LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Boden Braunstone 39 39 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Braunstone Avenue Braunstone, Braunstone Avenue 170 160 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Braunstone Crossroads Braunstone, Braunstone Lane LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Braunstone Leisure Centre Braunstone 402 371 120 12 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Caldecote Road Braunstone 86 82 60 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Camville Road Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Canterbury Terrace Braunstone 146 138 27 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Cantrell Road Braunstone, Cantrell Road 164 148 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Centre Court Braunstone 39 39 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Centurion Way Braunstone 83 84 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Civic Centre Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Cort Crescent Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Cottage Farm Close Braunstone, Lubbesthorpe Road 170 163 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Cressida Court Braunstone, Braunstone Lane 164 150 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Dickens Court Leicester, Blackmore Drive 146 138 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Edward Avenue Braunstone, Narborough Road South 166 150 132 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Ellesmere Road Braunstone 76 74 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Emerson Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Fairbourne Road Braunstone, Fairbourne Road 164 150 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Farmway Braunstone, Lubbesthorpe Road 170 163 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone FedEx Braunstone 39 39 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Fernhurst Road Braunstone 170 163 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Fire Station Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Folville Rise Braunstone 172 160 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Football Pitches Braunstone 82 82 60 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Fosse Road South Braunstone 27 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Francis Avenue Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Freeboard Road Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Fulhurst Avenue Braunstone 172 163 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Gaddesby Avenue Braunstone 146 138 27 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Gallards Hill Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Gooding Avenue Braunstone 174 163 48 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Gunthorpe Road Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Guthridge Crescent Braunstone 148 138 27 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Hallam Crescent East Braunstone, Hallam Crescent East 170 163 117 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Hamelin Road Braunstone, Winstanley Drive 148 138 27 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Hardie Crescent Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Hathaway Avenue Braunstone 170 163 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Hay Road Braunstone 170 163 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Heyford Road Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Hockley Farm Road Braunstone 82 82 60 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Hollins Road Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Holmfield Avenue East Braunstone, Braunstone Lane 162 148 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Imperial Avenue Braunstone 172 163 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Jaguar Garage Braunstone, Braunstone Lane 164 150 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Kingsway Braunstone, Narborough Road South 166 150 132 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Kirkland Road Braunstone, Narborough Road South 166 150 132 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Larch Grove Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Legion Way Braunstone 83 84 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Meadwell Road Braunstone 162 148 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Medical Centre Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Meridian East Braunstone 48 48 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Meridian Leisure Park Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Methodist Church Braunstone 196 174 132 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Millfield Crescent Braunstone, Lubbesthorpe Road 170 163 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Narborough Road South Braunstone, Narborough Road South 166 150 132 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone New Fields Avenue Braunstone 170 163 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Peugeot Dealership Braunstone, Narborough Road South 166 150 132 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Pinfold Braunstone 170 163 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Priestley Road Leicester, Blackmore Drive 27 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Rancliffe Crescent Braunstone, Winstanley Drive 148 138 27 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Reynolds Place Braunstone 86 82 60 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Rosamund Avenue Braunstone, Narborough Road South 166 150 132 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Royal Mail Braunstone 48 48 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Shipman Road Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Shottery Avenue Braunstone 170 163 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone St Marys Avenue Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone St. Crispins Church Braunstone 170 163 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Sun Way Braunstone, Braunstone Lane 166 150 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Tiber Way Braunstone 48 48 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Turnbull Drive Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Valence Road Braunstone, Winstanley Drive 148 138 27 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Valley Drive Braunstone 84 74 27 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Walpole Court Leicester, Blackmore Drive 146 138 24 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Wardens Walk Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Watergate Lane Braunstone, Lubbesthorpe Road 170 160 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Webster Road Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Welcombe Avenue Braunstone 170 163 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Westover Road Braunstone, Braunstone Lane 166 150 126 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Willow Court Braunstone 170 160 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Winstanley Arms Braunstone 170 163 51 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Winstanley Drive Braunstone, Winstanley Drive LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Woodcote Road Braunstone LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Woodshawe Rise Braunstone 86 82 60 LECE 
 Leicester, Braunstone Worrall Close Braunstone LECE 
The map below shows transport locations in Braunstone.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.

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