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Transport Points helps to find transport facilities (bus stops, coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains), the frequency of each of the services, Google maps of the area and the local postcode. Various searches can be performed, including closeness to postcodes or how often the services run.
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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) located in East Grinstead sorted by full name.
Click on the full name to get more details about that stop, including the ability to get details of other stops in the local area. Click on the link under Location or Area to get a listing of other stops in the geographic area.

You can also sort the list by any of the following items:
    Area        County        Full Name    
    Frequency of services at stop        Number of services using stop    
  Full Name Area Buses (M-F) Buses (Sat) Buses (Sun) Services County   
 East Grinstead, adj Harvest Hill East Grinstead 13 10 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Bell Hammer East Grinstead 11 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Blackland Farm East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Blount Avenue East Grinstead 46 40 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Brooklands Way East Grinstead 58 50 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Buckhurst Way East Grinstead 112 78 45 15 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Chestnut Close East Grinstead 45 40 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, College Lane East Grinstead 31 30 18 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, College Lane adj Sandy Lane East Grinstead 31 30 15 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Coombe Hill Road East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Copse Close East Grinstead 42 38 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Coronation Road East Grinstead 13 10 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Court Crescent East Grinstead 47 40 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Cranston Road East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Crossways Avenue East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Dormans Park Road East Grinstead 42 26 10 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Dunnings Mill PH East Grinstead 13 10 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Dunnings Road East Grinstead 13 10 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, East Court East Grinstead 78 70 18 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, East Grinstead Rail Station East Grinstead, Rail Station WSUS 
 East Grinstead, East Grinstead Station East Grinstead, Rail Station 274 174 78 25 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Estcots School East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Fairlawn Drive East Grinstead 46 40 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Felbridge Hotel East Grinstead 156 118 45 17 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Fellbridge Hotel East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Fire Station East Grinstead 119 104 45 17 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Furzefield Road East Grinstead 42 26 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Garden Wood Road East Grinstead 46 40 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Garland Road East Grinstead 91 40 24 12 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Glendyne Way East Grinstead 11 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Gwynne Gardens East Grinstead 51 40 24 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Halsford Green East Grinstead 112 78 45 15 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Harmans Mead East Grinstead 45 40 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Harwoods Lane East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Hazleden Farm Shop East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Heathcote Drive East Grinstead 46 40 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Heathcote Drive Shops East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Herontye Drive East Grinstead 73 34 21 10 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Hurst Farm Road East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Imberhorne Lower School East Grinstead, Imberhorne Lower School 11 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Imberhorne School East Grinstead, Imberhorne School WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Imberhorne Upper Grounds East Grinstead 31 22 12 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Imberhorne Upper School East Grinstead 50 40 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, King Street East Grinstead 66 26 12 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Kipling Way East Grinstead 46 40 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Lancaster Drive East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Larches Way East Grinstead 109 88 30 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Lingfield Road East Grinstead 103 78 45 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Little King Street East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, London Road East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Moat Pond East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Musgrave Avenue East Grinstead 11 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, opp Glendyne Way East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, opp Harvest Hill East Grinstead 13 10 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Paddock Gardens East Grinstead 13 10 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Park Road East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Prince of Wales East Grinstead 42 26 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Queen Victoria Hospital East Grinstead, Queen Victoria Hospital 78 70 18 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Railway Approach East Grinstead 202 166 54 24 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Regal Drive East Grinstead 12 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Sackville College East Grinstead, Sackville College 162 140 48 16 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Sackville Gardens East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Sackville Lane East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Sackville School East Grinstead, Sackville School 131 110 33 15 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Sainsburys East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Saint Hill Green East Grinstead 13 10 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Sandy Lane East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Standen National Trust East Grinstead 13 10 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Station Turn East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Stone Quarry Estate East Grinstead, Stone Quarry Estate 76 68 18 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Stuart Way East Grinstead 12 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Surgery East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, The Larches East Grinstead 43 38 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, The Ship East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Tiltwood Drive East Grinstead 109 88 30 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Tower Close East Grinstead WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Trinity Methodist Church East Grinstead 42 26 10 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Turner Court East Grinstead 78 70 18 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, War Memorial East Grinstead 180 142 54 21 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, West Hill East Grinstead 58 50 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Whitehall East Grinstead 189 150 54 20 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Woodbury Ave East Grinstead 84 70 33 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Woodbury Avenue East Grinstead 45 40 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Worsted Lane East Grinstead, Worsted Farm 84 70 33 WSUS 
 East Grinstead, Yew Lane East Grinstead 112 78 45 15 WSUS 
The map below shows transport locations in East Grinstead.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.

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