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Transport Points is designed to locate transport facilities (bus stops, express coach stops and rail stations) across England, Scotland and Wales. For each village, town or district listed it contains guides to the number of different transport services that are available (buses, coaches and trains) and the frequency of each of the transport services available.
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Listed below are the top 300 public transport access points (bus stops, rail stations and coach stops) located in Falkirk sorted by full name.
Click on the full name to get more details about that stop, including the ability to get details of other stops in the local area. Click on the link under Location or Area to get a listing of other stops in the geographic area.

You can also sort the list by any of the following items:
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  Full Name Area Buses (M-F) Buses (Sat) Buses (Sun) Services County   
 Falkirk, Abbots Moss Drive Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Abbots Road Falkirk 12 12 FALK 
 Falkirk, Achray Drive Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Adam Street Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Asda Falkirk, Asda 448 254 129 50 FALK 
 Falkirk, Baxters Wynd Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Blairdenon Crescent Falkirk 33 14 FALK 
 Falkirk, Braemar Crescent Falkirk 12 12 FALK 
 Falkirk, Breton Court Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Bus Station Falkirk, Bus Station 228 121 69 22 FALK 
 Falkirk, Callendar Business Park Falkirk 189 118 57 21 FALK 
 Falkirk, Callendar Road Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Cladhan Hotel Falkirk 18 18 FALK 
 Falkirk, Coasters Slip Road Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Comely Park Primary School Falkirk 158 88 45 21 FALK 
 Falkirk, Comely Park Terrace Falkirk 158 88 45 21 FALK 
 Falkirk, Comely Place Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Creteil Court Falkirk 18 18 FALK 
 Falkirk, Dollar Park Falkirk 244 166 88 39 FALK 
 Falkirk, Estate Avenue Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk Alexander Ave Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk Camelon Road Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk Dalderse Ave Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk Etna Road Falkirk 12 12 FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk Finistere Ave Falkirk 18 18 FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk Grahamston Rail Station Falkirk, Grahamston Rail Station FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk Grahamston Station Falkirk, Grahamston Rail Station FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk High Rail Station Falkirk, High Rail Station FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk High School Falkirk 17 15 13 FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk High Station Falkirk, High Rail Station 33 24 16 FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk Infirmary Falkirk, Royal Infirmary FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk Kemper Avenue Falkirk 12 12 FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk Ladysmill Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk Montgomery St Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk Slamannan Road Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk St Andrew`s PS Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk The Bog Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk Thornhill Road Falkirk 12 12 FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk Westburn Ave Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Falkirk Woodlands Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Finistere Ave Terminus Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Forth Valley College Entrance Falkirk, Forth Valley College FALK 
 Falkirk, Gala Bingo Falkirk 88 79 50 17 FALK 
 Falkirk, Glenbrae Court Falkirk 12 12 FALK 
 Falkirk, Golden Bird Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Graeme High School Falkirk, Graeme High School FALK 
 Falkirk, Grange Drive Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Hallglen Road End Glen Brae 113 62 32 16 FALK 
 Falkirk, Hazel Grove Falkirk 12 12 FALK 
 Falkirk, High Station Road Falkirk 146 76 38 20 FALK 
 Falkirk, Hillcrest Road Falkirk 33 14 FALK 
 Falkirk, Howgate Car Park Falkirk 211 137 78 27 FALK 
 Falkirk, Jacob Place Falkirk 12 12 FALK 
 Falkirk, John Street Falkirk 181 95 44 17 FALK 
 Falkirk, Lionthorn Road Falkirk 66 28 12 FALK 
 Falkirk, Livingstone Crescent Falkirk 12 12 FALK 
 Falkirk, Lochgreen Roundabout Falkirk 33 14 FALK 
 Falkirk, Lower Newmarket Street Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Meadow Street Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Melville Street Falkirk 243 146 85 30 FALK 
 Falkirk, Middlefield Road Falkirk 179 123 66 28 FALK 
 Falkirk, Moncks Road Falkirk 190 118 57 22 FALK 
 Falkirk, Morrisons Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Municipal Buildings Falkirk 244 166 88 39 FALK 
 Falkirk, Neilson Street Falkirk 156 88 45 20 FALK 
 Falkirk, Parkhead Cottages Glen Brae 109 61 32 13 FALK 
 Falkirk, Prospecthill Road Falkirk 33 14 FALK 
 Falkirk, Randyford Road Falkirk 179 123 66 28 FALK 
 Falkirk, Randyford Street Falkirk 12 12 FALK 
 Falkirk, Red Cross Centre Falkirk 189 135 74 28 FALK 
 Falkirk, Rosebank Avenue Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Rosebank Distillery Falkirk 244 166 88 39 FALK 
 Falkirk, St Andrew`s Church Falkirk 252 182 107 33 FALK 
 Falkirk, St Andrew`s Primary School Falkirk, St Andrews Primary School FALK 
 Falkirk, St Modans Court Falkirk 156 88 45 20 FALK 
 Falkirk, Stadium Road End Falkirk 179 123 66 28 FALK 
 Falkirk, Thornbridge Road Falkirk 180 123 66 29 FALK 
 Falkirk, Thornhill Court Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Weir Street Falkirk 642 395 213 76 FALK 
 Falkirk, Wellside Place Falkirk 387 248 129 54 FALK 
 Falkirk, Westburn Avenue Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Westfield Stadium Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Westfield Street Falkirk 12 12 FALK 
 Falkirk, Williamson Place Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Wolfe Road Falkirk FALK 
 Falkirk, Woodburn Street Falkirk 12 12 FALK 
 Falkirk, York Street Falkirk 24 24 16 FALK 
The map below shows transport locations in Falkirk.
On the map below bus stops are shown in red, National Express stops in Green, Megabus in Blue and train stations in Grey.


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