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Transport Points is designed to locate transport facilities (bus stops, express coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district listed it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains) and the frequency of each of the transport services available.
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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) located in Burgess Hill sorted by full name.
Click on the full name to get more details about that stop, including the ability to get details of other stops in the local area. Click on the link under Location or Area to get a listing of other stops in the geographic area.

You can also sort the list by any of the following items:
    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
  Full Name Area Buses (M-F) Buses (Sat) Buses (Sun) Services County   
 Burgess Hill, A273 Issacs Lane Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, adj Blackstone Way Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, adj Munns Drive Burgess Hill 11 11 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Albert Drive Burgess Hill 12 11 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, B and Q Burgess Hill 12 11 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Blackbird Close Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Bramber Way Burgess Hill 24 21 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Bridge Burgess Hill, Manor Road 11 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Burgess Hill Rail Station Burgess Hill, Rail Station 78 52 20 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Burgess Hill School Burgess Hill 31 21 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Burgess Hill Station Burgess Hill, Rail Station WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Cants Lane Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Chanctonbury Road Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Charles Avenue Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Charlwood Road Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Church Road Burgess Hill 148 111 16 42 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Civic Way Burgess Hill 59 41 16 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Condor Way Burgess Hill, Royal George Road 17 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Consort Way Burgess Hill 12 11 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Cuckfield Road Hurstpierpoint WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Daynes Way Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Downs Road Burgess Hill 17 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Dumbrills Close Burgess Hill 24 21 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Dunstall Ave Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Fairlea Close Burgess Hill 17 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Fairplace Hill Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Folders Lane Burgess Hill 13 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Forge Way Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Friars Oak Cottages Hassocks WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Gatehouse Lane Burgess Hill 19 11 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Greenlands Drive Burgess Hill 17 11 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Hamblins Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Hammonds Ridge Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Hazel Grove Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Holmesdale Road Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Howard Avenue Burgess Hill, Sussex Way WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Huntsmoor Farm Burgess Hill, Goddards Green WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Innovation Drive Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Jane Murray Way Burgess Hill 19 11 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Janes Lane Burgess Hill 33 20 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Jubilee Road Burgess Hill 12 11 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Junction Close Burgess Hill 19 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Keepers Cottage Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Keymer Road Burgess Hill 28 21 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Kingdom Hall Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Kings Way Burgess Hill 11 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Leylands Park Burgess Hill 24 21 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Leylands Road Burgess Hill 11 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Leylands Wood Burgess Hill 24 21 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Library Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Little Abbosford Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Livingstone Road Burgess Hill, Royal George Road 17 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, London Road Burgess Hill 33 20 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Longhurst Burgess Hill 11 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Lower Church Road Burgess Hill 17 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Manor Road Burgess Hill, Manor Road 11 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Maple Drive Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Marle Avenue Burgess Hill 10 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Mayfield Court Burgess Hill 19 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Midfields Drive Burgess Hill 27 23 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Millbank Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, New Close Farmhouse Hassocks WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Nightingale Lane Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Norman Road Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, North End Farm Burgess Hill, Goddards Green WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Northway Burgess Hill, Manor Road 11 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Oakwood Road Burgess Hill 19 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Ockley Lane Keymer 19 11 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, opp Blackstone Way Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, opp Millbank Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, opp Munns Drive Burgess Hill 13 12 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Packham Way Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Pangdene Close Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Park Road Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Petworth Drive Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Pomper Lane Hurstpierpoint WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Portland Road Burgess Hill, Royal George Road 15 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Queen Elizabeth Ave Burgess Hill 43 31 13 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Queens Crescent Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Rolfe Drive Burgess Hill 11 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Saint Andrews Road Burgess Hill 11 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Saxby Road Burgess Hill, Sussex Way WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Shotters Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Sovereign Business Park Burgess Hill 12 11 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, St Andrews Church Burgess Hill 19 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, St Andrews Road Burgess Hill 11 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, St Georges Retreat Burgess Hill 34 20 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, St Johns Avenue Burgess Hill 10 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, St Pauls Catholic College Burgess Hill, St Pauls College WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, St Peters Road Burgess Hill 10 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, St Wilfreds Road Burgess Hill 27 23 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Stairbridge Lane Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Stalker Bridge Hurstpierpoint WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Station Road Burgess Hill 33 20 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Sussex Way Burgess Hill, Sussex Way WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Swallow Rest Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Sydney West Centre Burgess Hill 11 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Tesco Burgess Hill 38 22 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, The Acorn Burgess Hill 18 11 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, The Gattons Burgess Hill, Royal George Road 17 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, The Jays Burgess Hill 17 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, The Saffrons Burgess Hill, Sussex Way WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, The Triangle Burgess Hill, The Triangle 35 22 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, The Vineries Burgess Hill 11 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, The Warren Burgess Hill 11 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, The Windmill Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Valebridge Drive Burgess Hill 43 30 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Valebridge Road Burgess Hill 13 12 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Victoria Close Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Victoria Road Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Victoria Way Burgess Hill 12 11 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Warelands Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Welbeck Drive Burgess Hill, Manor Road 11 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, West End Farm Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, West Park Estate Burgess Hill, West Park Estate 17 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Wingle Tye Road Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Wivelsfield Rail Station Wivelsfield, Rail Station WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Wivelsfield Station Wivelsfield, Rail Station 37 33 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Woodeigh Road Burgess Hill 18 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Woodwards Close Burgess Hill 15 10 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Worlds End  Burgess Hill 44 30 11 WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, Wren Close Burgess Hill WSUS 
 Burgess Hill, York Road roundabout Burgess Hill 14 11 WSUS 
The map below shows transport locations in Burgess Hill.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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